Can 2012 Fleer Retro be Saved by Precious Metal Gems?

When it comes to any Fleer related product, all cards are measured against the crown jewels – the precious metal gems inserts from the late 1990s. Football has had similar exposure to them as basketball, even though the cards are not as valuable. Basically, there is no football equivalent to a card like this Michael Jordan, and that’s it. With the release of 2012 Fleer Retro, its easy to see why the PMGs are the focus, much like they were for its sister product.

2012 Fleer Retro Robert Griffin III Precious Metal Gems Blue /50

2012 Fleer Retro Aaron Rodgers Jambalaya Insert Die Cut /100

2012 Fleer Retro Russell Wilson Precious Metal Gems Red /100

2012 Fleer Retro Kirk Cousins Precious Metal Gems Blue /50

2012 Fleer Retro Brandon Weeden Precious Metal Gems Green /10

Here is the thing – football is not basketball, something I have already mentioned once in the above paragraph. There isnt an overseas market at the same level, not as many wealthy player collectors, not as many RABID player collectors, and no Michael Jordan or LeBron james to drive up box price. This hasnt stopped the football MSRP from being at the same level as Basketball, which is really disappointing when you consider Andrew Luck cannot be included in this release.

2012 Fleer Retro Russell Wilson Precious Metal Gems Green /10 – this Russell Wilson sale will be an exception to the rule, not the rule.

I do not like these cards, as 1990s inserts really dont do anything for me, but I realize this strikes a nostalgic chord for a lot of other people out there. When taking that into consideration, its easy to see that there WILL BE some valuable hits in this product – ESPECIALLY on the RGIII front. “Some” being the integral part of the previous statement. Regardless of content, however, this is not product I would ever buy at the current price. The football market just cannot support that type of high end content without also including similar high end autographs (like this Barry Sanders on card) at a higher rate. For the third time, football isnt basketball.

Collectors will soon start to see the market on products like Prizm deflating quickly, especially as people start to get the above point through their thick skulls. Basketball’s high end target market is legendary, despite what Panini has attempted (and failed) to try to branch out with lower end releases. What we can derive is that Football will see some rising tides with a big basketball release, but the spikes rarely last.

Here is the good thing – Fleer retro was not a BAD idea. It was quite the opposite. What collectors dont seem to comprehend is that Upper Deck is banking on the basketball success to help them sell enough to distributors to inflate pre-orders and excitement, and then its all on us. It will work for UD, but wont work for anyone else.

All I have to say is watch out before diving into a case. I might be overgeneralizing, but I have spent a number of hours last night watching BRUTAL box breaks.

5 thoughts on “Can 2012 Fleer Retro be Saved by Precious Metal Gems?

  1. I want to like this product, because I like most of what UD puts out, but I wouldn’t touch a box of this. At this price point, with this many sticker autographs? Are we sure Panini didn’t take over the Fleer franchise?

  2. $1500 for the Wilson Green to 10 is ridiculous… You could make a good dent in rainbow Chrome auto lot for the same price..

  3. I simply just don’t get the hype around PMG’s for any sport… Even in the 90’s growing up those were NOT considered the best inserts, whether based on looks or price..

  4. Best football product guy in America (according to himself) built this product and left over dispute with Jaysuit. Jaysuit will rue the day he let this guy go. Can’t wait to find out what has been happening behind the Mighty Jaysuits Curtain.

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