Breaking Down the Value of 2013 Heritage SSPs and Variations

Now that Heritage has been live for a few days, we are starting to see some of the different types of SP and SSP cards that were not made public before the release of the set. Because there are so many master set collectors out there, these cards are selling for amounts I never thought possible on a lower end product like this.

Senators Variations

The biggest draw of the product is the Washington Senators action shot variations, which have been thought to have less than 25 copies per card. Harper is obviously the biggest pull of the set, but even the lesser players are nuts right now. These cards are, in my opinion, the best cards in the product, but they are going to cost an arm and a leg to bring in.

2013 Topps Heritage Bryce Harper Senators Variation SSP

2013 Topps Heritage Ross Detwiler Senators Variation SSP

Error on Back Variations

Over the last few years, Topps has purposefully inserted errors into the set each time it has been released. This year, the SSPs are errors in birth dates and places the players have played. Personally, I find these completely undesirable, but there are a lot of collectors that have been all over these.

2013 Topps Heritage Johnny Venters SSP ERR on Back – you will crap yourself when you see this price! Never heard of this guy!

2013 Topps Heritage Yu Darvish SSP ERR on Back

2013 Topps Heritage Chris Tillman SSP ERR on Back

Gold Refractor and Black Refractor Chrome Parallels

The chrome cards are always awesome in Heritage, and are a huge reason why they are so expensive. I have always thought the Gold and Red Refractors were the best style in every case, and this year, the Golds are absolutely incredible looking. They are only out of 5 and are bringing huge asking prices along with their extreme rarity. If I am making a buy – these are the ones I go after. The blacks are similarly cool looking, but are a little more plentiful at 64 copies, but expect to still have to pay through the nose to get your favorite guy.

2013 Topps Heritage Giancarlo Stanton Gold Refractor /5

2013 Topps Heritage MIke Trout Gold Refractor /5

Color variations

These are back again for the third or fourth year in a row, and like the birthdate errors, arent really that much of a stretch from the original SPs. They are a lot more common than some of these other cards, and for the most part are sought after more by the set collectors than anyone. Basically, the color scheme is a bit different than the other cards available, and it is much more rare.

2013 Topps Heritage Mike Trout Color Variation SSP

Venezuelan Back SSPs

As if it couldnt be more confusing, these cards have different colored backs, and are much more SSPed than some of the other variations. The issue is that the WHOLE set has a Venezuelan back, so they arent as rare as a single (where only a few of the cards are available).

2013 Topps Heritage Derek Jeter Venezuelan Back SSP

This might be the most action packed Heritage set in a long time, and from what I heard from customers at my local shop – it is REALLY fun to open. I always support boxes that have value outside of the box hit, and Heritage seems to deliver this in spades. The box hits look similarly awesome, but you have to believe that more of this is needed across the hobby. We cant keep relying on auto content to drive the entire box, as we need some extra reason for all those packs.

2 thoughts on “Breaking Down the Value of 2013 Heritage SSPs and Variations

  1. Just the obvious, Johnny Venters is a pithcer who plays for the Atlanta Braves. I am a Braves fan so I know the role he plays with my Braves. As you can see from the stats on the back of the card, Venters has a solid Strike Out to Walk Ratio, plus he is the solid set-up guy or “holds” for our young closer, 2011 NL ROY Craig Kimbril (sp?).

  2. Hi, as a former newspaper copy editor and superior proofreader, I just discovered while going through my Heritage Bryce Harper variations that Topps has also (mistakenly?) labeled the Harper permutations with “outfield” or “outfielder”, depending on which one. The base card says “outfield”, and all the other variations EXCEPT the “Pittsburfh” error say “outfielder.” The codes are different on all but the two versions of the action shot (regular and Venezuelan), which share the same code, oddly. Has anybody else noticed these oddities?

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