The Blog Bat Around Returns With a Vengence

After a week of deliberating and posting, here is the latest blog bat around. This time, the stakes were a little higher considering that the blogs actually had to get on to ebay with a time limit, but I think everyone’s turned out awesome. Even I will be the first to admit that this one wasn’t easy, especially due to how much money was actually available to “spend.” As always there were a few that were off the wall, but those are never discouraged with a forum like this.
This Bat Around’s Topic:

Remember those days on Nickelodeon where they would hold contests for their version of a kids’ ultimate shopping spree? They would let the winner loose in a Toys R Us for however long and let them keep what they could fit in the cart, right? Well, if you were given $50,000 and 15 minutes on ebay, what cards/memorabilia would you buy with the money? Break it down card by card, and give us a price and a reason for what you are buying. Not everyone would go out there and buy a Joe Jackson cracker jack, but some people would. So, with that, what would you spend the mother lode on? Happy buying.

With that, here is the list of blogs that participated and the links to their posts. Each of these sites is great and I would encourage you to start following as many of them as you can stomach in one day. Each blog is unique enough to provide a different perspective on the hobby, and I think that is the main reason why the card blogger network is so fun to be a part of. There will be more opportunities like this as the months move forward, and if you havent started your own place to get your own viewpoints out there, now is your chance. If I forgot to include yours, or you havent gotten it done, please post in the comments here and I will fix it right away.
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Drop the Gloves – BBA: Vintage Hockey Edition
Stale Gum – Spending 50 Large
Thanks to everyone who participated, you guys all did a great job. Next time I think I may do a topic that lends more to commentary on the hobby, but I will take suggestions. Also, if you want to host a future one down the road, shoot me an email and we can work it out. If you havent posted yet, dont worry, I can always add you later.

Blog Bat Around – My Auto-riffic Shopping Spree

For this Blog Bat Around I had a ton of fun with my shopping spree on eBay. I basically ran through as many big named autographs that I wanted, picked the one I liked, and moved on as quickly as possible. 15 minutes can easily fly by, so I had to decide in lightning round fashion. I included my favorites from just about every sport, and didn’t spend more than 10.5K on any one card. I would have been excited to do this in real life, and wasn’t even able to get to the 50 K in 15 minutes.

Here are the final stats:

Total Items – 22
Total Amount Spent – $48948
Percentage of Autographed Items – 100%
Percentage of Non-Autographed Items – 0%
Percentage of Memorabilia Items – 13%
Percentage of Sticker Autos – 4.5% (1 of 22)
Number of Football Items – 10 of 22 (45%)
Number of Baseball Items – 7 of 22 (31%)
Number of Basketball Items – 2 of 22 (9%)
Number of Golf Items – 2 of 22 (9%)
Number of Boxing Items – 1 of 22 (4.5%)
Number of Hockey Items – 0 of 22
Highest Cost Item – $10,500 (Lebron Exquisite)
Lowest Cost Item – $160 (Justin Morneau Finest)

Here is what I came away with, I was mostly looking for stuff that would look good and had staying power for my final collection. Basically, I wasn’t going to buy something that I wouldn’t want for the rest of my life. I kind of wanted a few more baseballs, but I didn’t have time to search them out.

2007 Adrian Peterson Exquisite Auto – 1499

2001 Bowman Chrome Joe Mauer Gold Refractor Auto – 2650

Adrian Peterson Painted Autographed Jersey – 2500

2000 Donruss Preferred Steve Young/Jerry Rice Dual Auto – 300

2000 Playoff Contenders Tom Brady Auto – 1495

1998 Bowman Peyton Manning Auto – 1400

1999 Upper Deck Ovation Walter Payton Jersey Auto – 1900

2007 Upper Deck Exquisite Emmitt Smith Logo Auto – 2500

2009 Upper Deck Exquisite Emmitt Smith/Barry Sanders/Thurman Thomas Auto – 800

2005 LCM Fabric of The Game Barry Sanders Auto – 450

2005 Kirby Puckett Game Used Patch Autograph – 400

2001 Topps Finest Justin Morneau Auto – 160

2003 Upper Deck Legendary Cuts Mickey Mantle Auto – 5950

Ted Williams Custom Cut Auto Jersey – 900

2003 Topps Heritage Hank Aaron Auto – 800

2003 Topps Stadium Club Hank Aaron/Willie Mays Auto – 1195

Muhammad Ali Painted Autographed Boxing Glove – 2499

2001 SP Authentic Tiger Woods Auto – 5000

2006 Upper Deck Exquisite Michael Jordan Patch Auto – 3000

03-04 Upper Deck Exquisite Lebron James Auto – 10500

2005 Upper Deck Exquisite Dan Marino Auto Equipment – 800

UDA Woods/Nicklaus/Palmer Auto Framed Picture – 2250

Im eager to read through what everyone else decided to buy, obiviously mine was focused around autographs more than iconic or memorable cards. Im sure there are others out there who went crazy through vintage and everything, but Im an autograph collector more than a card collector. Obviously that shows. Be sure to check out the bat around tomrrow to see how everyone else went through their shopping spree.

Blog Bat Around Tomorrow – Extension Granted

For those of you who want to participate, I have extended the deadline by 24 hours. There have been a few people asking for more time, and frankly, that is something that I desperately need. I thought I would have some time this weekend to gather all the posts, but I was way too busy in San Antonio looking for a place and doing stuff for work. So, tonight at midnight, please have the posts done and posted in the comments section where all the rest of them are. Thanks!

