Celebrating Five Years of Sports Cards Uncensored!

Five Years is a long time. A really long time. I cant even wrap my mind around it.

As of March 2013, SCU is five years old, and for the majority of that time, it has been a wonderful outlet for me to voice opinions, commentary, box breaks, and god knows what else, for others to read and enjoy. Okay, enjoy maybe isnt the best word – digest? I have poured my feelings, emotions, desires, successes and failures onto these pages, and even I am surprised how far I have come. Over 1,000,000 hits later, I am still here.

I started SCU as a response to a situation in the hobby that I felt deserved some major attention. For the longest time, much of the news reporting surrounding cards was gumdrops and rainbows, as I felt that no one took it upon themselves to really psyche themselves up and dislike something. I wanted to put an end to that, not just to be a hotbed of that missing negativity, but provide one person’s opinion that is by nature different than anything else that was out there. I didnt have advertisers, I didnt have mag space to sell, I just wanted to write.

To be honest, I never expected it to last this long. How could I? I had never had any experience doing this sort of thing, but as an english major in college, I loved to write. By nature, as many of my friends can attest to, I am an opinionated person who will never shut up when I love or hate something. I am also EXTREMELY snobbish and picky, much to the detriment of my personality. People have often questioned how I can be so opinionated and not be a critic by trade, so this site may have just been that venue.

When I think that this blog is older than my marriage and my son, its incredible how much a part of my life this hobby has become. I have received mountains of vitriol regarding my writing over the years, with a common thread being “if you hate everything so much, why are you still here?” That is not the way I look at it. I dont hate everything, I just know what I like, and I actually care more about this hobby than I do about any non-personal thing in my life. One does not dedicate the tens of thousands of words and man hours to write like I do, if they hate something. Im not that kind of person. I want this hobby to be great so much, that I will voice my commentary as a method of improvement.

Funny enough, we have made a lot of improvements. Whether its educating the masses on fake autos and patches, or getting the companies to change the way they design cards, the hobby’s voice has inspired a lot over the last five years. When I started on board, there werent many people dedicating time to writing or voicing their opinions on how they feel. Since that time, hundreds of sites have come and gone, and each one of them (no matter how small), have used their voice to disseminate the type of commentary that is always a GOOD thing.

This is where I have taken my stand. Even if we dont agree – which is often, I have never used my site as a way to snuff out any unprofessional voice that has entered the fray. Its not right, and I feel as though it isnt the way this should be. I want MORE people to voice their opinions, and I want more people to get involved. We ALWAYS need more people saying what they feel – positive or negative.

Its crazy how much I have changed along the course of this journey, even as I have changed locations, started a family, and most importantly established a foothold on a place of prominence for the voice that we all represent. That voice is part of my legacy, but it is not something I created or even brought to the forefront the way that it is now. That’s all of you. The readers and the people who love and hate this site. You may not identify with my way of doing things, but you are here and you are participating. As part of the Fifth Anniversary Celebration, its time to reward you.

Here is the way this MEGA CONTEST is going to work:

In the comments – please put down your contribution to the hobby voice. It can be an opinion, a card, a box break, it doesnt matter. Some sort of contribution that you have participated in. Winners will be randomly selected from those participating to win the prizes below. Because of my limitations of where I can ship to, I can only offer this contest to the USA residents. My apologies.

I would like to thank Mark Sapir at Topps and Chris Carlin at Upper Deck for supplying these prizes, as well as for their support over the last few years. The willingness to answer questions and deliver information to the people like me have been a huge help to everyone. They both understand the importance of the service you provide to their company’s direction, and have donated these prizes for your reward. A huge thank you is in line, and I think you will be VERY excited to see what they are both offering!

Here is what has been generously donated from Upper Deck:

– A sealed box of 2012 Upper Deck SP Authentic Football
– A limited edition Upper Deck auto card of Doug Martin from the 2013 industry summit

Here is what has been generously donated from Topps:

– A full sized 2007 Rookie Premiere Helmet, signed by Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, Patrick Willis and Joe Thomas among others
– A football signed by the class of the 2012 Rookie Premiere (RGIII, Luck, Wilson, etc)
– A football signed by the 2003 rookie premiere class
– A Limited Edition Topps auto card of Andy Dalton from the 2013 Industry Summit

FOLLOW @SCUncensored on twitter for running contests through this week – Today’s contest is a Michael Floyd Patch Auto from Panini Black, courtesy of Busting Packs.com!

I have to put in a disclaimer:

No purchase is necessary. The prizes offered in this contest are to be provided as is, and will be delivered as such. This contest is open to all USA residents and all communication will be done according to the email address provided in the comment form. This contest will end on Friday 4/19 at midnight, and winners will be drawn randomly. Sports Cards Uncensored reserves sole and final judgment as to all matters concerning contests and interpretation of contest rules. If a winner cannot be reached after a reasonable amount of effort has been made to notify the winner of the prize, the winner forfeits his/her rights to the winning prize. All taxes on any prize won are the sole responsibility of each winner, including, without limitation, any federal, state, or local taxes, which may be deemed applicable in such winner’s jurisdiction of residence. Winner(s) shall be solely responsible for the reporting and payment of all taxes incurred by acceptance and use of the prize(s) (or any portion thereof), if applicable. Anyone using fraudulent means to participate and/or win the contest will be disqualified.

110 thoughts on “Celebrating Five Years of Sports Cards Uncensored!

