The Big Game is Here: Hobby Stories to Watch in Super Bowl LI

I love today and I hate today. I love the excitement, I love the pageantry, I love that we finally get to see a new champion crowned. I hate that its the last football of the year, and that until the draft, a barren wasteland of boring sports is to follow until Football gets going again in September.

For once, there are a number of things to watch for, all of which are very crucial to the hobby’s progression over the next few months.

Will Tom Brady Solidify His Legacy as the Greatest of All Time?

I already believe he is the greatest of all time, but with a win today, its not even a question. He will have the most Super Bowls of any QB, he will be the greatest success story ever, and all of that can have a nice cherry on top today. Scary thing is, Brady believes he can play into his 40s, and based on his play this season, I have no reason to disagree with him.

Already seeing some record prices already:

2014 Immaculate Tom Brady Auto Jumbo Patch

2000 Playoff Contenders Tom Brady Rookie Ticket Auto

2015 National Treasures Tom Brady Auto Patch /15

2002 Topps Tom Brady Super Bowl Relic Auto /150

Hobby wise, there is no one that has more impact in football cards than Tom Brady, and I used to say there was no room for his autograph to be more valuable than it already is. Im not sure that is a true statement after tonight. I have wanted a nice rookie auto of his for a long time, but he has never sucked enough for prices to drop low enough. That isnt going to change any time soon.

Can Matt Ryan Get the Hobby Love He Deserves With a Victory?

Right now, he is riding a great season, an MVP award and a bright future into this game, and yet, he isnt “elite” as a person that collectors flock to. The Falcons arent a widely collected team, despite their success, and Ryan has signed quite a bit over the last few years. Much to the benefit of the companies who had Matt Ryan sign a ton since 2008, this year could be the time where he finally gets his chance to shine.

Here is where he sits right now:

2014 Topps Five Star Matt Ryan Auto Inscription

2008 Exquisite Matt Ryan Auto Patch RC /25

I actually think the Falcons have a great shot to win, and considering how Dan Quinn must feel about the last time he played the Pats in a big game, Ryan hopefully wont make the same poor choice to throw Malcom Butler’s way if it comes down to the last play of the game.

Will Julio Jones Live Up to His Season?

If the Falcons are going to win, Julio will need a similar performance to what we saw in the NFC championship game. That will be fine with all the people who waited almost half a decade for him to sign his cards from Panini, as the timing couldnt be better.

Outside of his rookie year, he has signed little to nothing in terms of cards, and that’s a problem for his fans. There just arent a lot of cards to go around, and this might be a feeding frenzy if he brings Atlanta their first championship.

Can the Super Bowl Running Backs Steal the Show?

Right now, if you arent named Elliott or Peterson, you really dont see value in the hobby. Running backs just dont get love anymore, if not only because careers are short, and the workhorse back is dead in the league. This means, for guys like Freeman and Blount, a championship wont do what it did for Marshawn Lynch. Even Le’veon Bell doesnt get the love he deserves, and that’s saying something.

Im curious how the hobby will react if one of the backs has a game like Dion Lewis did during the playoffs. This would be one of the more important games to test the collectability of the position, and I really want to see what happens.

The game is about to start, and if you are like me, this bittersweet event always takes on a hobby focus for me. Good luck to all the Pats and Falcons fans out there tonight, enjoy it, regardless of what happens.

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