Taking Set Collecting To The EXTREME!

Sometimes, when second worlders take a shot at set collecting, they set their sights very high. Every once in a great while, someone takes that to a whole new level. This auction is for every RC Patch Auto out of 2007 Exquisite Football, and I am not only jealous, but really fucking impressed. Not only does he have the complete set, but he has some nice ass patches on most of the cards, including a ridiculous 3-color on the Peterson. Of course, these patches are event used, but for the sake of this showcase, they are really nice. He even got a 3 color on the Russell, which is tough, considering that the home half of the jerseys are 2 colors for the whole jersey, and the away jerseys are only three colors on the front and back numbers.

I can imagine that this set took a long time to complete, and also took a shit ton of money. The sad thing is that he wants 14K for this lot, and I dont think he will come even close. Its just too much money for someone to pay, as most of the RCs in this set will never amount to much. As a set, thats a little different, but that may be a lot too much to ask.

Either way, its cool to see a guy that took the time to complete his set.