  1. I have contributed to the hobby voice by submitting product reviews, filming box breaks, pointing out customer service issues on social networking and by helping other hobbyists make wise purchasing decisions. Like you, my opinions are strong, and I voice them whenever and wherever I can. Congratulations on 5 years, and thank you for this amazing contest!

  2. All I have to say is, WOW. What a contest, this is incredible that Topps and UD supplied you with these incredible prizes. And a HUGE congrats to you on everything you’ve accomplished.

    Here is my contribution. It’s a thread of a box break that I posted in which my brother and I had our biggest hit ever, a Jumbo Jeter 1/1 patch. This hobby has brought my brother and I much closer and we love to bond over discussions of anything and everything about it.


  3. I have collected cards for over 25 years. Over the past year, I have become quite active on twitter communicating my thoughts on product designs good and bad. Amazingly enough, companies like Topps have responded to these responses both good & bad. It feels good to know that a large company like that appreciates a single collectors feedback. Baseball cards is a passion for me, it has been since I was 6 or 7 years old. Thanks for the contest & good luck to everyone. (@_CrazyPaul)

  4. I have been in the hobby for 3 years. I am a Cam Newton collector and unbelievably pulled a Cam newton reebok tag auto and reebok laundry tag auto both from the same box of 20111 National treasures, both 6/10. I think people got tired of me posting the pictures on the community board.
    I was just trying to spread my joy of box breaks 🙂

  5. I have begun to participate in box breaks offered by various blogs, which is filling in holes in my collection for the years that I didn’t collect, and also allowing me to get into high-end cards without having to buy full expensive boxes. I have begun working on a complete set of 1987 Topps baseball autographs, both TTM and trades, and have spent countless hours trying to find addresses and working on trades. I also go out for in-person autographs all the time, and post successes on boards…A fun hobby!

  6. I used to have a blog called Wax Wombat until college got crazy and became more important than cards. While it’s now gone, I like to think that at the time my contribution to the hobby was sharing sketch artists, interviews, various off-the-wall commentary, and random box breaks of new and old product. I like to think I added a little humor to the overall atmosphere and it’s something I’d like to get back into, although under a different name (the domain was bought out from under me). Currently, I post on a few forums… Houdini’s House of Cards and Clouts’n’Chara, whilst entering into group breaks with regularity.

    Five years man! I remember when you started. While I don’t comment much, I still read! Congrats!

  7. My “small” contribution to the hobby is getting kids back. Talk to them about collecting baseball cards, football cards, or whatever they like. Just have fun doing it!

  8. My favorite story is very recent. I won a Topps Twitter contest for a Russell Wilson autograph. When it came in it corresponded with me getting involved on the BlowoutCards forums in helping out another member. He has a son who was diagnosed with SMA Type 1, which is incurable and fatal.
    The Wilson card arrives and a generous person buys it. I donated the lion’s share of the money.
    Then others saw what I had done. The donated cash directly. Others sent me items to sell and donate the funds. To date I have donated $1100 and have another 300 to donate from other sales.
    I know it’s not much but it helps.
    Congrats on 5 years. And you may have guessed but anything I might win here will be donated as well.

  9. As a kid I was always happy when my father took me to a five and dime store and I would pick up a pack, and keep the favorite card to use as a good luck token when I played baseball. When I joined the Marines in the 90’s , I wasn’t able to keep my hobby going. Since then I have noticed that Topps, Panini, UD have upped the stakes in card hobby voices. High end too the base card of retail, kids still collect and the kid in me still rejoices to find that favorite card again. Products are a lot nicer and the Chrome products are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the contest and grats on the 5 yr anniversary!

  10. First off, thank you for everything your site has provided over the past two years I’ve been following it. I am a passionate collector, but I am far from an expert, and your site has really helped me be a smarter and more discerning collector. While I may not always agree with your opinions, I always learn something from your articles.

    In my opinion, my contribution to the hobby voice has been as a collector who does it for the love of the hobby and the sports I collect. I go after sets that I enjoy and have meaning to me, not just to get monster hits and generate a profit. I try to remind as many people as I can that there is way more to the hobby than jersey patches and autographs. Sets with great looking base cards and unique inserts and parallels are just as awesome. Maybe its sappy of me, but that’s the hobby I grew up with and that’s what I try to carry forward.

  11. First off – very nice looking new store in TX! WIsh there were stores like that here in CA. And thanks for this awesome contest!

    I’d have to say that my biggest contribution is chasing my first Player PC – Jacquizz Rodgers. Aside from the 1/1s, I’ve amassed over 97% of all his cards, and am missing only 10 cards total (a few that are common). It has been a CRAZY adventure, and has given me insight into each companies product 🙂

  12. I have been using social media and most recently been posting on a blog http://headfirstslide.mlblogs.com/2013/04/05/they-did-what-with-vottos-jersey/ for my contribution to the hobby voice. I am very pleased at the role that the card companies have taken in social media. I also am a avid member of the Blowoutcards forum, speaking my mind about different card sets and being sure to show off all sorts of big hits that I and others have been able to pull here in Cincy!

    Thanks to all those involved with this giveaway!

  13. I have contributed by following on Twitter, reading the blog, and passing the information on. I collected when I was younger and now that I have a young son, I’m gathering information to pass on to him.

  14. Awesome 5 years and more to come, glad to have come across your twitter and your opinions and experience in the collecting world. And I hope there is a way to get the # of redemptions down in all products.

