Where Do We Go From Here?

Its been a long time since I have posted directly on the state of affairs around the Card Blogger Network, but I feel at this point it is necessary for the new people who have come on lately (and there have been a lot of them). For those of you who are unfamiliar with the situation, check out Mario’s final post over at Wax Heaven. Mario, though I believe he will be back, was the top blog for card info by far, and that source is closed indefinitely. Love him or hate him, Mario was a driving force around here, and his departure creates a new situation for the rest of us.

First off, for those of you struggling to find a new place to go for all your info, Mario could not have picked a better time to leave. Thanks to social networking, the card companies are much more transparent in news dissemination than ever before. You can check out Upper Deck, Panini America, and Topps all on Twitter as well as facebook for a great run down of the news without fluff. Upper Deck also has a blog and twitter account stemming from that blog, both of which you will see content from me and other bloggers. Earlier this year, there were only a handful of independent sites dedicated to providing actual up to date hobby info, though now, it’s a completely different story.

If you are more looking for news plus commentary, there are a lot of great sites around in addition to this one. As Mario said, the Sports Card Blogroll is a great way to stay on top of every bit of news that comes flowing down the pipe. I have a number of favorites, and though I wont single out any of them due to the shear number of sites I read every day, I would wholeheartedly suggest you develop your own list.

Secondly, I would rush over to Blowoutcards‘ Forum and Freedom Card Board and get signed up right away. These forums are free and filled with an above average amount of informed collectors. I visit these sites regularly because they are unlike some of the other Mojo-loving pantheons that have sprung up over the last few years. I know both of these boards owners very well, and I also know that they are only about providing good service to their members rather than forcing an agenda down your throat.

In addition, there are a ton of the blogs and collectors on Twitter, and I follow most of them to get better connections with what is going on. Most of the bloggers post links from their site, or shortened commentary, and I would think there is no better way to just flood your mind with card news each morning. Here is a link to a list I think does a great job of giving you some suggestions on who to follow.

Thirdly, to all the bloggers out there, its time to step up and show what you got. You may only get 20 hits per day, but that is still 20 people you are reaching. I would check out this post I wrote a while ago about getting your blog on track, and continue to pump out thoughtful commentary and info at every turn. One of the most effective parts of running a successful blog has always been frequent updates, so I would encourage all of you to do as much as you can to keep people on the Card Blogger Network train.

Lastly, if you are a reader of this site or of Mario’s, there is nothing better to replace the downfall of the biggest site around than starting new blogs that have just as much talent in writing and new viewpoints to offer. I have always said that the best part of having new bloggers is having voices in the fray, and I will never hesisate to give you a spot on the blogroll to your right. Also, Chris at Freedom Card Board has created a place for you to start a new blog with little problems if you are unfamiliar with the medium.

I think this is going to be a tough time for the information network we have built, mainly because of how many thousands of people loved reading Mario’s site. Although I think he did a good job with what he did, it was not mainly discussed of the service that the blogs provide. Unlike the douchebags over at Beckett, we bloggers do this all for free and the love of the game, and our business is promoting the things we love and our profit is giving commentary to place we feel needs improvement. We don’t care about ad money, readership or profit margins, and the only green we strive for is a refractor out of Chrome, not cash. The extract that is created from this fruit is pure, unadulterated opinion and content, and you can bet your ass that every word is important. As long as we continue to voice our praises and criticisms, the only thing that can be hurt is culture of mistrust and criminality in this hobby.

Guys, I cannot be the only person rallying the troops, and I need you to match my commitment to helping keep the online community as the number one source for hobby information. Hopefully over the next few months we can rebuild a greater place for collectors to come than ever before.

Thanks again for all of your continued support.

More Douchebaggery From The Mainstream Hobby Media

Most of you probably know all about Sports Collector Digest, its one of those news sources that I cant fathom people reading for info, but many still do.


Rob over at VOTC has posted a link to some pretty damning stuff about SCD and their relationship with Coaches Corner Auctions, who seem to be allowing awful fakes, shill bidded items, and all sorts of big no-no’s to be auctioned off to unsuspecting people.

The link Rob provided is from Frozen Pond, another auction related website, who did a huge write up on these incidents, and from this article, you can imagine that many collectors have much more of a knowledge of most items than the auction houses that sell them. This shows quite a horrible track record for SCD and CCA.

See, for those of you who think the mainstream hobby media has any reason to provide reasonable coverage, you are wrong. They only care about one thing and it isnt which set is the best of the year. Its green, and they need it to function. I will say that even though the post is from a site that specializes in auctions, it still doesnt make it wrong.

Its situations like this that make me continue to support a mainstream hobby media boycott, as it is just ridiculous the conflicts of interest that plague it. At least, with most if not all bloggers, you know we are collectors who care enough to write about the hobby for free.

Thanks Rob for uncovering the Douchebaggery at its finest.