Panini Continues To Fail At Hard Signed Cards

A few weeks ago, Panini announced that they would be going back to hard signed cards for 2009 Playoff Contenders. A few minutes ago, we saw the results of their ventures. Needless to say, ill let the pictures speak for themselves.

From the looks of the cards, we are still going to be getting mirrored-boarded abominations, even though they are NOTORIOUS for being impossible to sign on. Even if the cards turn out to be on normal card stock, the pens they used look like borderline ballpoints. Bubbly ink, lack of fluidity, everything one would expect from a fucking amateur.
On top of this, you get a design where the words 2009 ROOKIE invades your view, and provides absolutely no place for a player to sign without hiding the sig among the gigantor letters.
Total and epic FAIL.