  15. My contribution to the hobby is kind of unique but its success is still pending. About a year ago after buying retail packs of cards here and there, I jumped back into the hobby after 20 years. In that time I discovered trading, card breaks and that hobby packs of cards shed out more autographs.

    Well with the beauty of twitter and Facebook, I realized how us collectors were a small group but more like a family. Through my searches of card breaks I discovered a gentleman by the name of Dale who is the founder and developer of WinMyCards.com.

    Overtime I got to know Dale but learned that he was giving away cards from his personal collectors through daily sport challenges. His mission was to help young collection or financially strapped collectors own his cards. With the growth of his site and followers, he began buying cards on EBay or offered single box breaks where he was rewarding winners of his challenges with a spot in his break. Well in talking with Dale I learned that he was funding his vision with his personal funds or through his 401k plan. However Dale was unemployed and looking for work. Regardless, he was determined to help the kids out.

    So having a good job I would send Dale $25 here or $50 there while Dale actively tried to find a sponsor to help pay for his daily challenges and rewards. With the price per pack of cards slowly climbing, Dale was passionate that he wanted the young collector to stay in the hobby for the same joys he received over the years.

  16. I have contributed to the voice of hobby by taking part in as many case breaks as possible, responding to a request for Bloggers by Topps, continuing to collect and obtaining media credentials to teh National Sports Collectors Convention the last two years.

    Thanks for all you do

  17. Thanks for this contest – I have been a reader for many years, and say that this is a daily stop for me each morning.

    I have posted a few comments here over the years, and I have also been to the National card show in Baltimore to talk with the different guys from Panini and Topps and Upper Deck.

    Thanks again!

  18. Thanks for the contest and really look forward to your upcoming post and review on Topps Five Star–my fav……

    I have contributed to the hobby by following your blog and introducing the new hobby to kids and people my age……it has changed the last 10 years and Ive been back in the game for about 2 years now…..I have started to take more value in the look of cards rather than value for my Saints collection…

    keep it the good work

  19. I’ve done a few Youtube breaks, and I’ve tried to be as fair and honest in all my trades. I also proudly show off my memorabilia to any who visit my house.

  20. The contribution that I have added to collecting is getting friends into collecting again. We will sit and talk shop about the different card designs and trade cards that we are looking for/need. We talk about people who should have cards, and don’t along with what new products are coming out.

  21. Congrats on the 5 year anniversary! Also, thanks to UD and Topps for offering up some cool prizes to give out!

    I’ve been in this market since the early 90’s. Over that time, I contributed articles to hobby publications, set up at shows, passed out free cards at shows and dropped them off at hobby shops for kids, posted box breaks on YouTube and managed to get into the Tube Traders sets thanks to numerous vids to qualify… posted updates on various message boards, guidance to collectors new and seasoned, offered up opinions here as well… continue to participate in a card exchange with a message board group that just sends out favorite team cards to the collectors of that specific team… supporting the advancement of the hobby by buying only quality, on-card, Hall of Famer autos… 🙂

  22. I’ve been collecting/keeping up with the hobby for as long as I can remember (I’ll be 27 this August). After spending a fortune on box breaks with the paychecks from my first desk-job, I took a break but am back now, specifically in regards to buying the cards from my childhood that eluded me (89 UD Griffey rookie, 97 Bowman Chrome of Kerry Wood). I’m even blogging about it at a new blog, Marinatto’s Big East, and could not be having more fun doing it.

    I’ve also posted a few comments here and have been an active reader over the last 3+ years. Thanks for everything you do!

  23. I’d like to think that I contribute to the hobby voice through my (mostly) hockey card blog Drop The Gloves! I’ve voiced my opinions on products and trends, written about cards new and old, and have made known my wishes for future releases.

    Currently, I think the hobby is in a weird spot. I don’t see it geared towards kids or the casual collector anymore. It is ‘hit’ driven and I think your blog illustrates that perfectly, for better or worse. I miss the days of multiple companies, simple designs, and lower costs. Sure, autographs and jerseys (although I have zero interest in pieces of fabric) are nice and provide a good incentive to buy, but I don’t know.

    Give me a pack of cardboard and gum/puzzle piece/sticker/hologram for $1.99 and I’ll be happy. Give me off-centered, rough-cut, gimmick free cards.

  24. I am a born again collector. Collecting was a huge passion of mine when I was younger and have recently(2 years) got back into the hobby. I love the box breaking scene but there is nothing better then buying some cards, whether it be a Case/Box/Blaster/Pack and ripping it open yourself. Nothing beats that feeling.

    Thanks so much for the Contest and for the Generous Donations.

    Twitter handle @C_Eubank1 ** Good Luck to all!

  25. First of all congrats on your 5 year anniversary! Although I don’t always agree with your opinions on here or on Twitter, I do enjoy reading them. I agree with you that there is a lot of sugar coating of critisizm in this hobby and not enough real and honest opinions. I believe all card company’s need to hear the good AND bad so they can make improvments in their products and I believe some company’s have heard yours loud and clear and they listened. I have contributed by talking back and forth with you on Twitter about our felings about new and old products. I am a avid card collector and my daughters and I open 5 to 6 boxes every week together and we love it! I’m so happy I can share and enjoy this great hobby with my daughters and I’m glad they are 2 of the few girls out there that actually love sports cards. I’m sure you will share it with your kids too if you don’t already. Congrats again and I look foward to talking to you on Twitter about new products. By the way my Twitter Handle is Fadeawaybarber if you didn’t already know. Thanks for the great contest too!

