SCU Breaks: Question For The Participants

Guys, I got a great deal on the Exquisite boxes from BO and I will have 72 dollars left over. I can either refund the 4.50 per slot, or we can get a box of Ultimate or something similar with the left over money.

Please let me know via comments, I just wanted to see what everyone thinks. Unless there is an overwhelming vote for the boxes, refunds will probably be given.

SCU Breaks Going HD: 2 Box Break of 2009 Exquisite Football

Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention. I’ve just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. I need all of you, to stop what you’re doing and listen. SCU BREAKS IS GOING HD!

Yes, with my little Gellman coming, I decided it was time to get a brand new full HD camcorder to document his lifetime of exploits. Luckily for all of you, it means we can do HD box breaks that are now supported by YouTube. I want to kick off this new Era of box breaking with a 2 box break of the brand new 2009 Exquisite Football that is in distributor’s hands as we speak.
Here are the break specs. 2 boxes of Exquisite Football, 68.50 per random 2 team slot. Should be 6-7 hits per box including the bonus pack. USA participants ONLY. Max 2 slots per person. If we pull a multi team card, it will be randomed off to the teams involved. Paypal sent to gets you a slot. I will not be participating, all cards will be sent.
1. Voluntarheel (PAID)
2. Brian N (PAID)
3. Jeff C (PAID)
4. Mario Z (PAID)
5. James C (PAID)
6. Jon F (PAID)
7. Steve O (PAID)
8. Steve O (PAID)
9. John S (PAID)
10. John S (PAID)
11. James Co (PAID)
12. James Co (PAID)
13. Bobby P (PAID)
14. Bobby P (PAID)
15. Daniel V (PAID)
16. Ethan M (PAID)
Thanks, and good luck.

SCU Breaks: SPA Update

Just wanted to fill you all in on what has been going on. I have contacted Upper Deck and they are going to see what they can do for us. As soon as I have more info, ill let you all know. We should be getting something in replacement of the card. Not sure what it will be.

Secondly, Im going to have the cards out soon. I know its taken a few extra days, but with my wife being almost 8 months pregnant, sometimes things get a little behind. I have the cards sorted and just need to get them into the packages. That should happen today. My apologies for the late send out, and I can assure you that SPA will never be broken again on this site due to the amount of cards. Holy shit.
Thats about it for now.

SCU Breaks: SP Authentic 5 Box Break Presented By Blowout

Well, we may have started off VERY slow with a bunch of junk, but we sure ended with a bang. Gotta love it. I will apologize ahead of time for the lack of quality for the video, hopefully I can get a new camera soon.
Thanks again to Chris and Pat over at Blowout Cards, they made this a quick and easy break. Please check out their awesome site to find the best prices on wax for the entire web. Tell them I sent you for a nice pat on the back.

Anyways, here are scans of a few of the big hits, and as you will notice there are only four auto patches. We did get shorted a hit in one of our boxes, so I will be contacting UD customer service on our behalf. Whatever they send us will go to the person who owns the team. I am kind of pissed that missing hits are still a problem this year, but hopefully we can get it taken care of very quickly. For those of you who have questions, please let me know, again I am very sorry.

Oh, I forgot this one on the last pack of the last freaking box!

Boom. Cards will be going out later this week, be sure to let me know (if you havent already) if I need to send you more than just the rare base, rookies, and other stuff. If you decide to leave the base, they will go to the kids at a local shop I visit, I dont collect them or keep them. Thanks again for participating!
NOTE: This is the second year in a row we have pulled the big rookie out of a box. Last year we pulled Chris Johnson out of Exquisite, Matt Ryan out of Premiere, and a few other amazing cards. Talk about LUCK!

SCU Breaks – Team Randomizer 2009 SP Authentic 5 Box Break

Here is the team list and randomizer video for the upcoming 5 box break of 2009 SP Authentic Football. For the random teams you have listed next to your name, you can trade until Wednesday at 2:00pm PST. Please notify me if you have completed a trade, the trading block is below for all discussion and offers. Remember to check back frequently to see if you have something waiting for you, I do not notify unless requested.

Daniel V (PAID) – Cowboys, Raiders

Thaddius D (PAID) – Bills, Rams
Thomas W (PAID) – Bears, Packers
Ryan LF (PAID) – Steelers, Browns, Patriots, Broncos
Eric I (PAID) – Bucs, Bengals, Chargers, Seahawks
Voluntarheel (PAID) – Dolphins, Ravens, Panthers, Colts
Andrew H (PAID) – Saints, Jaguars
Leonard G (PAID) – Vikings, Niners
Bruce H (PAID) – Falcons, Chiefs, Jets, Texans
Chad C (PAID) – Lions, Giants
Brian R (PAID) – Cardinals, Titans
Josh B (PAID) – Redskins, Eagles

Here is the video of the randomizer, sorry for the low quality, my web cam is on its last legs.

Thanks again to Chris and Pat over at Blowout cards for their help, be sure to check out their site for the best prices on the net for wax.

For those who are interested, the break is scheduled for wednesday, pending any weather issues. Thanks to all who are participating.