Dont Waste Your Money On Playoff Prestige

I never got why people pay out of their ass for Prestige cards, especially when they are just base cards. Though it is the first set of the year, its like collectors have long term memory problems with remembering how much these cards tank the minute a real set comes out after the premiere. Classics is always the first set to come out with pro uniform pics, and almost immediately, Prestige becomes an afterthought.

The thing that confuses me the most is the price of the SP base cards, which each year start at astronomical prices, and then end up at normal prices. This Stafford sold a few times at higher than 50 bucks last year when Prestige came out, look at it now. Why would anyone jump on these cards now? We have vision into the future, and buying in at 40 and 50 bucks is NOT worth your time if past sales have any indication. What is even worse, Prestige is now including the Letter signatures that make Donruss Threads such a popular set each year, and those are selling at prices so high, I cant even put it into words.

Basically, just because Prestige is the only set out there, doesn’t mean you need to buy a shitload of your target’s cards right now. You cant even use “I want them in their college jerseys” as an excuse this year, because Upper Deck is preventing that with their NCAA exclusive. Plus, according to a little birdie on my shoulder, Prestige may have even taken it too far with depicting the players, as a lawsuit may be in order. Looks like Upper Deck is deciding to pass along the favor that Topps gave them.

I am telling you right now, if you buy into Prestige, Elite, or even Classics for that matter, you are throwing your money down the drain. Even if you collect the players, WAIT FOR TIME TO PASS. The prices will drop so drastically that mid year, you will be able to pick up these cards at drastically lower prices. If you are buying the Super SPs and hoping that having a complete set will mean as much as it did in 1979, I can tell you that you may just want to stop right now. That, or wait until you can get the cards at much cheaper prices. I mean, Im not sure why people even like these cards, they look ridiculously terrible.

Classics will be out soon enough, and at that point, you will be able to get cards of the players in their full uniforms, and in the gear of the teams you collect. I will warn you again to wait on prices at that time as well, but I know its tough to wait when you get that first picture of your target in his NFL uniform.

First Look: 2010 NCAA Sweet Spot Football

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sweet Spot football is BACK…

…well sort of.
Instead of another rehash of the existing and played out product, Sweet Spot looks to be coming back with a different face all together. Although I am not a college collector, this seems to be a pretty good swing for those collectors that are. Instead of boring products that usually are sold at the beginning of a card year before the rookie premiere, these are going to be some nice ones that could break up the monotony.
Per the info, there will be a format very similar to Sweet Spot baseball of the last few years, but there will be more of a focus on Rookies and college uni vet cards than exploring another boring year of how many weird parallels of 3rd string crap players they can fit into this set. I hate the beginning of the year because its all pre-NFL uniform stuff, but this should at least make it a little more bearable. Too bad they didnt use more of the baseball design, but this should be interesting to see how it turns out.
On another note, glad to see UD is still pumping out product previews despite the lawsuits.

I Have A Question About UD Black

So, UD posted a bunch of non mock-ups from black, the first anticipated high end product of the year. As you can see, there is one major problem with these cards of the 2009 rookies.

Yes, they are all STILL in college uniforms. Now, I can imagine that there are a few reasons why this may be the case, and for their sake, I hope its one of them. First, is that these cards could have all been signed at the rookie premiere, which means that pro uniforms could not be possible – something that could have been avoided with a later release date. Second is that in order for the cards to be signed in time, they needed to have the cards out to the rookies as soon as possible. Again, a circumstance that could be fixed with a later release date.

Dont get me wrong, the cards look BEYOND awesome, but the college unis really dont sit anywhere close to right with me. At least the other stuff from the veteran stars looks fucking great enough to make me forget about some of my anger. I will definitely be chasing after a few AD cards from this set, though I will avoid the Harvin cards if its still Florida Gators stuff all the way. I guess college uniform pictures are a trade off at this point in the year for on card sigs, but I cant help but feel that this was a little rushed if it could have been done right later on. We easily could have waited.


This Is What Boredom Does To A Football Collector

Last week, we had the first product of 2009 hit the shelves, which usually would be a happy day. However, this product is PRE draft and is only put out to cash in on something that many football collectors can identify with – BOREDOM.

2009 Sage is basically the brother of press poop, and this unlicensed product is the first in the brown wave of ugly cards with ugly foil stickers. For college collectors, this product is a wet dream because many of those people couldnt care less about which pro team they are on. For other people, this is a boring attempt to cure the boredom of a lack of affordable products since SPA in December. I hate these cards, and I cant understand the people who bust this shit because they want autos of the 2009 players before the draft even happens. Why couldnt you wait? No, instead, lets pay 30+ dollars for an auto of Mark Sanchez who may not even be a first rounder. Fucking ridiculous. Add in the fact that they will be paying triple to quadruple the value for cards that will bottom out as soon as a real product hits the shelves, and you see what I mean. Hell, even the college collectors, whom this product SHOULD be made for, wont even buy yet on the big guys. Why should they?

I know, I know, people will never learn. Its like they think this year’s products will be different. They think that SAGE will hold its value for the first time EVER, and they will be able to cash in. Sure, why not.

This is pretty fucking easy: Dont be stupid, dont be that guy, dont buy this crap, and wait for the draft. There are a lot of question marks this year, and you could easily get screwed by buying this early. Its like having a baseball fantasy draft in february, you can only get hurt by not waiting.