After All That, Strasburg Finally Sells

When the Strasburg superfractor was first listed at the $20,000 buy it now, I couldnt believe that it would even come close. I have always said that when it comes to normal cards from normal packs, there is a ceiling of 10,000 that is almost impossible to break, barring unusual circumstances. Obviously, after all the attention that this card has gotten, the modern card ceiling has been shattered and then some. I literally cannot believe how much this card sold for. It is practically unfathomable.

Although you could easily buy any other card from any other set along with an autograph of any living or dead player, plus a down payment on a nice car for this price, someone still thought it was a good idea. I completely disagree, and here is why. In 2010 Bowman Chrome, Strasburg will have an autographed Superfractor, and at the point of release, the price of this card will drop – DRASTICALLY. The first autographs out of Chrome are always more important than the non-autographs (see Jason Heyward), and this will be no different. Try reselling this card at the price it sold for come october and it will almost be impossible to get half.

My theory has been that its okay to spend a couple hundred on an untested guy, because its only a couple hundred. Its not going to make or break someone. 16,000 bucks can easily mean the difference between financial success and failure for a good part of this country, and to risk it on the arm of a guy with no big league experience is ludicrous, no matter how good his numbers are.

Starlin Castro Superfractor Ridiculousity

I just posted about how ridiculous the sale of the Strasburg superfractor was getting, but this completed auction is almost that much more ridiculous. Starlin Castro is the shortstop for the Cubs that started off hot and is probably in contention to be ROY if Heyward slips. Despite his hot start (21 hits in 60 ABs), its only a small sample size. That small sample size obviously has done nothing but spark hype in his cards, with this one topping the astounding list. Seriously, the money spent on this card is so out of touch, that I dont actually understand how someone could pay that amount for it, even if they had the money to spare.

I mean, just because you can afford to buy a golden, diamond encrusted cell phone, doesnt mean it is worth your time to do so. I think this falls under that same category. Go ahead and spend a couple bills on a few Castros if you are a Cubs fan, but there is no reason to spend thousands. Even if he becomes the next all star shortstop, its not going to do much for these cards. In fact, he almost has to reach Jeter or A-Rod popularity levels to make up for the amount of money this person spent.
Dont get me wrong, I completely understand prospecting, but this is NOT prospecting. This is being stupid.

Strasburg Superfractor Listed Without Reserve

A few of you probably remember the hoopla surrounding the Strasburg superfractor that was pulled back around the release of 2010. The person originally listed the card at 20K, only to decline over 30 offers for the card. Now its up without a BIN, without a reserve, and its already at a ridiculous price with more than 9 days to go.

All I have to say is HO-LEE-SHIT.
I once said that the ceiling on raw modern cards is $10,000 but after so many consecutive scoreless innings on his way to a June 4th call up, this may have a chance at shattering that.

More Insanity From 2010 Bowman

I just saw this posted on FCB, and I believe this price on the Dustin Ackley Superfractor auto 1/1 is totally and utterly insane. Even if this guy turns out to be a perennial all star, maybe winning a few MVPs, there is no way this price has anywhere to go but down. Look at what Ryan Braun sold for, and then consider the price on this guy. I mean think of all you could have instead of dropping this kind of coin on a guy who may OR may not pan out. I can understand spending 100 bucks, maybe 200 if you are a huge Mariners fan who wants to get some cards of the highly touted prospect. But that kind of money? Cmon.

Ackley isnt the only one garnering ridiculous prices for his parallels either:
I mean, I get that they are 1/1s, but you could have an auto of just about anyone for those prices. Wow. Prospecting is one thing, this is completely different.

More 2010 Bowman Craziness

Holy crap. I thought I had seen it all until I saw stuff like this. Strasburg’s autographs are going fucking nuts, Starlin Castro’s stuff is more expensive than I expected it to be, and Jason Heyward’s SECOND chrome auto and THIRD Chrome card is hitting record values. Check these out:

Stephen Strasburg Blue Auto /250 – Best offer $499 (Crazy)
Stephen Strasburg Blue Auto /250 – Sold $480 (STILL CRAZY)
Stephen Strasburg Regular Base Auto – Sold $360 (effing ridiculous)
Stephen Strasburg Regular Base Auto – Another selling at 338!
Jason Heyward Blue Refractor Auto /250 – Sold $248 (So crazy I cant even say)
Starlin Castro Gold Refractor Auto – First bid open at 500!
Starlin Castro Refractor Auto /500 – Sold $202 (Craziest yet – this is just a refractor!)
Dustin Ackley Blue Refractor Auto /250 – Best Offer $140 (Wow.)
Talk about getting in on the penthouse level over the ground floor. Holy shitballs.
EDIT: Even I get caught up in the hype, bought a few jumbo packs over lunch. Pulled a base non-chrome Strasburg and Castro, as well as these two autos. Not bad, ill decide what to do with them after I figure out if they are good pulls. I know Jackson isnt a bad pull, especially with the year he is having, but who knows.