Today in UD Redemption News…

SPA this year just got slightly more interesting thanks to this nugget I found in Blowout’s case sells sheet.

Per the product info from 2009 SP Authentic Football, there will be redemptions for an ENTIRE rookie patch auto set. Similar, im guessing, to the whole letter set redemptions from baseball, this could be ridiculous.
Now, I dont think this is the first time they have done something like this, as I remember it from past years, but this could be a really good idea to bring back for a strong rookie class. The redemption easily brings $2000-3000 in cash value, as you could easily redeem it and sell the pieces or sell the thing unredeemed.
For me, as a HUGE SPA fan, its nice to see things like this added, though it is just one miniscule part of an already awesome product each year.

SCU Now On Facebook!

For all of you facebookers, I have decided its time to get an official facebook page up for SCU. Ill be using it mostly to post site stuff, so be sure to add SCU as a friend to get updates.

Here is the link to the profile page.

Ill try to get some stuff up on the page in the next few days, right now its looking kind of blank. Hopefully it can be a cool way to connect much like Twitter.

Blowout Cards Is Going Nuts With 9/9/09

Normally I wouldnt pimp anything like this, but after this morning, it looks like 9/9/09 is shaping up to be a pretty crazy day at So far we have had SP Game Used Basketball boxes go for $9.99 (9 of them, of course), as well as 2008 Topps Series 1 Baseball go for $9.99, with more to come. Im hoping for a chance to buy Exquisite at maybe $99.99 as a finale, though im not sure what they have in store.

They have a special page dedicated to the sale, be sure to keep checking Twitter and their Site for the sales as they happen. As of now, the deals go EXTREMELY fast, so you have to be quick. I missed both of the first ones and I was waiting.
Just thought Id pass it along.

Shameless Plug: The SCU Store Is Now Open

Taking a page from Fire Joe Morgan, I have put a few designs in the SCU store. There were minimal options, so I did my best.

Im not expecting to sell much, if any, it was mostly just for me and a few people who have asked for the shirts to wear around the shows and at shops (yes, I couldnt believe it either).

All this stuff will come from cafe press, and a percentage of the money will go to the site.

If you have image designing skills, and want to design a cool shirt, Ill put it in there. I may even be able to send you some stuff for your trouble.