Can Topps Valor’s Awesome Design Offset Box Break Woes?

Here are the things I know to be true for 2012 Topps products. First, the design is going to be top notch quality. Second, when you pull a big hit, its going to be a BIG hit. Because the rookie class this year is so top heavy and diluted at the bottom, there is a lot of weight placed on value of bigger rookies like Luck, Griffin and Wilson. Sure, Trent Richardson, Ryan Tannehill and Doug Martin do well too, but below those guys, there is a big gap to the next tier of players.

Valor is a ridiculously nice looking product, and true to form, the big hits are huge. I cannot say enough good things about these cards:

2012 Valor Russell Wilson 1/1 3 Color Patch Auto

2012 Valor Robert Griffin III 3 Color Patch Auto /26

2012 Valor Andrew Luck Honor Auto /50

2012 Valor Trent Richardson Base RC Auto

That’s not saying the other cards arent something to scoff at,as just about every card looks good, but at 180 bucks a box, its tough to sit on a break that delivered below average results. Even the base cards are super high end quality stuff, and I have bought more base cards from this set than I have bought of any non-chrome set over the last few years. The question, is this enough to put this product on a level that it deserves to be on?

My biggest gripe is that the seeding seems to be less than stellar, along side a very weak veteran checklist measured against what was seen in 2012 Supreme. There is a good chance of getting a box that has a tier C guy in ALL of the four slots, and not also getting a base card of a good player. That is tough to stomach at 180 a box, I would think that with advanced technology, there are ways to ensure that if there are 3 tier C hits in your box, your fourth hit is a tier B or A. I broke two boxes and didnt do very well, but one of the boxes was especially hard on my wallet. I hit a Vincent Jackson and Demarcus Ware Base, a Sean Lee autograph, A Nick Toon Autograph, and a TJ Graham autograph, and Jarius Wright patch. Not good. I know they all cant be winners, but that is beyond awful.

I will say there is more even availability for the top guys in this product than in the past, as they have the same number of cards as the other players, but some cases can be completely barren it seems. The good thing is, the big hits are so incredibly nice, that you keep on buying to chase them. From a marketing perspective, I guess that is the way it is supposed to be? If only the veteran checklist was more attractive, there would be many more chances at pulling cards that could save a break.

Hey, did I mention the cards look amazing? How far does that go?

6 thoughts on “Can Topps Valor’s Awesome Design Offset Box Break Woes?

  1. Here is an exerpt from your previous post on Totally Certified which I find even more pertinent now that you have written this entry on Valor: “Although these Totally Certified box breaks might yield more desirable autographs, what does that matter when they look this way?”

    The answer: A lot.

    Aside from your obvious Topps bias which discredits a commenter to even mention, I think most people would rather have a better chance at pulling a desirable autograph than pulling a bunch of cards which “look amazing” but have scrub, valueless subjects. I would think you’d be in that boat as well, expecially considering how (as we hear ad nauseum) you are not a card collector, but an autograph collector. Yeah, right.

    Additionally, as mentioned in a comment to your Totally Certified post, the Valor cards don’t look THAT good, man. If Panini stuck those cheesy phrases on their cards you’d have a field day. I honestly have no problem with your obvious biases, but sometimes you cross yourself up so much in the name of maintaining those biases that I can’t help but point it out.

  2. To be frank:

    I dont think your mention of a bias discredits you, I just dont think you quite understand why I feel the way I do. That’s fine, I dont expect you to understand. Furthermore, considering I am NOT a journalist, and this site is presented as 100% my opinion, bias is an inherent factor that determination. If you want to read “true” coverage like you would see in the hobby media, this is not the place to do it. I appreciate you reading the site, but I am not catering to an audience the way you may be thinking I should.

    I speak from what I feel, and because I am human, there will no doubt be a level of fallibility in my reasoning. However, the way I feel is the way I feel, and that is the way I am going to write it. If you are uncomfortable with that human element, feel free to leave a comment like you did above, or resort to reading more traditional coverage from other sites.

  3. That is a good point, and I understand that opinion is not always unflawed reasoning. I guess I should have expressed myself directed more towards my disagreement with you as opposed to pointing out the flaws in your reasoning.

  4. I’ve been making the argument that Topps’ 2012 product lineup has been a lesson in money grabbing ever since Finest came out. I wish more people in the hobby would hold them accountable for the excessive watering down of boxes that this year has seen.

    On the flip, Panini has noticeable backed off the “on card” push that they seemed to be making with their 2011 products. Their last 2 offerings–Contenders and Totally Certified–have gone backwards in terms of on card autos. It’s extremely disappointing that there are so many sticker autos in these products.

  5. this product looks like a supreme version of Panini’s Plates and Patches…

  6. The simple answer is no, design will never be strong enough to offset box price or content… When box price is over $150 I start looking at what card(s) that amount can buy me…

    Now if you told me that every 3rd or 4th box had a Luck or Griffin Auto I might play the lottery for a box but then Im staring at the prospect of buying in again if I didnt pull one of them in the first box. Do I throw more money at trying to get the Big 2 or cut my losses… but when I think that way, I usually punt, dont buy the first box and start over thinking what the original box buy in could buy me…

    Because if I want pack busting thrill, Im as happy buying base topps or blasters of Chrome or Platinum and continuing to fill in sets….. which with the Platinum Ive absolutely killed on in the last month

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