Its One Thing To Be Bad At Faking

I just dont understand the stupidity of some people. Why anyone even think of spending their hard earned cash on something as expensive as a Mark Sanchez SPA without looking at it first is beyond me. Look at this auction, and you will see exactly why I condemn the people who sell, as well as those who dont think before bidding.

See the problem? Its the image from the fucking sell sheet. The guy has posted an auction with the intent of selling a scan from the sheet UD puts out to promote the set. Some may say he is showing this pic because he cant get his own on eBay, but he even says in the description that the lines are from his scanner.
Hopefully this gets pulled before someone gets screwed out of hundreds of dollars.

Stay Away From These SPAs

While I was out, Heel posted on the makeup of what an SPA scammer is all about. He mentioned a guy, ufjumper7, who is starting to make waves as quite possibly the dumbest faker in recent memory. Usually, scammers use two accounts to complete their fakes, one to buy and one to sell. Obviously ufjumper didnt get the memo. Must not have had a cover sheet, I guess.

Over on FCB, a good break down of his purchases versus sales was discussed, further cementing what Heel originally posted. Here are some of the examples:

LeSean McCoy BEFORE – 1 color patch, same sig, same number.

LeSean McCoy AFTER – Ridiculous patch, same sig same number.
Mark Sanchez BEFORE – 2 color patch ( a good patch ruined), same sig, same number.
Mark Sanchez AFTER – Logo patch, same sig, same number.
Matt Stafford BEFORE – 1 color patch, same sig, same number.
Matt Stafford AFTER – 4 color patch, same sig, same number.
Also, as I failed to mention in the original draft of this post, the guy has bought close to 30 versions of redemptions from the guys who havent signed yet. I think its safe to say what is going to happen with those.
Is this really what we have come to? Scammers arent even trying anymore. I hope this guy gets crapped on by a dog today, a nice runny one, that would only be a portion of what he deserves.
h/t Wheeler

We Have Our First SP Authentic Fakes

If there is one thing I have always preached, its that completed auctions are damning evidence when trying to figure out if a seller is a douche. There has been some big discussion lately on blowout and among the readers of this site about whether or not sports_royalty’s cards are fake. After looking through his items for sale and his completed auctions, I would definitely file him under that category.

The most unusual thing about this is that the guy has a ton of hot packs for sale. This is almost always a sign that something isnt right. Although Im sure the hot packs contain what they say, its obvious that they will all contain the rookie scrub autos and not the patches. Its not the nail in the coffin, but his resume is getting worse. This could also mean that his crazy patches are all coming from the cases that he busted, but with the hobby, we have been forced to assume everyone is guilty until proven innocent. That is pretty sad.
When you factor in that the guy is already engaging in one thing like hot packs, and then you see his patches, the bad stuff floods your mind and becomes very tough to ignore.
Here are some examples of questionable SPA’s:

Josh Freeman

Knowshon Moreno Again

Pretty questionable cards, but that is only the beginning. Check out these AWFUL fakes that he has sold. When I say AWFUL, I mean Paris Hilton acting bad:

Mark Sanchez Tag Patch
Eli Manning/Mark Sanchez fooball
Manning/Favre Worst Dual Football Ever?
Manning Family Football

Anyone who sells autographs as fucking terrible as those should be automatically added to your bad list. This guy is nothing but problems. STAY AWAY.
EDIT: Kurt just sent me this from the same fucking asshat, look what else he just HAPPENS to be selling! He even has 10 of them for sale, wow.
Thanks to Justin, Brandon, Leonard, and Tim for the heads up.

Again, I Am Telling You To Buy Early For SPA

SP Authentic is still a few weeks away from having questions about authenticity, but in all honesty, questioning patches will always be a problem until there is a national photo database. This Matt Ryan gold patch auto is probably one of the most valuable non 1/1s in the 2008 set, but that didnt stop someone from almost certainly defiling this card. I would normally not have an issue with seeing a logo patch out of last year’s SPA, but when the guy also has a Flacco patch like this, questions arise.

See, SPA has a major problem with fakes. MAJOR. Because the cards have such a huge premium for logo patches, and so many people have become accustomed to pack pulled 25 color patches, its become very tough to discern fakes. In fact, because of this fact, 2007 and 2008 SPA RPAs have become some of the biggest targets in the hobby.
I have said on numerous occasions that you need to buy logos early or stick to 2 color patches, because once the 6 week mark hits, its a crapshoot with the three colors and above. You may pay an extra 10-20%, but it may be worth it to know that you have one that is real.
Another small victory for the RPAs this time, is that when you have as many big name redemptions as you do, collectors will have a lot more time to let prices settle before buying redemptions. Yes, redemptions suck, but at least you can buy six months from now and not worry about fakes.
I hate that its gotten to this point, but when you have a hobby as filled with douchebag goat fuckers as it is, drastic measures need to be adopted.

Ultimate Patch Fakes: I Warned You, And Here They Are

The users on FCB have been discussing a lot about the authenticity of the patches from a manufacturer standpoint, and now there are the first evident user created Ultimate patch fakes. Take a look at a few they pointed out, which all are completely scammed by user/fucktard Aruba202.

Magglio Ordonez

Eric Chavez
Jered Weaver

Here are some other GREAT ones from the same douchebag – ALL FAKE. This is why I tell you to check items for sale/completed auctions. He broke every cardinal rule and people still have paid hundreds for his “masterpieces.” He is making a killing and I feel bad for the people who buy from this fucking asshat. Check these out:

Mark Sanchez
Jason Bay
Beanie Wells
Albert Pujols
My favorite – the triple fake