Im Telling You To Pull The Trigger On Your Patch Targets NOW

At this point, collectors are going to face a conundrum. It’s a big one, because it may cost a lot of money either way, and that may not be in the plans for some people. Here is the situation, mainly that with some of the ridiculous patches that have been featured in Ultimate Collection Baseball, National Treasures Football, the upcoming SPA football and Exquisite Football, there is no way to buy a patch after the main release and not have questions on authenticity. All of these cards will feature JUMBO swatches, and when I say JUMBO I mean huge and easy to fake. When you have swatches that big, and the populace is used to seeing amazing stuff, the assholes who fake cards are primed for a field day.

Now, don’t tell me they wont go after these cards because of the cost, because they will. People have faked at least 5-10 Peterson Exquisites, so there is nothing stopping them from dropping a grand if they think they can make money. Also, don’t tell me that Panini has their fucking kodak shit, because that does absolutely nothing until the card is already purchased and in your hands for over a month. Because of this, you will have to pay early and you will have to pay a little more because the products are new. Ill tell you, once the 1993 World Series patches start showing up in Ted Williams jumbo patch cards, you will see how good you feel about the one you bought.

Im not saying that having these amazing patches is a bad thing, it just causes some problems if you are buying off ebay six months after release or more (that one is 100% fake if you couldnt tell). After about six weeks, the scammers have let the card prices die down and start buying up the cards. After about 8 weeks, they have the fake patches in hand and are working on the cards all while vigorously licking their dog’s balls for entertainment (that’s what they do, im not kidding).At 10 weeks, the cards are up, and there is now blood in the water. At about 20 weeks, it becomes hard to tell which is real and which is fake. At that time, all the people who were waiting for the price to come down start buying again, and it puts a smile on all the dog ball filled mouths of the scammers.

If you know what to look for, im sure you can avoid having any problems. However, if you don’t, be sure to send out some feelers or at least sniff the cards for any hint of dog. Drop a line on a message board or send any blogger an email, including me. Id be happy to help you out.

Kevin Burge Tries To Elude Recognition, Fails.

Guys, I just got an email cluing me into something that we all need to be made aware of. Kevin Burge’s most recognizable account, Shoeless-joejackson, has been switched for the first time in over 6 years. His new name is queencity-sportscards and it can be found here. Be sure to add this seller to your list, as this is actually Burge himself.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, this is one guy I wouldnt trust to clean my bathroom. He sells fake autos, fake slabs, fake patches, and has committed just about every imaginable hobby crime there is. Do not buy his stuff, and search his name on this blog to get a quick history.

He is the douchiest man in the (hobby) world.

Stay collecting my friends.

A Good Reason Not To Trust PSA Or Any Auto Authentication Service

If you arent familiar with Kevin Burge, start learning. He has rightfully earned the reputation as the hobby devil, and he is starting to get more and more adept at what he does. I reported a while ago that he had gotten a fake Adrian Peterson through PSA’s grading, and PSA tried to brush me off by saying they only authenticate the cards. Well, looks like Burge wins again, because here is the newest batch.

Here is a real Reggie Wayne rookie premiere auto from 2001. Notice all of the finer points of the signature and its positioning on the card. Here is one done by Burge’s notorious account shoeless-joejackson. They dont even compare.
Need more convincing? Here are the two signatures next to each other. They dont even look remotely close. Fake on left, real on right.
As you can tell, the slant of the real autograph is much more to the right and much more pronounced. The fake isnt even slanted. Also, notice the pen thickness of the fake, versus the real. Lastly, the complexity of the real signature is that so Burge is unable to replicate it. PSA didnt even bother to notice before grading this card.
Burge also has a number of graded PSA 10’s on his screen name, which makes me question how PSA is really paying attention to his scams. I have received numerous reports from different PSA experts stating that they make arrangements with their biggest clients to assign more 10’s than not, and after seeing how Wolverine 24 and Burges people crank out 10’s, im not surprised if this turns out to be true.
Regardless of the graded 10’s, im not as concerned as I am with the number of Fake RPAs he has gotten through. He has a fake PSA Todd Heap one up as well, and according to the people who collect the rookie premieres, Heap was never made in the original set.
It keeps getting better and better.

