Ufjumper7 Has Continued His Assault On SPA Redemptions

I have been talking about Ufjumper7 for a long time now. The guy has single-handedly destroyed a portion of 2009 SPA like no other seller has done in a long time. Because of Upper Deck’s troubles, as well as rumors of athletes not signing for redemptions, he was able to pick up tons of Kenny Britt, Percy Harvin and Beanie Wells for chump change, all with the intentions of exploiting people. The funny part is how stupid some people are for believing his stuff is real.

Here are his recent auctions to avoid:

Percy Harvin Viking Head Logo /25 – Not only did he destroy a Harvin card with a ridiculous fake logo, but he ruined a gold version that usually sells for around 200. This is his second logo that he has sold, and no one seems to notice. What a douche.

Percy Harvin 3 Color – Harvin didnt get a lot of three colors in SPA, but Ufjumper has gotten them time after time, right? Sure, if you like patches off the replithentic jerseys he bought for 3 bucks.

Percy Harvin 3 Color – See above, these are terrible.

Kenny Britt 3 Color – Kenny Britt also has a 3 color shortage, and when they are three colors, I dont think this is the jersey he wore at the premiere even. Not that this ass hat would even care, but just saying. Stay away.

Here are two others from before, there will defintely be more, he bought a ton of these.
Percy Harvin Vikings Chest Logo – Not even a question this isnt real. I still cannot believe people dont see who this guy really is. Im wondering how long it will be before he changes his name.
Percy Harvin 3 Color – Funny how many of these 3 colors he was “lucky” enough to get. These hit so early after release that no one knew to question him. Again with replithentic patches.
Ufjumper7 needs to be on everyone’s list, even you hockey collectors. Most of the time, his fakes are easy to recognize, but every once in a while, he pulls one over on a few unsuspecting people. Ill keep you posted if he pulls any other shit.

Oh Happy (Mail)day

Thank god this day has come. After a whole lot of waiting, my Percy Harvin SPA redemption is here and on my shelf. There was a little snafu on my part not updating my new address, but everything is in hand now. The card is as good as I expected it to be, but the auto and patch leave a little to be desired. Again, that is the nature of the beast, and I am just glad I got an actual patch rather than one of them nameplate patches that Upper Deck used in some of their patch product this year.

This is the third of four Harvin redemptions I have waited on so far this year (I am still waiting on my Ultimate redemption), and the other two have been three color patches from Panini. I guess when you get lucky like that for two straight cards, the third time is against the odds to be the charm. Im still happy that these cards got out, as it’s a pretty important one in completing my list of ones I wanted for him last year. With UD out of the licensed game this year, 2009 is likely to house the only Harvin cards I will want. I guess its about getting that Exquisite one crossed off the list, as it looks just as good as this one turned out to be.

On top of that, the Harvin cards are selling quite well on eBay, with one of the logos at a ridiculous price. I havent decided whether I am going to pursue a card like that, I guess it depends on his replication of his great season from last year.

Overall, color me happy on this one, and excited on the Ultimate if it happens to show up.

Missing Hit Revealed – Nice Card!

Due to many of the people wanting the card opened and given to the correct team, I did so this morning on video and it will be sent out. The card was an Aaron Curry 2009 SPA Rookie Patch Auto 3 color patch 87/999 (IIRC). This means it will go to Erik, who had the Seahawks and did not get another hit, which is awesome. I will send it out with his cards today.

Check back later and I will post the video and a scan of the card. I will also provide the case number from UD so you can verify that the card is the correct one they sent.
Thank you again to the wonderful work of Upper Deck customer service who swiftly corrected our mistake.

Tins vs Boxes: My SPA Manifesto

After busting 5 boxes of SP Authentic last week, all I can say is that there is no reason for all those stupid ass base cards. Numbered rookies, autos and patches aside, there is little among the rest of the five billion cards that makes me like the product more than I already do. This forces me to ask the question of why these cards are even included in a product like SPA?

