More Insanity From 2010 Bowman

I just saw this posted on FCB, and I believe this price on the Dustin Ackley Superfractor auto 1/1 is totally and utterly insane. Even if this guy turns out to be a perennial all star, maybe winning a few MVPs, there is no way this price has anywhere to go but down. Look at what Ryan Braun sold for, and then consider the price on this guy. I mean think of all you could have instead of dropping this kind of coin on a guy who may OR may not pan out. I can understand spending 100 bucks, maybe 200 if you are a huge Mariners fan who wants to get some cards of the highly touted prospect. But that kind of money? Cmon.

Ackley isnt the only one garnering ridiculous prices for his parallels either:
I mean, I get that they are 1/1s, but you could have an auto of just about anyone for those prices. Wow. Prospecting is one thing, this is completely different.

Its One Home Run, Dont Go Nuts Or Anything

I have always said that prospecting is the one way to make money in the hobby, if you are actually good at it. Despite the fact that many people arent very good at it, many still try based on the buy low and sell high. This is not one of those instances.

In his first major league at bat top prospect Jason Heyward hit a three run home run off Carlos Zambrano. Its one at bat of a predicted 500 this year, but it has caused major value ripples across eBay. His cards have gone nuts, with people paying ridiculous amounts of money expecting him to continue on his pace. Obviously they didnt get the prospector’s rulebook memo.

This comes a few weeks after the Braves announced him as their starter for the 2010 season, causing a huge spike in value among collectors looking to get in on the 32nd level. Yes, the ground level has come and gone, but that hasnt stopped people.

Its called small sample size, and I can only wonder what will happen if he hits a few more.

Ha-Ha: Selvin Young Cut

If you remember back to the beginning of last year, I wrote a post about the ridiculous prices that people were paying for a Selvin Young SPA RC auto. I mean, the cards were going for close to 150 bucks.

As of yesterday, the Denver Broncos have decided to move in another direction and waive Young after drafting or signing quite a bit of new talent, most notably Knowshon Moreno.
Young will find another job without a problem, but this is where the Peterson effect makes people look like complete fools. Yes, Terell Davis was a 250th round pick, and yes he had an amazing career in Denver, but Selvin Young is not Terell Davis, idiot. See, people will just throw money at any player, in baseball too, that gets a start. Score a TD, and its time to pay out your wallet’s limit for an SPA auto.
This example is why my new mantra is “dont be that guy,” plain and simple. Otherwise you may end up with a card you paid 150 bucks for that is worth nothing based on a dumb prospecting move that made no sense.