The National Card Show Is Going To Be A Lot Douchier Thanks to Ufjumper7

I just got an interesting email in my box from Zach, a guy who unfortunately purchased the extremely fake Pujols Topps patch (confirmed fake by Topps) from Ufjumper a week or two ago. After getting emails from a number of eBay users talking about the fakes that this douche sells on a normal basis, he started doing some research and found the original card that was faked – #4/20. He also found this site and wanted me to let you all know about his experience.

He confronted the guy and asked for a refund. Despite the fact that Ufjumper buys and cuts up the jerseys he gets through the one account he has, he claimed to have bought it at a show. Right, of course he did.
Thats not the interesting part, though. Despite the fact that he offered a refund on the sale, he mentioned that he was going to be going to the national with the intentions of flipping the card. This is after he was presented with the proof it was fake. Love the gall of this ass hat.
So, if you are at the National and see this guy, be sure to let everyone know to stay away from his plethora of fakes. Hopefully he can set up right next to Kevin Burge and the two can have a fake fest for everyone to partake in. How funny would that be?

Im Running Out of Descriptive Words For Ufjumper7

Ufjumper7 takes the word douchebag and makes it a culture. Im pretty sure he has it tattooed on his lower back. Sadly, he has expanded his criminal empire further into baseball with this Albert Pujols hilarity, but at least its so obvious that only the most uniformed portion of the uninformed would even consider bidding. Either way, he has posted so many ridiculous fakes lately, that I can barely keep up:

Reggie Jackson Topps Sterling Tag Patch – How can anyone in their right mind think this is real. Im actually wondering.

Randy Johnson Ultimate Logo Patch – ANOTHER AMAZING PATCH FROM ULTIMATE! He is officially the luckiest guy ever.

And the usual football greatness as well:

LeSean McCoy Certified Freshman Fabrics – These cards only have jerseys in them, but he has put in patches without doing his research. Again, that wont stop people from bidding.

Chris Johnson Exquisite Logo – Its actually funny how commonly faked these cards are. This is even worse because its that much more obvious.

Ray Rice National Treasures Logo – Im starting to wonder if he is going out and buying these patches in bulk, because this one isnt even close.

LeSean McCoy SP Authentic Auto Patch – I don’t need to say anything more than “ugh.”

Brett Favre National Treasures Patch Auto – Such a terrible card to waste when faking. Its become practically offensive.

Percy Harvin SPA Auto Patch – WOW! His third logo from the crop of Harvin redemptions he bought. Imagine that! I cant believe he actually got ALL three color patches and logos! Funny how that is!

I actually want to create a special exhibit for him in the patch faker hall of fame. His bust is already displayed next to Kevin Burge, but he needs his own wing. Thank you to all the readers that send these to me, it really makes my day.

EDIT: Here is a listing of all the cards Ufjumper has bid on or bought. Funny how most all of them are single color and or undesirable. Maybe he should cover his tracks better. I love the Chris Johnson jersey he bought.

Crowning Ufjumper7 With the Kevin Burge Award for Acheivements in Douchebaggery

Ufjumper7 is the type of guy who has a poster of Kevin Burge above his patch faking workbench for inspiration. Its like he wants to see how dumb people truly are, and that is despite the hundreds of emails that he probably gets each time he posts an auction. Because his stuff sells, and because there is always a sucker out there who doesn’t check the name or the past auctions before bidding or buying.

I have made it a point to rail on this guy because its so obvious what he is trying to do. I mean, look at the auctions now, as he has taken to covering up all serial numbers with price stickers to avoid people checking on the cards. That’s how bad it has gotten.

He seemingly had a 4th of July blowout sale with some hilarious cards, and I think it needs to be seen by all. Not just for the patches, but for the laughs.

Chris Johnson Bowman Sterling Patch Auto– I love this one because the patch window is so small that he didn’t even have enough room to put in a logo patch. Titans logos are some of the most faked ones around, and this one is just “real” enough for the idiots to bite on it.

