Card Art Masterpiece Theatre: Viking Head Edition

Ladies and gents, you know I am always up for a rousing game of “spot the card art.” This card up for sale by a new faker I mentioned a few weeks ago is a brand new low, and I almost want to bid on this Randy Moss Viking Head Logo just because it is that bad.

For those of you who are familiar with the Vikings jersey, the team logo on the back of the jersey was introduced in 2006 when the Vikings switched to their new jersey. Thus, a card from 2003 would not have the ability to possess this swatch. Before 2006, they had a giant viking head on their sleeve and that was it, AS DISPLAYED IN THE PICTURE ON THE CARD. This douche is obviously trying to capitalize on Moss’ recent (failed) stint with the team, but the fact is that this card’s authenticity isnt even questionable. I am loving this guy’s nerve that he thinks he can sneak one past the uninformed Vikings collectors, but I applaud his stupidity for making it easy to spot. So far, 3 people have bid, and I assume there will be more, despite the fact this card isnt even close to being real.

I mean, Mr. donut13666 only sells the SICKEST MOJOZ!!!11! on the planet, as you can see, so this has to be real, right? The others he has up for sale definitely speak for themselves.

So awesome. So. Very. Awesome.

7 thoughts on “Card Art Masterpiece Theatre: Viking Head Edition

  1. I love how its 64/100. Only cards like that in 03 had to be 1/1. Anybody who buys this it a total idiot.

  2. He obviously damaged the card too. The top and bottom borders of the card on the right side appear to have been peeled back and then glued back in place. There is puckering all around the patch too. Also if you look at the enlarged image of the card there is glue seepage right above the “Leaf Limited” logo.

  3. I noticed the other day that the Exquisite Peterson “Viking Head” auto sold for $4,300.00. I wonder if bidders were serious about paying that ridiculous amount or just f@#king with the seller.

  4. I even sent an email to this guy saying he needs to quit selling all this shit and even told a couple of other of his customers who bought the fake pirate patch they should get there money back as they are not real..He denies it and asks how to even do fakes but you know they won’t ever admit it.. I try….. As I did the same with some of ufjumpers customers …. Anyway thx for the write gellman… I still have his long emails if you like to read them .. U should still have my email ricey… Thx Paul

  5. Here’s the response I finally got after showing him pictures of jerseys and explaining in detail why he had a fake:

    I see the picture but that still does not tell me this card is fake. Only donruss knows what jersey was used. Also if there are that many fakes why inst Donruss cracking down on this?? I admit I dont follow the Hobby closely and I love patch cards but this card could not be fake. There is no Damage to the window (As its just the glare that makes it look like that) and the Patch is completely underneath the window and is poping out. There is no way someone could fake this card. How could you fake any card? I bought my collection for the love of patches and I had to let my collection go for family reasons. When I first started selling I was completely sad but now I have to question my own stuff? It make me not want to come back to this hobby. I tried to do a little research myself and found a site that claim there are fake autographs??? So not I have to question my own autographed cards. This is not how I remember collecting. Why would anyone want to do this? I was contiplating keeping what I have left but am seriously considering letting it all go. I dont even know what to do anymore. I paid a lot of money for my cards and at this time I am not in a financial position to not list things just because someone else is telling me its fake. I really dont have the time anymore to do research or keep up with the hobby and its sad as it used to be so simple. If its any consolation I appreciate you opening my eyes on this but I dont like the fact that I have to sit here and look at my cards and question what I have. Whether someone thinks its fake or real no one but me is going to pay my bills.

    What a tool. It doesn’t seem like we’ll see an end to his fakes any time soon.

  6. Why is it that none of these people can properly spell or speak? Is being an ignorant dumbass a requirement to being a scammer?

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