SCU: Tuff Stuff’s New Hobby Watchdog

I may not be able to change the pricing practices of the hobby, or really accomplish anything close to getting rid of the massive conflicts of interest present in many of the hobby publications, but through Tuff Stuff, I can educate a few people on looking out for fake cards, patches, and autos.

Recently, a number of readers have emailed me their own successes in finding fakes, many of which I have reported on, and Tuff Stuff wanted to publish some of that information for its readers.

I have been working with Scott, an editor, to help clue in the clueless on some of the many scams that are out there, and the first of my articles has been posted on the Tuff Stuff site. Im not expecting anything to come out of my participation other than the information being made public, but who knows.

Either way, we will see how far this goes.

NOTE: Right now, the formatting of the pictures – all web issues with Tuff Stuff’s site – have made the article text seem weird. This should be fixed soon.

Here is the missing 4th picture of the Peterson/Johnson fake:

Here is the numbered list that got messed up:

1. The pen used to sign the cards is much thicker than usual
2. The autos look very different than ones signed by the players (check authenticated or graded ones for reference)
3. The seller has many of the same type of card for sale
4. The colors on the card look somewhat different from the other RPAs
5. The price is oddly low for a card of this caliber