Another Kind Of Shop

I was up around Sunset boulevard today making a presentation for work, and on my way back I saw an awesome store along the street. Being an avid collector of comic books as well as cards, I always stop when I see a shop I havent been to before. This one could hardly be called a shop as it was the size of a small Best Buy, filled with comics and superhero collectibles. I had no idea what I was getting myself into just walking through the door, but here is a good idea.

When you walk in, there are about 20 glass cases filled with busts and old books. I started there, and before long, a half hour had past without me even noticing. Then I started walking around, picked up a copy of Amazing Spider-man 600 to continue my centennial issue collection, and moved on to the other new issues. I hadnt been in a comic book store in about six months, and I knew about a few issues I needed to get.
My two collections focus on Spider-man and Green Lantern, and I have been following the stories in each through my usual sources. GL is in the midst of a really cool story line, with the first issue of the mini-series pretty prominently displayed around the store. For good reason too, as all of them were signed by Geoff Johns, who has been on the series since I started reading a few years ago. My heart kind of jumped, even more so when I saw there was no price tag on the books. I asked the guy how much they were and he said they were cover price, much to my amazement. Its like getting the auto out of a box without paying for any packs. Amazing.
I bought my stuff and left, shocked at the coolness of the store. If you have a chance, be sure to check it out if you are even the slightest bit interested in Comics. Its called Meltdown Comics and Collectibles and its on Sunset near Beverly Hills. Hard to miss.