Big Moving Day in the NFL Loses Me a PC Player

Man, I really hate these days.

One of the more dynamic Vikings players, Percy Harvin, was traded to the Seattle Seahawks today in a trade that was not expected to take place. Harvin has been a malcontent for a few months now, and it was going to be difficult to make him happy, but there were many who felt it would eventually happen. He is now on a team with Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Sidney Rice and a tremendous defense. Let that sink in.

Harvin is a pretty valuable wide receiver, but his cards can still be had very cheap. When you think that he now has one of the best young QBs in the game to chuck him the ball, he should be more valuable now.

Here are some of my favorites:

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The Seahawks put up a GREAT season with the read option in tow, and you know that he is going to be a PERFECT fit in that style of offense. Considering that he is going to be as much of a back as a receiver, its scary how good the Seahawks might be. Rusell Wilson collectors have to be rejoicing right now. Prices have been jumping a lot already during the off season.

They did give up a king’s ransom for him, though – including a first round pick, which means that the Vikings made out like bandits on their end as well. Its likely they will pick up a guy like Tavon Austin or a fast and big receiver with one of their picks, and use the other to beef up their once dominant defensive line. I like this, as much as I hate losing a playmaker like Percy.

I would expect that a trade like this will bump value for both Wilson on the QB side, and maybe guys like Justin Hunter, DeAndre Hopkins or Austin, some of whom have already been selling nicely.

With Mike Wallace likely to end up in Miami, the rookie QBs of last year are really going to get some nice players in their stable. Wallace’s prices have already gone up since he has become the most sought after free agent this year. Its crazy to believe that some of the worst teams from a few years ago have made such a turnaround, with Minnesota and Seattle making the playoffs last year. However, when you take on someone who has been pissed for the good part of the year, are you going to be that woman that dates them thinking a change in personality is in the works? We all know how those relationships usually turn out. Maybe another 100 million dollar contract to seal my argument?

In fact, the only time it might have worked out well for both parties was Moss in NE. He never won the big one, but man, he came awfully close, and set a bunch of records in the process.

I want Wallace in Minnesota and I wouldnt have any issue with them taking a run at Greg Jennings on a short deal either. However, when you lose a guy with the potential like Harvin had, and will likely miss out on a guy like Wallace, its not a good situation.

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