Topps is Going In The Right Direction

Two weeks ago, we were in the midst of a debate over the legitimacy of the UD awards, and not many people were happy with the way it turned out. That is now in the past, and since then, Topps has picked up the banner and started running with it in the opposite direction. Although they were second in line to embrace social media, they have organized a wonderful new event that really does a better job of celebrating than any award could do. As you may have seen posted on any number of other sites, Topps’ Hobby Roundtable will start this Monday with a catalouge of responses from bloggers of every category. These bloggers, including myself, were given 11 questions to answer without any limits on what we can talk about, and the answers given by the 12 people involved will be posted at the beginning of next week.

The reason that I think this will work better than any other manufacturer attempt at a similar discussion is because of the questions that will be covered. Whether it is the direction and future of the hobby, or even scam prevention, its all there. The list of questions has been posted over on VOTC, and from what I can tell, Topps is taking this opportunity as pure discussion. This is in place of worrying about how hard it will be to prevent us from speaking poorly about their goals and products, and that is terrific. This idea has never been done this way by anyone on their side of the table before, and I applaud them for putting it together. Their new social media consultant has taken their online presence in a completely awesome direction, starting with their oft-forgotten twitter account, and there are many bloggers who are happy they did.

Alhtough I am not sure how the discussion will turn out, mainly due to the space needed to post answers, I have a backup plan. With 12 or so people answering questions on the biggest topics in the hobby right now, its going to be an epic post to get them all in. We were already notified that 4-8 answers would be used per question due to that restriction, and once he sees the length of those answers, Im guessing it may be less than that. Luckily, I have SCU where I can post the unabridged responses to the questions he sent out, so be sure to check this site if you want more answers. I may even take it a step further and actually compile EVERY answer from everyone because I don’t really care about space. We’ll see how it turns out.

Speaking of taking it a step further, I have been tossing around an idea ever since Card Corner Radio has gotten the response it has. My idea originally was to get one blogger from each sport and do a roundtable discussion similar to what Topps is doing on paper, and take it to a place where we can actually respond to each other. I have yet to put it into motion, but depending on the success of what this roundtable turns out to be, I may do that sooner than expected.

Lastly, it looks as if social media has gotten a good foot hold in the hobby, and I think its about time. We have a great base of people who know tons of information about the cards they collect, and I am glad that Topps has stepped to take advantage of the information we hold instead of the popularity of our sites. Hopefully this will be the start of something great, and with the Blog Bat Around in ramping up for next week as well, I think the next few weeks should be a highlight reel of our talents.

Return of the Blog Bat Around – Details on How To Participate

Ever since I started SCU about two years ago, I have always touted the community we have built as the reason why blogs are so important to the hobby. Now is our chance to show our chops and really give the world outside our network a view of what we are all about.

Last year, after thinking of ways to bolster the blogger network, I settled upon the Blog Bat Around, or a singular topic weighed in upon by everyone who wanted a shot at it. No limits, no scruitny, no reason not to participate. After a handful of them were done on multiple sites, it kind of died off due to a lack of direction. Now that baseball season is in full swing and blogs are receiving more attention than ever, I think its time to try it again.

The way it works is I will post the topic below and you will have a specific time frame to post your response. After the deadline, pending any acts of god, I will compile the links, do short writeups on all of them and post them on this site for everyone to click on. If you want your article included, all you have to do is comment with the link or send me an email with it.

Here are the rules if you havent seen this before:

-This is an open forum, anyone may participate at any time. I will not discriminate, nor will I leave you out if we dont agree. If you use your post as a personal attack against me or any of the other bloggers, I will not include it.

-Please make your article at least semi-relevant to the topic. You can be as creative as you want, but keep the general topic in mind. If its about Book Value, you can go on a relevant Beckett rant, but dont do a product review of Topps Heritage, or something similar.

-Keep your article PG or PG-13, as I want the most people to be involved.

– Please give your article a title, and make it easy to find when you give me the link. If you want your full name included and not just your blog title, put it in there somewhere.

– Give us something to read, so dont give me 2 sentences and call it a day. Make this a normal post, as you would want your readers to see it as a normal part of your blog.

– You do not have to include the topic in your post.

– Please comment somewhere on the site or email me the link to your article with any special instructions.

– I will not search out links, so if you want it included, it is your responsibility to get it to me. Comments on the bat around post make it easiest for me to compile – FYI.


You will have one week to post your response, and comment with the link or email it. This means on Sunday the 18th at midnight, I need to have it for the article to be included in the first post. I will add yours if you do it late or forget, but it will go at the bottom.


The Ultimate Shopping Spree – after some discussion on Twitter, it seems as though people want a go at this topic.

Here is what we are going with:

Remember those days on Nickelodeon where they would hold contests for their version of a kids’ ultimate shopping spree? They would let the winner loose in a Toys R Us for however long and let them keep what they could fit in the cart, right? Well, if you were given $50,000 and 15 minutes on ebay, what cards/memorabilia would you buy with the money? Break it down card by card, and give us a price and a reason for what you are buying. Not everyone would go out there and buy a Joe Jackson cracker jack, but some people would. So, with that, what would you spend the mother lode on? Happy buying.

Have fun with this one guys, Im expecting some great stuff across the card blogger network over the next week. If you have any questions, shoot me a line or ask one of the bloggers who has been around for a long time. Hopefully we can have a huge amount of participation, and in the meantime show how the blogs have become the new number one source for hobby info and commentary.