New Blog With Great Potential For Offsetting Fakes From 2009 SP Authentic

Jeff from I Am Joe Collector has started up a new blog that definitely deserves my and our consideration. Much like the gents from Hobby Kings who started up an exquisite patch auto blog for 2008-2009 Exquisite cards, Jeff is starting it for 2009 SP Authentic. This will be the definitive database of cards that will protect us from cards like this. Kevin Burge and his cronies have made a living selling fake SPA cards and the like, and this will be our evidence to nail him to the wall. With Wolverine recently getting booted from eBay, here is the chance to make a dent in the number of fakes that go undetected after release.

This Is Awesome – Thank You Harry Douglas

Just read this at re the Rookie Symposium:

“The 250-plus players at the symposium are getting a non-stop dose of information from league and union officials, psychologists, NFL security as well as current and former players. The one piece of advice that seems to have really resonated was offered by Falcons wide receiver Harry Douglas as part of a wide-ranging panel discussion Sunday night.

Douglas told a packed ballroom audience that some of the biggest transitions from college to the pros is keeping hangers-on at a distance and being mindful of money. As an example, he tugged at the gaudy earrings in each lobe and told players that even though it looked like he was sporting major blingage he actually bought the faux jewelry at “Claire’s in the mall.”

He later confirmed that the earrings are fake diamonds, but because he plays in the NFL people think they’re authentic.”

Some players just have their head on straight. Obviously, Chad Ochostinko needs to take heed and stop being such a jackass.

Although this quote could be taken out of context, it says a lot. There are a lot of players in the NFL who come from very underprivileged backgrounds, and they are very succeptable to “the life.” However, some people realize that success in the NFL is fleeting, and they are the ones that dont have problems keeping money in perspective. Harry Douglas may or may not be one of those people, but the idea stands.