Breaking Down First Sales For 2012 Absolute Autos

Absolute has now been live for a few days and we are starting to see the results of a few sales. Its interesting to see how much the cards are going for, as this is the first opportunity to have autographs with game shots from guys like Josh Gordon, Alfred Morris, and other rookies that have gone without autographs up until this point. Of course, Luck and Griffin are dominating as usual, but there are definitely surprises out there.

This product also marks the first time we are getting on card autos with memorabilia as well, and I know that there are collectors out there that love this type of thing, despite the fact that the Rookie Premiere Materials cards are absolutely the most hideous card in the set. No matter, here are some of the sales that have already gotten done.

Here are the top rookie guys:

2012 Absolute Robert Griffin III RPM Auto Parallel /25 – Not even close to outselling Chrome, but interesting price.

2012 Absolute Doug Martin RPM Auto 3 Color Patch Parallel /25

2012 Absolute Russell Wilson RPM Auto Patch 3 Color /25

2012 Absolute Trent Richardson RPM Auto /299

2012 Absolute Nick Foles RPM Auto Patch 3 color /25

Here are some of the other surprising autos from other rookies:

2012 Absolute Alfred Morris Auto RC /299 – Morris definitely looks like he is prime for top production as long as Shannahan continues to coach.

2012 Absolute Kirk Cousins Auto RC /25 – Im shocked by these prices, considering he will never be the starter unless RGIII is hurt.

2012 Absolute Josh Gordon Auto RC /299

2012 Absolute Bryce Brown Auto RC /299

With Strata hitting shelves next week, its going to be further telling if Topps has continued to find ways to make their cards stick more to what collectors want. I have to believe that the awesome design elements, and further on card autos will separate Strata as something that shines well above what Absolute can bring, especially with the Shadowbox style rookie autos that will be all over this product. Although Absolute has improved over last year’s set, there are still major discrepancies between what Topps is putting out regularly and what Panini slaps their logo on.

I honestly believe that we are starting to see the best of what each company has to offer. With an EXTREMELY weak draft class next year, and what seems to be one of the best rookie classes this year, its imperative that both Topps and Panini make the most of what they can this time around. Its not going to be as easy to sell boxes without a clear cut star quarterback next year, and if Chrome and Strata are any indication of what Topps is capable of, I think we are in for a test of how much the industry can make up for lack of content. So far, Absolute just isn’t at that level, and it looks like the Contenders preview is on the precipice of “enough to make a difference” but not quite there. Im interested to find out what tricks each company has up their sleeve.

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