Chin Ming Wang Yankee Stadium Logo Patch– He must have pulled this card as a one or two color like all Yankees cards and has tried to make it real enough for someone to pay the price of the box. Still hilariously funny when you see that he actually bought the patch with the same account earlier this year.

Ken Griffey Jr. Mariners Patch – Same situation as above, though just as obvious. Again, purchased patch from a different auction and didn’t really do much to cover his tracks.

Beanie Wells Cardinal Logo Patch– Not even the right shade of red, but it didn’t matter to the person who dropped 2 bills on this fraud. Nice.

Kobe Bryant Exquisite Letter Patch Auto – I cant believe the Kobe fans out there fell for this one. It sold for a ton, and its blatantly obvious that it isnt real. Too bad for the guy who spent close to a grand on it.

Michael Jordan Reprint Rookie– This one is labeled as “real” and that’s why I love it. No one fell for it and it sold for .99 cents despite his deceptive title. You would think some idiot out there would still buy it for 20 bucks or something and put it into a 4 inch screwdown.

Percy Harvin Viking Head Logo SPA Gold– Ive showcased this card recently, just note what it sold for. I want everyone to see that. Holy shit.

I think I may just check in on his account weekly just to brighten my Monday mornings. This is too much fun and too easy to stop the barrage now. I know he has gotten at least 50 emails just from readers of this site who have started sending him questions on all his auctions. Keep up the good work people.

Ufjumper7 Has Continued His Assault On SPA Redemptions

I have been talking about Ufjumper7 for a long time now. The guy has single-handedly destroyed a portion of 2009 SPA like no other seller has done in a long time. Because of Upper Deck’s troubles, as well as rumors of athletes not signing for redemptions, he was able to pick up tons of Kenny Britt, Percy Harvin and Beanie Wells for chump change, all with the intentions of exploiting people. The funny part is how stupid some people are for believing his stuff is real.

Here are his recent auctions to avoid:

Percy Harvin Viking Head Logo /25 – Not only did he destroy a Harvin card with a ridiculous fake logo, but he ruined a gold version that usually sells for around 200. This is his second logo that he has sold, and no one seems to notice. What a douche.

Percy Harvin 3 Color – Harvin didnt get a lot of three colors in SPA, but Ufjumper has gotten them time after time, right? Sure, if you like patches off the replithentic jerseys he bought for 3 bucks.

Percy Harvin 3 Color – See above, these are terrible.

Kenny Britt 3 Color – Kenny Britt also has a 3 color shortage, and when they are three colors, I dont think this is the jersey he wore at the premiere even. Not that this ass hat would even care, but just saying. Stay away.

Here are two others from before, there will defintely be more, he bought a ton of these.
Percy Harvin Vikings Chest Logo – Not even a question this isnt real. I still cannot believe people dont see who this guy really is. Im wondering how long it will be before he changes his name.
Percy Harvin 3 Color – Funny how many of these 3 colors he was “lucky” enough to get. These hit so early after release that no one knew to question him. Again with replithentic patches.
Ufjumper7 needs to be on everyone’s list, even you hockey collectors. Most of the time, his fakes are easy to recognize, but every once in a while, he pulls one over on a few unsuspecting people. Ill keep you posted if he pulls any other shit.

Stay AWAY From Anything Ufjumper7

Ufjumper7 is already up to no good with the recent shipment of the Percy Harvin SPAs, and its pretty disheartening that people arent recognizing his crap. This is the umpteenth time I have mentioned him on this site, and I am already tired of him. This guy will most likely be listing a bunch of Harvins, as he actually came up with a pretty good plan. He bought a bunch of redemptions when they were cheap due to rumors, and now has the jump on everyone because no one would suspect they were fake. I mean, they just started showing up on eBay, so how could a known faker be selling fakes, right?

I guarantee that his account should immediately be flagged by everyone, even if this card is real by some miracle. Expect more fakes coming soon as well, as his other redemptions should be showing up very shortly.

Need more proof? Check this one out. I bet this patch pulls right off the top of the swatch.

Ufjumper7 is the newest idiot out there, so add him to the list and watch for his name before you bid on anything.