  26. No need to enter me into the contest. I don’t collect football.

    I just wanted to say congrats on five years. Although I don’t collect what you collect and rarely follow what you follow in the hobby, I’ll always remember that you were one of the first card bloggers I knew and were one of the ones who got me doing what I do now.

    Glad you’re still going.

  27. I contributed through having a blog for a bit (which is still up! http://houseofcardboard.blogspot.com) as well as talking with others on twitter (Follow me @rcsanford) and buying products I like and ones I don’t like. I’ve been collecting since the early 90’s based on a love of Braves baseball and it’s exciting and also scary to see where The Hobby has come since then. I also really enjoy talking to friends who used to collect and telling and showing them what has happened to The Hobby since they got/grew out of it, usually in the mid to late 90’s.

    Thanks so much Gellman for doing what you do and happy 5 years!

  28. Congrats on 5 years and thanks for the contest! I enjoy collecting with my oldest son. We especially like to send for ttm autos. Hopefully, my other kids will get into the hobby as well.

    Thanks again!

  29. I’d like to think i have contributed to this hobby in quite a few ways. over the years i have spent thousands on cards and boxes from my local hobby shop only. The owner and I have come to know each other pretty well. He has been in business for over 20 years. About a year back his business was starting to hurt financially, and i had started to turn my focus to autographed baseballs, so i decided to donate all of my “hits” from over the years (never sold on ebay) back to him to sell for the shop. To me this was a HOBBY, and for many years he made the hobby so much fun for me and others. I never once opened a box to make money so therefore i had no problem helping him out just like he has helped all of us out. i still go there to this day and bust boxes just to help keep the store alive. I come from a family of small businesses so i know how it is. Finally, thank you SCU for being my favorite read for the past 5 years. I always tell other collectors to come read the site.

  30. My contribution to the hobby has been as an avid buyer of all 3 major card companies products when they put out a product that is worth buying. This is usually about 50% of the time .. and I am also not afraid to call, email or tweet the various companies and report on issues that bother me whether it be redemptions, fake patches or authenticity issues with autograph’s, et. We are all in this together .. and this is a must stop each day! Thank you for opening so many eyes and ears with your site!

  31. Congrats on the Anniversary, I’ve been a big fan since I came across your site 3 years ago. To be honest I get most of my news and card previews from your facebook/twitter feeds.

    I’ve been collecting since 86′ when I was 7 years old. I’ve recently had the privilege of passing on my hobby love to my 2 nephews (7 & 9 years old). While I collect Rodgers and higher-end stuff it has been amazingly fun to see the looks on their faces when they get ANY cards… a simple base card with ‘gold’ trim and they think it’s priceless.

    I’ve been active in several forums and truthfully I enjoy the chat sections just as much (if not more) than the buying/selling threads. As a graphic designer, I’m a tad harsh on the critiques of products but I also try to create custom variations of said products on my own so that I’m not only complaining & pointing out flaws, but trying to provide potential solutions. I’ve tried applying at Panini, but at the time they were not accepting out of state entries.

    All in all this hobby is no doubt one of my 3 loves in life, just slightly behind my wife and daughter 🙂

  32. I’m not an “american resident” and, unfortunately for me, unable to participate to this contest (and I really regret this fact) but as collector, I created a website first for my collection before “for the hobby”. I try to offer some articles and news about football outside the States (Canada, Europe, Asia,…).
    I’ve a great respect for SCU for the critics about the hobby. Happy birthday, … and long life!

  33. I’m am 18 and in a wheelchair because I have brittle bone disease. This hobby has made my love for sports grow more than I have expected. Even though I am not able to play sports I can be as good as a collector as the next. As for contributions, I host a contest twitter account where we give cards away to followers. Also, I have contributed to some charities who give cards to under privileged kids. I truly believe I am making a difference in the card world because of my love for the hobby. I’m sure my 500+ followers could vouch for me. @tvasher12 Having a disability doesn’t allow me to play sports but it does allow me to enjoy this hobby that I love. Many other people like me with a disability have told me, “thank you for inspiring me to get involved.”

  34. So I used to collect when I was a kid growing up. Mainly during the junk wax era of the early 90’s. That lasted a couple years and of course I moved on to other hobbies such as comics, video games, poker, etc. About two years ago, I ventured back into the hobby as my local LCS I used to go to when I was kid is still around.

    I’ve followed your blog for the last couple years since I started collecting again and have found I tend to agree with the majority of your opinions regarding card design, new releases, etc. So thank you for that and thank you for allowing us readers to participate in this contest.

    I make the typical contributions on various forums, card sites, etc. such as video box breaks, trades, sales, hobby talk. But mainly I enjoy the trading aspect. The majority of collectors I know are a great group. They all have PC’s and it’s always fun to haggle when both sides can get a PC item and be happy with the deal. It’s also fun just to hang out in chat rooms and video blogs because I don’t always have money to do breaks weekly like some guys who come on regularly.

    I probably had the most gratifying and thankful experience on another site where a particular host ran a secret santa group. Everyone contributed a portion either money or a toy towards donating to children for Christmas gifts. Everyone in the group also submitted a list of PC players/teams they collected. Then we randomly paired up and shopped for PC items for their secret santa along with some sealed wax. It was fun to be able to give back to the community and also others in the hobby at the same time.

