Could Panini Ruin Everything?

Over the last 6-9 months, the blogs have made incredible progress with manufacturers to show that they are worthy of consideration in disseminating news. They have gotten sneak peaks, done box reviews, and even major interviews with the industry’s big wigs. Could Panini’s entrance into things be destructive to this progress?

Since the news first broke here on SCU and on the Sports Card File, all official statements from Panini have gone through the fuck faces over at Beckett. This includes  interviews, statements that disavowed everything said here and on SCF, and all exclusive info. What this fact says to me, is that Beckett has realized what our involvement means, and have jumped on these new people like kids jumping on candy from the pinata. It seems like beckett doesnt want any blog involvement because their arrogant nature forces them to work against that. They know that every exclusive that is broken by Mario, Chris, Dave or Steven could be extremely important in the war of words. Whoever has the exclusive can spin it for everyone. They want it all for themselves. They want to establish a relationship with Panini before everyone else so that the relationship wont echo what they have right now with UD. 
Sadly, with Panini being introduced into the US market, there  couldnt be a better foundation for Beckett to estabish a great realtionship on. They dont know as much about the past, from what I can see, and DLP really didnt want very much to do with the blogs either. Even when UD stopped sending boxes to Beckett, DLP continued with reckless abandon. Every set, Beckett got boxes early. It was the only company that still wanted to work with them after all the shit that was pulled the year before. Now, with Panini, im guessing they see beckett as the only legit news source in cards. That will be a problem for those of us who still want the companies to see them as the child that your mother forces you to play with out of pity. UD gets it, from the people I have spoken to. Topps, im sure is catching the drift. Panini seems like they are ready to give beckett the keys to the castle. 
Hopefully Panini will eventually sort through the bullshit and see the true douchebag demon behind Beckett’s curtain.