I think I finally realized the greatness of a tin based product a few years ago when Sweet Spot switched to tin format. Instead of 24 packs of useless cardboard, the easily searched product switched over to a one pack box. The previous box had 2 helmet autos, and now the tin had 2 helmet autos. You get the point. What it eliminated was the need for superfluous cards, along with the need for shop owners to keep the boxes under lock and key. It also prevented what I am going through right now, or the need to find a spot for over 400 cards before I take them over to donate them.

Most of you are probably having one of two reactions to this whole situation, either extreme agreement or extreme diagreement. You either are hits collector or a base collector – sometimes a smattering of both. The reality is that football is so drastically different than baseball in terms of make up of these two groups, that its almost a different hobby all together. Where most of the baseball collectors try to build sets, or put together team or player collections of the BASE cards, Football is almost a supermajority of people who just want the hits. It stems from the history of the hobby, as well as the way baseball rookies are protrayed in products versus the way football rookies are. With baseball rookies coming up slowly, and dominated by chrome, its tougher to market them. With football rookies playing right away, people want signatures and they want them every single year. Each year a new crop comes in, and there are many more each year than any year on the diamond. It changes the game completely.

Despite this fact, we still have awesome products like SP Authentic done the way they are. Now, don’t come on here and bitch in the comments, “But sir, I collect the base!” Yes, I get that, but you are a very small group of people who do. To market to the correct demographic, its better to get an ornate tin or box, drop the price a bit, and give us the EXACT content from the normal pack out. There is little value and little need for a base set, and I will cite the constant trials and tribulations of trying to revamp the content as a reason. While the SP Authentic box hit has been the same for a decade, the base set has gone through many variations. Its because no one cares about it. They may whine a little if its gone, but eventually the people will proclaim their happiness on camera when not having to open 24 packs.

In addition to this, Topps is gone, so there is no need to compete with products like Chrome, which require a base set. Therefore, they can easily change the format, put products like SPA on the shelf in mass quantities, and not worry about the hit focused football hobby running away to stale and unoriginal products like Platinum and Unique. Panini already does Limited, which is immensely popular, and BACK to a one pack box after a year back doing the old way. Look how popular that product is. I guarantee more of the 2009 product was sold than the 2008, as it is easier to stock, easier to break, and easier to VIDEOTAPE.

Without getting into the argument of collecting hits against collecting sets, the thing is that more people are like me. Im not saying that they should ditch sets like Philadelphia, but I am definitely saying that upper mid range products like SP Authentic do not need 100+ base cards per box. It just doesn’t make sense when the product is marketed to the high end hit collector. Its why the hits are worth as much as they are, so why keep up the stupid façade? Therefore, ditch the fucking base.

2009 SP Authentic Has Logo Confusion

So far, a few of the 1/1 Logo patches out of SP Authentic have popped up on ebay, including this beautifully signed Josh Freeman. The Matthew Stafford was posted earlier this week, and more are sure to come. The issue with these cards is not that they are even close to being fake, but more a question as to where these logos came from.

If you notice on both the Freeman and the Stafford, the logo patches used feature an OLD NFL logo with many stars instead of the new 2008 logo with four stars. If you look at similar Panini 2009 National Treasures logo 1/1s, as well as last year’s SP Authentic, the cards feature new logo NFL patches as expected.
One explanation is that UD used the logos off throwback jerseys rather than new player issued jerseys, or that they just used old jerseys from other players at the premiere. My guess is the throwback explanation, as UD had some AWESOME 1/1 cards in 2008 Ultimate Collection with the laundry tag off similar throwback jerseys.
Regardless of the explanation, its still kind of weird to use these types of logos, even if they are only event worn. Either way, the cards still look great regardless of the lack of script 1/1 tags or new logos. Its just unusual that players would not have new logos on their jerseys.
EDIT: Here is a Shonn Greene with the new logo, so I guess some are old, some are new.