    Congrats on your anniversary and keep up the good work. We as readers enjoy your posts. Thanks,


  35. WOW, what an awesome contest, Adam! I may not always agree with your opinions, but I respect them. You have a voice for our community that not many others chose to use, so I applaud you for that.

    My contribution would be the constant talk of needing to put a thin clear plastic over top of the patches to help deter patchfakers from doing their harm to the cards. I believe you even used my example for one of your posts on here of the Ovechkin UD Ice card where he signed it on that thin clear plastic that was on top of the jersey swatch.

  36. Coming to an agreement and understanding with Adam Gellman that we both sincerely care about the hobby.

  37. Like many I collected cards as a kid in the 80’s and early 90’s. Eventually, girls, college and life in general pulled me away from cards except for the occasional retail pack from a big box store. I was transported back into collecting when my parents gave me the ultimatum, get these cards out of here or we’ll toss them. So, on my honeymoon my wife allowed me to carve out some (ok, a lot) space in the car to drag them 1200 miles to our new home in Michigan.

    I was bitten by the bug and much to my surprise collecting had changed A TON. Game Used, Autographs, insane prices etc. But, with Ebay, message boards and other on-line communities made moving items and adding to your collection 100x easier then the occasional card show or visiting one of the few remaining card shops.

    Looking back over the last 8 years of serious “adulthood” collecting a few people, shops and on-line communities have made my new collecting journey such an enjoyment. Thanks to J&J’s Sportscards in Lathrup Village, MI, COMC, and Blowoutcards.

    Thanks for the great giveaways!

  38. Best pull I’ve had was an MJ North Carolina floor piece auto 2yrs ago out of SP Authentic. #rd 4/5 and pulled it from a box i purchased for my birthday. Immediately went to my local card shop to get some protection for it.

  39. I have been an avid sports card collector since the age of 7. Now 25 years later, I would like to tell you about a special little 12 year old boy named Tyler who I feel has contributed to this hobby like no one I have ever seen before. Tyler is my son, and from the moment he realized what sports cards were, he has been hooked. I have greatly enjoyed collecting cards with my son. The thrill you get when opening a pack and fining an amazing hit, or even one of your favorite players. The twinkle in Tyler’s and the excitement in his voice is like no other. Several years ago I lost my job and had to sell part of my Son and my collection of sports cards and memorabilia. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through, and it was extremely hard for me to explain to Tyler the reasoning behind what I had to do. All Tyler wanted for Christmas that year was boxes and packs of sports card. With 2 other small children in the house, my wife and I unfortunately couldn’t afford much of anything for the kids for Christmas. After about 18 months unemployed, I was able to find an amazing job that I absolutely love. When I was finally able to get back on my feet and begin collecting again with my son, it was truly amazing. Last November my son came to me with a very large stack of some of the best cards we had and handed them to me, and asked me if we could sell them. With a puzzled look on my face, I turned to him and asked why he wanted to sell some of his most prized cards? He told me that he wanted to raise money from selling the sports cards to help other kids whose parents could not afford to get them many Christmas presents. He also put together about 100 packs of sports cards in sandwich baggies and requested that we drop them off at our local Toys for Tots so other kids could enjoy them. I complied with all of my son’s wishes, selling every one of our prized sports cards that we had collected, and we donated over $2500 to a local charity. I could not of been prouder of my son, for he truly understood what I went through, and wanted to help and make sure other children could have a happier holiday through sports cards. Today Tyler and I are still at it, hoping to pull an autograph of his favorite players (RGIII, Russell l Wilson, Calvin Johnson). Tyler is truly a special kid, and I feel a major contributor to our local sports card market, making less fortunate children a little happier, one pack at a time.

    BTW congrats on 5 years and thank you for this contest.

  40. I feel a little inadequate writing for this contest..I see a lot of what people wrote, and am unsure if my contribution being worthy..First I want to say congrats on the five year anniversary.I really enjoy reading your comments even if they can seem negative as it gives me another way of looking at things.I was big into collecting when I was a kid. Both me and my father use to go to the corner store near our house in Queens and get packs( back when the gum was still in it), almost thirty years ago and we would spend hours just going through our cards and talking.
    My father passed away when I was seven to a heart attack and unfortuinatly I was put into foster care. That was sadly when my collecting came to a screeching halt as I bounced around from foster home to foster home. Now Many years later I have a beautiful daughter who loves opening packs with me.I feel like my dad must have felt when I see her face light up at a good card and Ifeel like I contribute by passing down this tradition to a new generation who will then pass It down to her kids.I just got laid off so money Is very tight,but I cant wait to be able to open more with her..Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope It Inspires people to spend more time with their kids opening packs and starting the new generation of collecters.

  41. Due to financial limitations my contributions are mostly giving feedback on various blogs to let people like you who take time to put their thoughts out there that people are reading them and appreciate the effort. Collecting is about sharing and we all have different thoughts so my favorite part is interacting and trading both ideas and cards.

    Congrats on 5 years and thank you for helping me learn more about the hobby

  42. A collector for over 35 years, my biggest contribution to the hobby voice is getting my kids informed and interested about cards.

