Breaking Down the Prizm Black Finite 1/1s

Much to my disappointment, the Hobby is abuzz with all sorts of chatter regarding 2012 Prizm football. For this product, Panini made it clear that they wanted to be as close to Topps Chrome as possible by adding their version of the Superfractor – the Black Finite 1/1. Not as cool of a name, I know. Not only is the diamond overlay meant to be incredibly similar to the Superfractor, but the idea of creating them is a complete rip off. All of that being said, collectors are eating these up. Dont ask me why. The market is already oversaturated with Superfractor style cards, and yet, here we are with thousands more.

These people seriously have to be high to think they are even in the ballpark on these prices:

2012 Prizm JJ Watt Black Finite 1/1

2012 Prizm Andy Dalton Black Finite Auto 1/1

2012 Prizm Ray Rice Black Finite 1/1

2012 Prizm Brian Cushing Black Finite Auto 1/1

My biggest complaint with these cards is that the pattern that dominates the stock, covers the player as well. I hate the diamond reflector-like pattern as it is for Topps’ version, as I think it looks ridiculous, but this takes it to a whole new level. Not only is the pattern covering every centimeter of this card, it does a lot to obscure the card’s subject. At least with Topps’ card – the player isnt bedazzled with golden reflectors.

I know that people love Supers, they always have – since their inception. I also agree that every set needs some sort of component like this. However, isnt there something that Panini could have done to try to differentiate their product a little more? The idea of this product was already wholly unoriginal and not at all needed, but this makes it even more apparent that Panini has no qualms about presenting this as their version of the best set in football.

Hell, have we not forgotten that they tried to copyright the word “Chromium” in regards to cards? What a disaster.

3 thoughts on “Breaking Down the Prizm Black Finite 1/1s

  1. Totally agree with you here. Prizm only worked in basketball because there is no Topps Chrome. This is just a cheaper knockoff version. I guess there is some appeal to set builders, but those who actually enjoy the art of the set are working on their Topps Chrome refractor sets.

  2. That’s just Panini doing their part to ruin the hobby. In 5 years when the collectors who overpay for this trash now go to sell, and get 15% of what they paid, they’ll leave the hobby in disgust.

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