Library Of Fakes

So, assfucker Peopleschoice7373 aka shoelessjoejackson’s exploits have been around for a long, long time. Dont believe me? Check out this amazing proof bucket posted by Mrwhitesox30 on FCB. It takes up 5 fucking pages, how great is that?

My favorite part – Remember This?



Yeah, he has done it three fucking times. What…a…scrote.

Wonderful person this guy is, glad he has been around for so long.

This Could Be The Worst Fake In The History Of Fakes

Ebay seller Blackberrycards has pissed me off. I get emails from eBay every day with Peterson stuff, and I didnt read any of them in the last few days. When I looked this morning, this one was right on top of one of the emails. Its so bad that I actually laughed pretty hard.

In fact, I dont think that many people are falling for these, but its the principle of the matter. If you are a big enough douchebag to do this type of thing, you deserve to be castrated to prevent you from reproducing. Its just bad, no other way around it.

Now that I think about it, someone should start a fake card hall of fame. His Topps RPAs that he sells would definitely be a part of the inaugural class with the TRIPLE NFL logo Eli Manning fake patch/fake auto card.

Dammit!! This Is Now A Freaking Epidemic

Ewensel emailed this auction for a Reggie Bush Bowman Chrome Auto that sold for 70 dollars. Notice anything a little off from one like this one?

The first card was not an auto card to begin with, dont let the refractor throw you. Notice the off sig, the missing ghost box where the sticker needs to be put, and im sure the missing cert sticker on the back. Looks like someone either found a way to rub off the auto on another crap sticker and put it on this card with a fake bush sig, or got their hands on a blank sheet of Topps stickers and started signing for dollars. 
See, guys, it was only a matter of time before the sticker system was taken advantage of buy douchebags who love to drink sun dried period blood for sustenance. This guy is one of those douchebags, and must have taken some pointers from the genius who put not one, not two, but THREE NFL logo patches in this Eli Manning card. The sticker there is not real either, Manning’s card was never autoed to start.
EDIT: This is quickly becoming an epidemic. Guys, please watch out for these obviously fake auto stickers that are being applied to non-auto cards.