  43. I contribute to the hobby community by spending a good chunk of my paycheck on card packs in various hobbies stores in whatever city I may be in! plus interact over twitter with various users and companies about their products. I am also not a guy that immediately posts the cards on e-bay if I get or win them. I am starting a collection for my 16 month old and 3 year old! btw it would be AWESOME to win any of the prizes mentioned. Many Thanks to SCU and busting packs for being an immaculate example of what the hobby retailers should be!

  44. I haven’t collected cards since I was a kid. It is amazing they do to cards now. I started again because of twitter. The best card I received was an autographed Brock Osweiler from Winmycards box break. The card was numbered to 15.

  45. My contribution to the hobby voice is being an active poster on various hobby blogs and sites.

    On a more personal level, I have been blessed to be able to share my hobby love with my wife and my two younger brothers. For the past 2 years (since I got back into the hobby), my lovely wife has listened to my speeches about the hobby and has shared enough of my excitement over big hits that she now knows enough to hold her own as a collector. Plus, she adds diversity to my collection by making me pick up a few basketball cards in addition to my football cards. Last month she actually asked me to pick up a Kevin Durant auto!

    But my young brothers (10 & 9) have brought the most joy. To watch them organize their cards and hear their questions is awesome. (“But WHHYYYY is a rookie who hasn’t done anything yet worth more than Adrian Peterson?”) They actually struggle with the idea of superstars. (“They are all professionals. That means they’re ALL good, right?”) Fear not, the hobby will continue for at least another generation.

  46. I started out creating hobbyinsider, then moved on to collectorempire. My contribution is tracking and finding accurate information about unreleased cards and possibly coming up with a fairly accurate circulation run. I feel a complete set is not complete unless every available card in that set is collected. Only then, can you have a master set.

  47. First off, congratulations on the 5 year milestone. Your blog is a daily stop for me and it adds a lot to my enjoyment of the hobby, even if I don’t always agree with what you have to say.

    I was going to post a link to a box break I did a while back but I decided to share a quick story instead.

    Like many others, my contribution is getting my 6 year old niece into the hobby. She came over about a year ago when I was sorting out some cards and asked if she could help. I showed her how to match the cards up by the way they looked and she loved every minute of it.

    A few months ago, we pulled an Andrew Luck RPA out of Topps Prime! Just this week, she came over and the first thing she asked was whether we could play with football cards. It’s great to see the hobby through the eyes of a 6 year old. She’s not worried about the ROI of a hobby box, the long term value of jersey cards, or whether the design of 2012 NT is a step backward. She just likes to look at the cards, likes to sort them out according to the team, and especially likes the Topps Magic mini’s that are “just my size.”

    Congrats again on 5 years and here’s to the next 5!

  48. I have made a few posts on some blogs, and have left comments, but I guess my real voice has been more in what I support with my dollars; leaving out those gimmicky, poorly designed sets in favor of some slightly older sets I love.

  49. My biggest contribution would be my blog: http://mycardboardmistress.blogspot.com

    The trading I’ve done through my blog has really made my collection something to be proud of. It’s great to be a part of a card-collecting community with such diverse tastes and opinions. I’ve been reading your blog for the past few years and have always enjoyed your perspective…even if I disagreed. I’m a big proponent of saying what you think.

    Congrats on 5 years!

  50. Congrats on the five year! I made it 5 months. Amazing.

    My contribution can be summed up in 2 words; Cardboard Reflux

    Yea, you feel me.

  51. Congrats on 5 years! I have been in the hobby for about 20 years. I love being able to share the hobby with young ones such as marking huge boxes of commons and stars for $1 a box to help out the hobby. the $1 I put towards more cards and redo the cycle. I do giveaways and I try really hard to give tips when needed. I try to be involved in the hobby as much as possible in different sites, blogs, facebook pages, and forums.

  52. I’d like to think I’ve had a small contribution. I’ve been collecting since 1991, so 22 out of my 27 years I’ve been alive. Within the past few years I’ve gotten really deep into it with box/case breaks online and especially trading. I’ve given and received a lot of help with PC’s that way. I love the way that blogs and social media like Twitter is bringing collectors together and giving us new ways to share ideas and info almost instantly.

    My dad collected when he was a kid and was the whole reason I got into it myself. I can’t wait to have kids of my own one day to hopefully share this with them

  53. While I often disagree with your opinions on the hobby, I do enjoy reading this blog and have kept it bookmarked for what seems like forever (truly a high honor). I agree with your statement that dissenting opinions, even when critical, are necessary to help keep everything in perspective. The hobby is to each person what they perceive it to be, and thus there is no “best” or “right” way to do anything!

    My contributions have been with my hard earned cash, showing off my collection whenever possible, and donating things I do not want back to the local shop.

    Keep up the good work! I am intrigued to see if you fall completely into the NT trap…

  54. Just discovered your blog a few weeks ago and enjoy reading it! I’ve been collecting since around 94-95 since I was in grade school but only in the last year or so been able to afford to get some higher end product. I have the Robert Griffin III 1/1 Valor Auto Patch, Dez Bryant 1/1 National Treasures Auto Patch, Tom Brady/Randy Moss one of the /23 1/1s Finest Dual Autos. I have a very nice collection of Moss, Griffey, Dez, RG3 autos and rookies. Hoping for RG3 to sign an Inscription card Once & Future MVP

    I love talking about the hobby and can’t wait to go to Chicago for The National later this year!

