The Vikings Are Officially The Red Sox Of Football

It was a great season, but again the Vikings are home watching the Super Bowl after a missed opportunity late in the fourth quarter. In 1998 it was Gary Anderson that missed a chip shot to seal the deal, this year it was Brett Favre trying to make a play on a down that should have been a run. Much like the Boston Red Sox’s epic drought of World Series titles, the Vikings have epic fail written squarely across their foreheads.

Listen, dont get me wrong, the Vikings did not deserve to win this game with all the mistakes that were made during the game. Fumbles were as plenty as bare breasts on bourbon street during Mardi Gras, and a penalty on the last drive for 12 men knocked them out of field goal range. How could you, in all seriousness, figure out how to blow a shot like that with a penalty as stupid as 12 men in the huddle. I could understand if this was 2nd grade fucking pop warner football, but not in the NFL. For that, someone needs to lose their job.
Secondly, the fumbles were ridiculous. The Berrian fumble in the red zone during an amazing drive was completely unacceptable, and the Peterson fumble on the goal line at the end of the first half should be on blooper reals for the next fucking century. To think that a team with so much to play for would come in and blow it in that fashion is heart-wrenching.
Then, on the Favre interception, I have no idea why that was not a run play. This has continually been an issue all season, and Childress is responsible. This includes problems during the Bears loss in Chicago, and a few calls from this game as well. Longwell is as sure footed of a kicker as any in the league, and there was no reason to call a pass. When you factor in that the Vikings still had one time out, and Favre still decided to throw across the field, rather than throwing to Berrian or keeping it, the reason they lost becomes more apparent.
Im disappointed, Im angry, I dont even know what to say anymore. It feels like 1998 all over again, although the salt in the wound is absent with the Saints being favored and at home. Regardless, the Vikings now need to move forward as a franchise, with or without Favre, and figure out a way to exercise the demons.
The season wasnt a complete loss, but it sure feels like it now. I can only imagine what is going on in that locker room, but it doesnt really matter now. All that matters to me is that it happens some time in my life. From here on out, after this loss, its looking more and more grim every day.

First Favre Certified Vikings Auto Hits Ebay

The first of the Favre autos is up right now, and the seller wants a shitload. So, Panini gets the first shot in, but there are only a few other than this, and its a sticker. It doesnt look awful, minus the top of his head, but they sure created a huge hullabaloo over a sticker auto on a few cards.

Two Amazing Games In Two Days

What a high I am living right now, my Twins beat the Tigers in one of the best games in the team’s history, and the Vikings go and beat the crap out of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers (literally). Its the first time in a long time that its a great week to be a Minnesota sports fan.

Granted, the Twins are going to go to New York and get destroyed like the Death Star, but this win was good enough to validate their improbable ascension to division champs after losing Morneau and half their pitching staff. It sure helps that the Tigers had an epic collapse, but it was still a great victory none-the-less.
Photo Credit to AP
My main man Joe Mauer also should have secured himself the MVP, as if he didnt deserve it already. To the idiotic writers, the stats he put up would only have been enough if the team had made the playoffs, and now it looks like his resume is complete. That makes me very happy, as he is more
deserving than anyone in the AL, no question.
Photo Credit to UD Blog
As for Favre and the Packers game, I couldnt be happier for both him and for my favorite cattle roper Jared Allen. They did an amazing job putting up points against a good Packer defense, and it was awesome to see Aaron Rodgers get the shit kicked out of him on the other end of the ball. Yeah, yeah, I know it wont last, but it was nice regardless. The true test will be against Baltimore in 2 weeks, with one of the best defenses in the league, as well as a good offense with Flacco, Mason and company.
It was also sweet to see Sidney Rice have another great game, and I dont think much will be made of it, which is unfortunate. Rice had a great TD catch as well as two possible game saving onside kick recoveries, which definitely contributed to the win. Favre and Allen got the spotlight, but Rice deserves some of it.
Peterson, surprisingly had a mediocre game, mainly due to the Packers loading up the box. Of course, they paid for it, but it was discouraging to see him play just okay. The big play was the strip for a TD, and its scary to think that he has the most fumbles of any back in the last 2 years. That is not a good thing.
Lastly, I dont think I can watch another monday night ESPN game as long as Favre is playing. Gruden had crawled so far up Favre’s ass that he may as well try and get a couch in there with some direct TV. Its fucking brutal.
Here’s to another great Minnesota sports week, hopefully the high will continue.

The SCU 2009 NFL Preview, Or Why I Suck At Prognosticating

Finally, after a wasteland of boringness, football is back and raring to go. Kickoff is less than a week from today, and I am ready to jump out of my chair and start running crazy go nuts down the aisles here at work. Saturday is going to be much worse for me than any other day, you know, just like the kid who knows that the next day is his birthday. This year should be one of the more interesting years of football in recent memory, mainly because of a few factors that seem to be snowballing in awesomeness for the 2009 season.

