Triple Threads Continues To Fail

Take a look, take a good hard look and see if you can spot the mistake.

I saw this mentioned over on FCB, and I couldnt help but laugh. Seriously, how pissed would you be if you pulled a card like this and then saw that the front borders were meant for another player? I would fucking flip a shit. Aside from being fucking ugly, this card is VERY valuable due to what it contains. The problem for this guy is that Jonathan Stewart will haunt him for the rest of his life.

It does make me wonder though, does the Stewart one have a Stafford front?

People Are Just Stupid

I was looking around on eBay when I saw a situation that just screamed EPIC FAIL.


I have been keeping tabs on these fake autographs, and I am actually convinced that the scam ones actually outnumber the real ones now. Either way, when you see one that is actually real posted in between the horrible fakes, with the fakes having more than 15 bids each, I laugh. There are actually that many people who think these cards are real. Considering that the autos on these cards look ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like any other auto any of the players have ever signed, I am curious as to how stupid you actually have to be to spend hundreds of dollars on one.

Maybe its the same people that buy these:


For those of you newer readers of SCU, im sure you have seen a recent focus on scams and fakes. Exposing scams are actually nothing new to this site, and its always fun when a past expose comes back around for a second helping of disgust.

Shit, did I say fun? I meant totally fucking idiotic. Unfortunately for us, there is a sucker born every half second in this hobby, and even worse, they have tons of fucking cheese to spend.
A little backgroud:
Last year, a viking head logo Peterson Exquisite surfaced on eBay, with an “authenticity” letter provided by Gregg Kohn of Upper Deck. Seemingly at the same time, an identical patch auto was also posted with the same viking head logo. Gregg, upon my request, confirmed the authenticity of the letter for the first one, and confirmed that the second was fake.
Obviously, people never learn, as there is now a THIRD fake Peterson Viking head logo patch, with this one already up over 1000 dollars. The reason I know its fake is because Gregg was positive that only one Viking logo was known to be in the product, making this one a fraud. Also, the colors and stitching style of the viking head, as well as the material its sewn onto are completely wrong. This would stick out like a Beckett box break to any informed collector, but that doesnt stop the idiots from jumping on it. To think that someone would destroy this amazing card with a fake patch is completely fucking ridiculous in the first place, but it isnt the first and wont be the last. It is the best non 1/1 card of 2007, and now this one is destroyed. Wonderful. Maybe UD will pull it down, doubtful though.
Glad to see that douchebaggery faces us at every turn.
h/t Wheeler and Jason

Donini’s Recent Fails

I have been saying for a long time that Donini has no idea how to design a jersey card. After the ugly display in Elite, I want to go over a few things that I just cant understand.

Here are 5 cards that I think are very, very poorly designed. The swatches are all over the fucking place, and half of them just shouldnt be there. See, Donini really needs to understand that not every card should be jersified. That means that you may need to create more cards, god forbid, but thats your job, and I am fucking sick of having sets built around these pieces of shit.
Match the letter above to the letter below:
A – I am not sure why they decided this was a good place for the swatch. This card is so fucking busy there really isnt ANY place for a swatch, it needs to be more simple.
B – Why put the Pats logo on a helmet? It looks fucking wierd and fucking stupid. Logos were designed so that they could be displayed as solo standing items, no reason to show it this way without explanation. It doesnt fit.
C – The script “elite” and the swatch should be in different spots. Im not really sure why they decided to do it this way, probably because they were too fucking lazy to switch the card around. Either way, the whole card looks ridiculous, not sure what is up with those assymetrical lines.
D – This swatch is placed well, but it is the wrong shape. The whole card is an ill fitting combination of straight edges and circles, but this card would look much better with a circular swatch and inward curving edges to the box that approaches either side of it. Considering that this card is about targets, not sure why they chose a design similar to that of the universal symbol for atoms.
E – More logos on helmets, completely unnecessary.
F – This swatch is completely in no mans land, but it fits the design of the card. Yet, because the card is split into quadrants in such a weird way, im not sure why they thought it would make a good fit for a swatch. Another floating window, another fail.
G – Another card that has no room for a swatch, despite the out of place presence of the one they forced in there. When you cover up the player, something done on many of Donini’s awful designs, you takes everything out of the card that it was created for.
H – Brady’s name just looked so ridiculous in that spot to me. Im not sure why it was done in that font in that allignment. They should have done a different font and had it cover the whole box. Get some better designers, my 5 year old cousin could do better with a crayon.
Now, its pretty simple to solve all of this freaky deaky ugly design work. Either design cards around the swatches and find places for the rest of the stuff later, or maybe dont shove the swatches down our throats at all. UD and even Topps have come up with some other filler ideas besides sets crammed full of relics, some good, some epic fails, but at least they are trying. This is complete fucking laziness in action.

How Are The Fake Stickers Done?

From JustinD:


Any common rubbing alcohol will remove Sharpie. A calm hand with a q-tip of rubbing alcohol (99% will work best and evaporate quickly before clouding the sticker) should clean up a sticker logo with no damage. You should also be able to peel it up nicely with a thin razor (the old paper thin two sided refill kind your grandpa used).

My worry is also elsewhere in elkridgesportscards listings. As you can easily see the sticker autos are faked. However they are also listing several fake logo patches, which means they are moving forward in scamming. The worry for me is that all of the buyback autos they have listed look fake too. I think they are peeling topps holos and sticking them on base cards and signing them. All those autos look off, and the topps seals on the holders look strange. I think it is another step in the fakery for elkridge.


Thanks Justin, hopefully this post will not be used for evil. 

NOTE: Justin is not the person selling these cards.
NOTE 2: See the video from Rob at VOTC. For the record, its Gellman with a G like Golf, haha.