  55. When I was a child I used to collect random packs hoping to find Jeters. Last year, my brother and I started to collect again. We pretty much share everything together and it’s been a great bonding experience. Last month, we picked up a collector’s cache box from The Fairfield Co. It has a guaranteed hit. Ours was an out-of-the-park grand slam! It’s a Jeter 1/1 patch card. The patch itself was part of one of the sleeve patches celebrating the AL’s 100th season and as a founding team. It’s quite a beauty. My brother made a thread on it here: http://www.blowoutcards.com/forums/baseball-box-breaks/483587-amazing-1-1-collectors-cache-box.html .

    Thanks for holding the contest and another thanks to Topps and Upper Deck for donating some awesome prizes!

  56. Wow! 5 years is a really long time, especially for a blog. Congrats!!! My contribution to the hobby would have to be my blog Sports Card Info. Sports Card Info recently celebrated its 5 year anniversary too. I started it while in college and have been at it ever since. I make it a point to update it every day, usually with it’s “Card of the Day” post. Over the last 5 years Sports Card Info has posted numerous product reviews, previews, interviews, and all types of commentary. Other regular posts include “Flashback Product of the Week” and “Pin-Up” of the Week” too. Sports Card Info has also held tons of weekly contests and has given away many prizes to its readers. I’ve gotten to meet and interact with a lot of great people ever since I started my blog.

    Keep up the great work!

  57. I joined blowout about 3 years ago and got sucked back into the hobby after all the fun I had ripping boxes I got from one of their Black Friday sales.

    I don’t remember if I found this site through them or through searches, but this site has honestly helped form my opinion of the hobby. I can proudly say I have not bought anything Panini branded since bookmarking this site. Good thing they didn’t donate anything…

  58. I have been in the hobby for 5 years. After I learned about “Pack Searchers” at local Target and Walmart stores, I now seek them out on every visit and confront them on their doings when I see it happening. ALSO when I see younger children with their parents looking at the cards in Target/Walmart I inform them of the “Hobby” side of the products and direct them to my LHS.

  59. Congrats on 5 years! I caught on around the time you were flipping your lid on YouTube. You (along with Chris Justice, Tattoo, and Mr. NE) helped pull me back into the hobby I loved as a kid. Your honest assessment of the hobby is refreshing and educational.

    Really, your blog is my voice. This is where I can contribute and know that some influential people in the hobby read my comments. I’m active in the eBay card community and have bought and sold hundreds of cards. How cool that Upper Deck and Topps donated prizes for a contest. Much respect to you and them!


    My contribution to the hobby is kind of unique but its success is still pending. About a year ago after buying retail packs of cards here and there, I jumped back into the hobby after 20 years. In that time I discovered trading, card breaks and that hobby packs of cards shed out more autographs.

    Well with the beauty of twitter and Facebook, I realized how us collectors were a small group but more like a family. Through my searches of card breaks I discovered a gentleman by the name of Dale who is the founder and developer of WinMyCards.com.

    Overtime I got to know Dale but learned that he was giving away cards from his personal collectors through daily sport challenges. His mission was to help young collectors or financially strapped collectors own his cards. With the growth of his site and followers, he began buying cards on EBay or offered single box breaks where he was rewarding winners of his challenges with a spot in his break. Well in talking with Dale I learned that he was funding his vision with his personal funds or through his 401k plan. However Dale was unemployed and looking for work. Regardless, he was determined to help the kids out.

    So having a good job I would send Dale $25 here or $50 there while Dale actively tried to find a sponsor to help pay for his daily challenges and rewards. With the price per pack of cards slowly climbing, Dale was passionate that he wanted the young collector to stay in the hobby for the same joys he received over the years. With that I received a message from Dale looking for help and we spoke over the phone since he lives in Florida and I in Illinois.

    Dale asked if I would assist with acquiring sponsorship as he was not good with the sales aspect. I sent dozens of emails to big and small sports related or card companies only to get rejection letters or no answer at all. Unfortunately, Dale has put his dream on hold due to his finances and landing a new job. Dale continues to pursue other financial avenues to keep his dream alive and every week I send email after email to those companies hoping for someone to see the value of Dales’s mission.

    So my contribution is small and unsuccessful, however I wont quit until someone in one of these large card companies recognize that the hobby is not gaining steam but only forcing the small guy to find a new hobby! More to come…..

  61. Congratulations on five years! I’m thankful to say I sparked my nephew’s interest in the hobby a few years ago. He remains a collector and hopes to attend the National Sports Collectors Convention this summer.

  62. Congrats on 5 years! I enjoy your blog (especially the exposee on the fake patch cards).

    My contribution to the hobby:

    I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s collecting baseball cards. My greatest memory in the hobby came when I was about 10 years old: My uncle owned a convenience store that stocked baseball cards, and he gave me a complete set of ’91 Topps Baseball. I was thrilled. Of course, I was even more thrilled when, a few months later, I traded the set to my cousin for an ’84 Topps Don Mattingly. I caught my white whale.

    Twenty years later, I returned to the hobby with a brief dive into high-end baseball, but now I limit my consumption to message boards and blogs, with the occasional retail blaster.

  63. I’ve been collecting sports cards since the late 90’s and my contribution to the Hobby voice was when I brought several shoe boxes full of my common football, baseball, and basketball cards, to the Youth Center on an Army Post, not far where I reside.
    The Youth Center is part of the Army’s Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation activities, whose primary mission is to provide the United States Army with programs that fulfill and support the Army Families.
    So my small part was geared towards the military kids at the Youth Center. Children with military parents today, are subject to very long separations from loved ones. So for a brief moment, I hope I brought some smiles and quite possibly established some new, younger collectors, and in time for the reunions with the moms and dads. Being a retired Air force Enlisted member of 21 years, I know firsthand how tough it is on the Military family.

