Bing Discount May Be Gone, But Free Cash Back Is Still Around

The days of the 30% cash back that Bing offered for shopping online are gone, but there are definitely ways to get cash back regardless. I have stumbled on a few, and have used them to my advantage when buying online, including on eBay – very much like previous exploits through Bing.

Here are some of my favorites:

Ebay Bucks – I love eBay bucks because its automatic. The problem is, you have to be invited to join the program, you cant just sign up. It has something to do with a randomizer algorithm as well as people who spend enough money to warrant using the program, so its pretty much just luck to get invited. I have been in the program for about 12 months, and have earned over 100 bucks back. Its only 1-3% of the cash you spend, but its better than nothing.

Ebates – This program is awesome because it encompasses so many other online retailers than eBay. Ive ordered clothes, camera gear, checks, all sorts of things, as well as earning ANOTHER 1-3% cash back on top of eBay bucks. That’s right, you can actually pile them on top of each other. Also, this one is completely free to sign up, and you can actually start earning money pretty quickly just for signing up. To actually get the money you spend tracked through Ebates, all you have to do is search eBay from their site instead of through eBay’s site, and they actually create a tracking ticket for you to get your cash back. If you bid on or buy something, it will show up on your page a few days later. After a certain period, they send you a check with all your cash back. Its that simple. The same thing applies for all the other online purchases.

You can sign up for Ebates here, something I would highly suggest doing.

Big Crumbs – This program is a little different, but still has the same concept as Ebates. The difference is that BC also offers daily deals which can get you good prices on all sorts of stuff as well as their cash back. I know you can pile BC on top of eBay Bucks, but im not sure if you can pile all three on top of each other.

You can sign up for Big Crumbs here.

Basically, these programs offer free money, and all you have to do is sign up. Its stupid not to get involved, considering how much money most of us spend online.

NOTE: These links are referral links that do benefit me if you sign up. However, despite this fact, the programs are legit and you should sign up even if it isnt through these links. Think of this as a way to help out someone who has provided you endless hours of entertainment, haha.

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