SCU Breaks: 2009 Exquisite and Ultimate Sponsored By Blowout Cards

Guys, I just finished the break and I hope you all will be satisfied with the results. Although we didnt have any HUGE hits, we had A LOT of parallels a great eight patch pull and two great auto pulls. Other than that, standard fare.

Here is the listing of the cards, video will be up with scans later tonight, hopefully. If I have trouble figuring out the camera, I may have to rely on the scans to tell the story until I have time to sit down with the manual.
Jake Delhomme
Felix Jones
Rookie Patch Autos:
Jason Smith Gold Parallel /99 – Two Color Nameplate
Glen Coffee Gold Parallel /99 – Four Color Number
Archie Manning/Dan Marino Dual Auto Redemption
Briggs/Willis/Porter/Brooks Quad Auto 1/15
Rookie Base Autos:
Patrick Chung Gold Parallel /25
Duke Robinson /99
Rare Materials:
Mike Thomas – Quad Tag Patch /10
Exquisite Patch:
Chad Ochocinco – 3 color
Peyton Manning – 1 color
Exquisite Rookie Eight Patch:

Harvin (1 color)/Greene (2 color)/Robiskie (2 color)/Bomar (2 color)/Freeman (3 color)/Brown (2 color)/Maclin (2 color)/ McCoy (3 color)
Rookie Bookmark Dual Patch Auto:
Mike Wallace/Brian Robiskie Gold Parallel /50
Mohammed Massaquoi/Deon Butler /99
Ultimate Rookie Auto:
Brandon Pettigrew Blue Parallel /35
Thats all for now, I guess after the Sanchez in the last break, this one was bound to be downhill from there. Check back later for scans and video.
Thanks to all who joined!
Videos will be posted throughout the night on my Youtube channel which can be viewed by clicking the button on the right. I apologize ahead of time for my camera work, please take your dramamine before viewing. I would post here, but the embed option doesnt work as well on this site. Plus, they take in upwards of 40 mins per vid, and only one is uploaded so far.
Here are scans, randoms will all be posted tomorrow.

Exquisite/Ultimate Break Is Tonight – Trade Until 7pm EST

Just a reminder to those of you who are participating in the break, you have until tonight to execute any trades for the teams you were randomly assigned. If you want to reach someone through email please let me know and I will forward your request on to them.

Are you ready for HD? Hope so, this is going to be awesome, cant wait. Maybe we will actually pull one of the Gellman redemptions? Haha, just kidding.

SCU Breaks: Exquisite Randomizer

Here are the results for the Exquisite random team generator done by, video will be posted on here as soon as Youtube finishes processing it. Although this video is in crap definition, the actual break will be filmed in HD and the crap to make sure I get one of them to work.

Trading will be allowed until 7pm EST tomorrow, please do all trading in the comments.

Steve O – Broncos, Bucs, Saints, Panthers
Jon F – Steelers, Pats
James C – Colts, Cowboys
John S – Ravens, Chargers, Eagles, Falcons
Bobby P – Dolphins, Seahawks, Bears, Jets
Daniel V – Bengals, Chiefs
James Co – Texans, Raiders, Rams, Titans
Voluntarheel – Cardinals, Niners
Mario Z – Bills, Lions
Brian N – Browns, Jaguars
Jeff C – Vikings, Giants
Ethan M – Redskins, Packers

SCU Breaks – Exquisite Boxes and Ultimate Box Have Been Ordered

I placed the order yesterday for the Exquisite boxes with Blowout cards, and added on the Ultimate box to our break. We should have the boxes later this week or Monday of next week depending on UPS, and the randomizer will be posted soon.

Exquisite is popping up more and more on eBay and we should have a good look at a box very soon.
Good luck to everyone involved, Im pulling for you guys to have three great boxes.