Ufjumper7 Has Continued His Assault On SPA Redemptions

I have been talking about Ufjumper7 for a long time now. The guy has single-handedly destroyed a portion of 2009 SPA like no other seller has done in a long time. Because of Upper Deck’s troubles, as well as rumors of athletes not signing for redemptions, he was able to pick up tons of Kenny Britt, Percy Harvin and Beanie Wells for chump change, all with the intentions of exploiting people. The funny part is how stupid some people are for believing his stuff is real.

Here are his recent auctions to avoid:

Percy Harvin Viking Head Logo /25 – Not only did he destroy a Harvin card with a ridiculous fake logo, but he ruined a gold version that usually sells for around 200. This is his second logo that he has sold, and no one seems to notice. What a douche.

Percy Harvin 3 Color – Harvin didnt get a lot of three colors in SPA, but Ufjumper has gotten them time after time, right? Sure, if you like patches off the replithentic jerseys he bought for 3 bucks.

Percy Harvin 3 Color – See above, these are terrible.

Kenny Britt 3 Color – Kenny Britt also has a 3 color shortage, and when they are three colors, I dont think this is the jersey he wore at the premiere even. Not that this ass hat would even care, but just saying. Stay away.

Here are two others from before, there will defintely be more, he bought a ton of these.
Percy Harvin Vikings Chest Logo – Not even a question this isnt real. I still cannot believe people dont see who this guy really is. Im wondering how long it will be before he changes his name.
Percy Harvin 3 Color – Funny how many of these 3 colors he was “lucky” enough to get. These hit so early after release that no one knew to question him. Again with replithentic patches.
Ufjumper7 needs to be on everyone’s list, even you hockey collectors. Most of the time, his fakes are easy to recognize, but every once in a while, he pulls one over on a few unsuspecting people. Ill keep you posted if he pulls any other shit.

GAI Should Automaticall Raise Red Flags

Im sure that many of you are also autograph collectors as well as card collectors. File me under that heading too, as my allegiance has always been more to the autograph collectors than the card collectors. Its rare that I buy a non-autographed card, and that leaves me in quite a predicament when I want to buy a certified auto on eBay.

Lately I have noticed a lot of autographs popping up that not only arent real, but have a GAI certificate with the item. GAI used to be a company that at least had some loose standards in authenticating autographs, but that has changed recently according to a number of connected people in the hobby. Therefore, like me, you may start to see a lot of GAI certified autos that arent at all close to being legit. Although some GAI certs may actually be for real autos, Im not sure if I would risk my hard earned money if I didn’t know the autograph as well as I know some. The company just has way too many red flags and it is the reason that people like Kevin Burge use them almost exclusively. Due to company revenues issues they have been known to issue a cert on any order that is submitted, and that leaves a lot of fake autographs out there that look real to the average collector.

Again, im not saying that you should disregard buying an auto just because it has a GAI cert, but I would exhaust all options before you head in that direction. If there is another option, why risk it, right? Use your head and think, if a company is out there that can generate revenue any way they can, this seems like it would be the first course of action to get more people to utilize your service.

We already know that non-money starved companies like PSA are just as willing to authenticate fake topps rookie premiere autos, so who is to say that they don’t employ the same practice here. Autograph authentication has always been a third party opinion, not a third party FACT, and that leads to a lot of stuff happening that normally wouldn’t be an issue. Its tough to say that most of the autos they certify are fake, but it isnt out of the realm of possibility to think that it is just another tool to generate revenue through the normal conflict of interest it presents. Let’s not forget the video of Beckett partner JSA certifying a baseball signed in the parking lot of a show.

A lot of people may criticize my site for being overly negative when it comes to the tendencies of people operating in the hobby, yet time after time, issues like this come up. When they do come up, everyone has such a peachy keen outlook on things that they refuse to think they could be on the wrong side of a scammer transaction. Watch your ass people, as this hobby tends to eat people alive when they don’t think anything bad can happen to them. Any time money is involved in anything, people will find ways to exploit other people to get ahead. Don’t think for a moment that respected hobby sources may be on the take as well. I have never forgotten that, and I attribute a lot of my own success as a result of that personal mantra.

Stay AWAY From Anything Ufjumper7

Ufjumper7 is already up to no good with the recent shipment of the Percy Harvin SPAs, and its pretty disheartening that people arent recognizing his crap. This is the umpteenth time I have mentioned him on this site, and I am already tired of him. This guy will most likely be listing a bunch of Harvins, as he actually came up with a pretty good plan. He bought a bunch of redemptions when they were cheap due to rumors, and now has the jump on everyone because no one would suspect they were fake. I mean, they just started showing up on eBay, so how could a known faker be selling fakes, right?

