I Know, I Know, This Is The Last One, I Promise

Thanks to Aaron for sending this one in, I couldnt help but bust out laughing when I saw it.

Can someone tell me what “ROPLOF OKAYFS” means? Maybe its “ROPOK LAYOFFS” or something like that. Its definitely not “ROOK PLAYOFFS” because that might be the dumbest die cut swatch window ever created. Maybe this is a code phrase to aid in unlocking a triple threads card that actually looks good.
Okay, im done with this set. Back to your regularly scheduled rants.
SHAMELESS PLUG: If you are in Willmar, MN and looking for something to do, go check out Aaron’s store. Its called the Fan Zone, and its in the Kandi Mall. Ive been there a few times, he and the guys are awesome.

Triple Threads Continues To Fail

Take a look, take a good hard look and see if you can spot the mistake.

I saw this mentioned over on FCB, and I couldnt help but laugh. Seriously, how pissed would you be if you pulled a card like this and then saw that the front borders were meant for another player? I would fucking flip a shit. Aside from being fucking ugly, this card is VERY valuable due to what it contains. The problem for this guy is that Jonathan Stewart will haunt him for the rest of his life.

It does make me wonder though, does the Stewart one have a Stafford front?