One Last Twitter Plug

Its been fun on Twitter the last couple of weeks, I really encourage you to join up. I really had a bunch of horrible things in my mind once the Twitter boom happened, mostly stemming from my annoyance with CNN and others using it as a news source. Either way, many of the people in the CBN have joined up, and its starting to be a second place to check for card news.

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Twitter Bloggers

Man, Twitter has picked up some steam on the blogs. If you have a twitter page and a blog, list it here so people can follow us in as many ways as possible, right?

Here is mine:
Here is Mario’s:
Here is VOTC’s:
Here is Paul’s Random Stuff:
Here is Dinged Corners:
Here is Matt Lange’s:
Here is Sports Locker’s:

Also, Im putting a bet that it takes Chris Olds 5 seconds to read this, facebite the story, and create a Beckett twitter for their blog. Thats about standard time for his blog story thefts, im thinking.

If you want to be added to the above list, or if I missed you, let me know.