SCU Breaks – Multi Team Random Cards

As with every Exquisite box, there are going to be a lot of multi-team cards. I entered each team on the card into, and here are the results for all the cards with more than one slot on them.

Quad LB Auto – Bucs
Exquisite 8 Patch – Vikings
Wallace/Robiskie Book Auto – Steelers
Massaquoi/Butler Book Auto – Seahawks
Marino/Manning Dual Auto – Dolphins

I will have the video for the HD break of the three boxes as well as the vids for these up tonight. I would upload them now, but I cannot get Youtube on my laptop when I am on the work network.

Thanks for joining!

SCU Breaks: Exquisite Randomizer

Here are the results for the Exquisite random team generator done by, video will be posted on here as soon as Youtube finishes processing it. Although this video is in crap definition, the actual break will be filmed in HD and the crap to make sure I get one of them to work.

Trading will be allowed until 7pm EST tomorrow, please do all trading in the comments.

Steve O – Broncos, Bucs, Saints, Panthers
Jon F – Steelers, Pats
James C – Colts, Cowboys
John S – Ravens, Chargers, Eagles, Falcons
Bobby P – Dolphins, Seahawks, Bears, Jets
Daniel V – Bengals, Chiefs
James Co – Texans, Raiders, Rams, Titans
Voluntarheel – Cardinals, Niners
Mario Z – Bills, Lions
Brian N – Browns, Jaguars
Jeff C – Vikings, Giants
Ethan M – Redskins, Packers

SCU Breaks – Team Randomizer 2009 SP Authentic 5 Box Break

Here is the team list and randomizer video for the upcoming 5 box break of 2009 SP Authentic Football. For the random teams you have listed next to your name, you can trade until Wednesday at 2:00pm PST. Please notify me if you have completed a trade, the trading block is below for all discussion and offers. Remember to check back frequently to see if you have something waiting for you, I do not notify unless requested.

Daniel V (PAID) – Cowboys, Raiders

Thaddius D (PAID) – Bills, Rams
Thomas W (PAID) – Bears, Packers
Ryan LF (PAID) – Steelers, Browns, Patriots, Broncos
Eric I (PAID) – Bucs, Bengals, Chargers, Seahawks
Voluntarheel (PAID) – Dolphins, Ravens, Panthers, Colts
Andrew H (PAID) – Saints, Jaguars
Leonard G (PAID) – Vikings, Niners
Bruce H (PAID) – Falcons, Chiefs, Jets, Texans
Chad C (PAID) – Lions, Giants
Brian R (PAID) – Cardinals, Titans
Josh B (PAID) – Redskins, Eagles

Here is the video of the randomizer, sorry for the low quality, my web cam is on its last legs.

Thanks again to Chris and Pat over at Blowout cards for their help, be sure to check out their site for the best prices on the net for wax.

For those who are interested, the break is scheduled for wednesday, pending any weather issues. Thanks to all who are participating.

Team Randomizer For The Ultimate Break

Here are the results of the team randomizer for the break coming up this tuesday, presented by Blowout Cards.

Video is above, I am sorry that it got cut off at the bottom. Thats my webcam for you. I didnt realize it was cut off until I already had posted the results, so it will have to stay. I am not participating in this break and I have no problem answering any questions if you have them. Full teams are all listed below, let me know via email if there is a problem. Trading will be allowed until tuesday at 2 PM PST, so be sure to post your offers in the comments below.
Reminder, each person gets the cards from the teams listed next to their name. You may trade or sell your team as long as you let me know some how.
Johnson Z (PAID) – Giants, Red Sox

Josh B(PAID) – Pirates, Athletics
Antonio S (PAID) – Orioles, Tigers
Hockey Town Cards (PAID) – Braves, Cubs
Arfmax (PAID) – Dodgers, Blue Jays
Aaron R (PAID) – Brewers, Yankees, Phillies, Rangers
Ryan W (PAID) – White Sox, Nationals
Jeremy K(PAID) – Rays, Twins
Joe M (PAID) – Astros, Rockies
Chris M (PAID) – Marlins,Padres
Mario Z (PAID) – Angels, Royals
Darkship (PAID) – Mets, D’backs
John S (PAID) – Cardinals, Reds
Michael R (PAID) – Indians, Mariners