Fake Walter Payton Legends Autos Show Up On Ebay?

I have already documented countless times the number of fake cards that are out there. They can range from cards with fake patches, trimmed vintage, or even the fake topps rookie premieres that have sprung up. This one is possibly one of the most unusual that I have seen in a long, long time. It has really made me wonder how it happened, or what the circumstances of the cards are, because I am actually shocked that this is going down.

First, some background on this situation. Back in 1997 the UD legends set was released to major fanfare, mainly due to its simple, yet awesome design, and on card signatures of many of the game’s true giants of the gridiron. In fact, this set has become so popular over the years, that boxes now sell for a ton, and UD revisited it with an 08 Ultimate Collection update set. The crown jewel of this product has always been Walter Payton, and for most Payton collectors, its has never been challenged as Payton’s best autograph card.

Then we have these cards, which I cannot quite tell what the fuck is going on. First off, the autograph is WAAAAAY off, not even close to the ones I know to be real. Yet, despite having seemingly fake autographs, the cards themselves look real. The foil logo is there, the front and back seem correct, with the signature being the only part of these cards that I am questioning. Then I saw that they seem to be cut weird, that there is a diagonal slant to the bottom part of the card, though that may just be my eye looking for something wrong. These are also from two DIFFERENT sellers with a similar looking auto, which raises more questions in my mind. Did the second guy buy one, and now realizes its fake? If the card is fake, how did they do the back hologram and the foil on the front? Why are the ink colors different? Im stumped.




There are a few explanations that I have come up with, however.

1. Payton signed some of the cards differently or these were problem cards that may not have made it into packs because of the awful signature – (very unlikely)

2. The signature on these cards faded, so this idiot wiped the auto off and horribly resigned it to make it look better – (More likely)

3. Upper Deck accidentally included a few cards that werent signed in packs (as has been known to happen), the seller bought or pulled them and signed the signature himself – (very unlikely)

4. Someone at UD leaked a few unsigned cards from the stock room and this guy finished the job – (possible)

5. The seller faked both the cards and the autos – (less likely, but more likely than the other ones)

6. The back scan isnt real and this is a signed base card – (possible)

7. The card is legit?

Im curious to find out what Upper Deck has to say because these auctions need to be pulled right away if they are fake. Of course, if you are going to spend 1200 on a Payton legends, you better make sure its real. I have always stood by the MO that you should never take a chance when it isnt necessary. Why not just buy the real one rather than taking a chance on one that has some questions? Doesn’t make sense to me. Saving money isnt THAT important on a card like this.

As always, watch your ass, and you will be fine.

h/t – FCB

EDIT: The seller came on to the FCB forums and explained that he had taken down the auctions. PSA quick opinion on these cards was “likely not genuine” and it looks like the seller was not the guy who had faked them.

Some People Are Dumber Than A Bag Of Idiots

Check this auction out, brought to my attention by the guys over on FCB. Its basically a very similar situation to the fake Pujols card that I posted on earlier, only this time, the seller just re-signed the card in a different colored ink.

Though a huge checklist disappointment, last year’s Mayo was one of two 2008 Topps football sets to feature on card autos. This year, they switched to the usual ugly ass stickers, and at the same time, allowed stuff like this to run rampant.

Like the Pujols, the guy took his cheaper LeSean McCoy blue auto that wasnt numbered, wiped off the auto with rubbing alcohol, and re-signed the card with red ink to signify a card numbered to 10. Because Topps was stupid enough to not foil number these cards, someone got screwed. Seriously, they have almost as many numbered parallels in their products as Panini, and yet the Rookie Premieres and cards like these continue to go unnumbered for some god forsaken reason.

On another, equally stupid note, who the fuck thinks that this card is real? Are people THAT fucking stupid? I mean, this one isnt even close. Then again, there are people who still pay 175 dollars for those ridiculous fake rookie premieres, so I guess Im not surprised.