I guarantee that his account should immediately be flagged by everyone, even if this card is real by some miracle. Expect more fakes coming soon as well, as his other redemptions should be showing up very shortly.

Need more proof? Check this one out. I bet this patch pulls right off the top of the swatch.

Ufjumper7 is the newest idiot out there, so add him to the list and watch for his name before you bid on anything.

1500 Bucks Wont Scare Away A Scammer

There are times where you just wonder where people get some ideas. Its become obvious in the last few years that price tag is not a factor when considering fakes, and these examples are the quintessential example of that. On BO’s forum, a collector brought these to my attention, showing proof of the patch alterations made to the card.

First, we have this one, number 3 of 25, a 1500 dollar card, if not more. The seller took it down and relisted it with proof of its fake status, claiming that it was sold for a customer, but I have heard that before. Just goes to show what some people will do to make a few extra dollars. Fakers really dont understand that fans track the rare cards like this, so when there are only 25 of these high profile cards, its very likely that there is going to be someone with scans of every one of them put on the net.
Second, we have number 19 of 25, which carries a similar ridiculous price tag PRIOR to alteration. Again, this was pulled because the seller decided to make good on his fakes, but again its still reeks of scam.
Even though these cards were not sold with their fake patches in this form , they will still most likely show up in another form. The purpose of this is to show that no card is safe from fakes, and that you need to look at every possible angle before buying a card in any form. The hobby is an unsafe place when it comes to some cards, and unfortunately that means that price tag is not a deterrant.

Fake Patches Still Make Me Laugh

I love these types of cards, even going so far as saying that I am a connoisseur of fine fake patches. Today, as I woke up to Noah screaming for his bottle, I checked my email to find this godlike example of a incredible and beautiful fake patch. Really, this card has circulated around ebay so many times, I just laugh at every person who buys it. I know its fake because the Vikings had no logos that size on the jerseys that Peterson wore at the 2007 Rookie Premiere, and yet no one is smart enough to do their homework.

This Peterson isnt the only one on eBay right now that features a patch of this fake quality, and yet, so many people continue to bid and bid thinking, “OMG I MUST HAVEZ THIS MOJOZ!” As I have said a million times, if you take 10 minutes to cover your own ass, 90% of the time you are going to have an answer on the patch authenticity. For the other 10% of the time, it may not be 100% clear, but it may give you enough information to decide whether to walk away. Personally, I dont buy a patch card unless I am truly sure if its real, as its just not worth me having a question about the card for the entire time I own it.
Check these out:

LeSean McCoy NT Logo Patch /99 – This card is one of the base patches, and from what I have observed this would be the first real chest logo in the base parallel. All of the real logo patches are in the gold set /25. A great way to approach it, especially because of how many questions it helps to answer.

Tom Seaver Mets Logo Patch – The Ultimate Patch set from 2009 Ultimate will eventually be the most faked patch set in the history of patch sets. There are just too many patches that could be real or could be fake. This one is 100% fake. Upper Deck was meticulous in matching the player picture with the patch, and this card doesnt match.

Maurice Jones Drew Limited Logo Patch – This is one of those cards that all people would need to do is look at everything else the seller is selling. Everything on his seller page is listed in a shady way, and he is selling NSA stuff as well. Then you see this type of card listed as a 1/1, but really out of 25, and the picture becomes more clear. Why waste your money or your time?

Tom Brady NFL Logo Patch 4/5 – Not only is this seller’s name terrible, but this card is one of a slew of fake patches this guy has. Whenever I see an NFL logo patch numbered higher than 1/1, I start to raise my antennae, then when I also see cards like this one, I immediately write the guy off.

Chad Pennington NFL Logo Patch – Normally I wouldnt care about a Chad Pennington card, but I want to make a point here. Fleer went out of business in 2004 before being purchased by Upper Deck, and a lot of their cards that were in their “vault” flooded the market without patches in the patch window. Obviously, this means that the scammers had the opportunity to make cards like this. Although there are SOME real ones, I wouldnt touch any fleer logo patches from any set that was released around the bankruptcy.

Again, many of these cards can easily be ruled fake by doing your homework, so its pretty easy to protect yourself without much effort. Many people have emailed me looking for help on the patches they find, and I am always happy to help. I also know that everyone on the message boards are willing to help, so dont hesitate to ask for help.