First we have Favre-o-mania, again, only this time he is playing for my team. I don’t think he is going to go crazy like a few sportscasters would like him to, but he should add a few wins to the team if he manages to stay healthy. I hear while rehabbing his shoulder, he delivered twins from a woman at the gym, saved the life of his personal trainer with the heimlich maneuver, and still had time to shoot three wrangler jeans commercials. Wow, Derek Jeter eat your heart out!

We also have the Motor City Kitties coming off the worst season in NFL history. They have a new rookie QB starting for them, a few new weapons to play with, but most likely are just going to be another crappy team in a very tough division. They shouldn’t lose all their games again this year, obviously, but it could still be quite tough for them to break 4 wins while playing the AFC North for the non-conference games this year.

Of course, wunderkind Tom Brady is back from his week one destruction last year, and looks to be like he is on track for a normal season. He had a scare during pre-season, but should be close 100% when everything gets going. I don’t think he is going to be breaking any records this year, but the Pats should have ANOTHER contender this year.

Im going to make a few predictions, but don’t think of me as a person who knows anything about forecasting the NFL. Plus, when all it takes is one injury to ruin a season, anything is possible.

AFC East Champs: Patriots
AFC North Champs: Steelers
AFC South Champs: Colts
AFC West Champs: Chargers
AFC Wild Card: Ravens
AFC Wild Card: Dolphins
AFC Super Bowl: Chargers

NFC East Champs: Eagles
NFC North Champs: Vikings
NFC South Champs: Falcons
NFC West Champs: Cardinals
NFC Wild Card: Packers
NFC Wild Card: Cowboys
NFC Super Bowl: Eagles

Super Bowl Champs: Chargers

NFL MVP: Peyton Manning

NFL OFF ROY: Mark Sanchez

Im sure that come January, im going to look like as much of an NFL idiot as I usually do, but its still fun to guess. I think that the rookies should have one of the most productive years of the past few drafts, especially with two starting rookie QBs from week one, and a crop of RBs and WRs that should be pretty involved in this year’s offensive schemes.

I think Sanchez will have the best year for the rookies, only because he has a better offensive line than Stafford and the lions. I think the Jets defense will win them some games, so Sanchez will look better than he actually is – a la Flacco last year. The only wild card in all of this is Percy Harvin, as he seems like the Vikings will give him a lot of looks as a Wildcat/RB/Slot Receiver type guy. He will also be returning some kicks, so he could have a big impact. The odd thing is, there hasn’t been a WR ROY since Boldin in 2003, so its not likely that he can put up numbers to eclipse people like Sanchez who are on a nationwide stage.

As for the NFL MVP, I think Manning should be at the top of everyone’s list, every year. He has a great crop of guys surrounding him, and he is back at 100% this year after playing hurt last year. Again, like Brady, I don’t think he will be setting any records, but he has potential to put up staggering numbers as usual. Plus, with Donald Brown in the backfield to compliment Addai, he may not have to throw as much to be effective.

When it comes to the Super Bowl, I think a lot of people are picking the Chargers, and I am on that bandwagon. I think this is Rivers’ year, and now that Chokey McMerriman is back and rallying the troops, the defense should be back on track, especially with the addition of Larry English. The only piece that the chargers may be missing is a big name receiver who draws the game to himself, but that could develop in Vincent Jackson, building on the framework from last year.

Overall, I am just hoping for the Vikings to not fall on their face as they usually do when the pressure of being a contender looms. I think Adrian Peterson should have a good season again, but I don’t think that its going to be enough to go deep into the playoffs again. Even though Favre should add a few wins, I am not confident he will last, let alone make it into weeks 17 and 18 of the season. Therefore they had better hope that Sage or TJack are ready to step up. That scares me.

To answer the one question that is asked each year, you can bet your ass that I am ready for some football.

Brett Favre Mania: Holy Crap Edition

Brett Favre mania is kicking up a few storms in the hobby, and a situation like the Threads card auction doesn’t surprise me one bit. Mario reported that the first auction is over and the card has sold for over eighty dollars. This is top dollar for a card that has 4,000+ copies, has no auto, no relic, and no serial numbering. In fact, there are some Favre autos you can purchase for around that amount. Im not sure why anyone would like an ugly base card when you can have the signature of the guy himself.

I think this proves that after the recent preseason game, and a summer full of hype and circus, collectors are going ape shit for Favre in enemy colors. I have said that of the three that are being produced for release in the next month, Finest, SPX and this Threads version, the design is by far the worst on Panini’s. The pic is much better than the others, which will play as it did here, but that game shot doesn’t excuse the massive price this got.

I would understand if this was out of the Topps base or chrome set, as Topps collectors have been known to go to extreme lengths to complete their set, a la Michael Vick’s banned chrome card in 2007. This is Threads, however, a set that not many buy for the base – especially this year.

I want to see what the first Favre Viking auto card will go for. That sale will be as crazy as this, I guarantee that.