  64. My contribution to the hobby hasn’t been on the scale of Youtube box breaks or blogging, but trying my best to get to the local card shop on the other side of the block from where I work to buy a few packs here and there. Any business I can give them can help them stay open, and might help them influence other people to get in the hobby. Plus the nostalgic value of opening packs brings me back to the days at the card shop when I was 11. Congrats on 5 years and thanks for doing this for your readers!

  65. Congrats on 5 years!!

    My contribution to the hobby has been participating in box breaks and buying/selling mainly baseball & football cards on ebay, over the past 15 years.

    Thanks again for all your insight!

  66. Thanks for the contest. I have two main contributions to the hobby. I do multiple case breaks of Topps baseball and join group breaks. I think the concept of group breaks is one of the best things about the hobby being more centered around the internet. If you tried to fill a team break locally, it could take weeks.

  67. My contribution? Getting my dad and brother into the hobby. We get together about 5 times a year, buy a case of high end product, and split amongst us and break. It’s a helluva time and something I look forward to.

  68. Congrats on 5 Years!!! Wow first of I like your honesty on this website. You are one of the best critics when it comes to the sports world of sports cards!!! I’ve been collecting for 23 years and till this day still enjoy reading your write ups daily. My major contribution to this hobby has always been going to as many conventions I can and meeting others with the same interest as myself. I have also made it a mission to start kids collecting as much as possible to keep this hobby strong in the future!!

  69. Congrats on Five Years! I would say that I use your blog as my voice. I’m more of a basketball and college football collector, so I bring a little different viewpoint in the comments. Thanks for this great blog and I wish you many more years!

  70. Thank you for the contest and for the blog. Although I don’t always agree, I think this is the best card blog I have found and it’s the only one I read regularly.

    This hobby not only has rekindled my passion like I had as a child but also has been a means to get together with friends for shows, most notably the national. We discuss our collection additions, the just missed auctions and plans for getting out children involved one day. Further contributions include posting on a forum and giving cards away to kids. My concerns moving forward are shady dealers at shows, redemption times and box prices.

    Thanks again

  71. I’ve been collecting for over thirty years, so my hobby voice has been heard on a variety of levels… ranging from trading cards at the park as a kid to working at a card shop in college to authoring a blog called the Chronicles of Fuji, which I started as a way to to document my hobby experiences, so that one day I can look back and reflect on the hobby that’s been such a huge part of my life.

    Throughout my journey, I’ve taken numerous breaks… but the power of the cardboard allure always pulls me back in. These days I stay in touch with the hobby through a variety of sports card forums, meeting collectors at the flea market & card shows, sharing my favorite hobby with my students, and of course interacting with fellow collectors in the blog world.

    Thanks for the contest and here’s to another five years!

  72. First off this is an incredible contest. Props to Topps and Upper Deck for donating this treasure trove of goodies. I think this shows they’re listening to us and they respect and value Adam’s blog as a voice for our issues with the hobby.

    My contribution can usually be seen on my Twitter account. I tend to rant and complain about my issues with the hobby there. Lately I’ve been doing box breaks on Blowout forums and offering my honest opinion of the break. Below is an example.


  73. I have been a collector since I was 12. I have not had any breaks or big purchases but consistently buy retail packs and a handful of boxes. I contribute by showing everybody I know what fun it is to just get a card for a favorite player or team. At 32 it is still fun to go to Target and get a pack of cards and see Jeter or Garza or some rookie that may be great some day.

  74. My contribution is Following you on Twitter..lol.. Seriously thou, I started collecting in the late 80’s after my first son was born and have been collecting for them and myself off and on since then. I am not an expert by no means but I try and be as knowledgable as I can about certain things in collecting cards/memorabilia.
    Over the years I have help as many people as I could to find information they were looking for on something specific or just in general. I have found that so many different answers are out there on the hobby that’s its hard to see whats right or wrong. That’s where people like you and I are alike as we try and find the answers or ask whom ever we need to for finding out information. Being honest with how you feel about a product has always been something I have done and it’s nice to see others like you do the same. If you are passionate about something and don’t speak out when you are unhappy then how will these people/companies know how the you feel. By speaking your mind bad or good you are doing a great service to everyone involved and that is always a good thing.

  75. I have contributed to the hobby by being one of your most critical, yet logical, readers. I do not always disagree with you, but I only post a comment when I do 🙂 (sorry) I have also contributed to the hobby by dumping thousands of dollars every year into it and reaping only small percentages in return.

  76. I got back into collecting shortly after you started the site. As I searched the web for information and for box breaks and recaps I found you and this site. It really captured how I felt when I left the hobby and even though I may not have agreed with everything it has become a daily read. This led to finding blowout and other forums where I have voiced my opinions, shared breaks and even met some friends all without really intending to. Thanks for doing what you do and taking the time to be opinionated on something we all enjoy doing.


  77. My contribution to the hobby voice has mainly been about sharing knowledge with other collectors on message boards. Whether it’s identifying an oddball set they’ve never seen before, giving an opinion as to what a card would grade, warning that a dealer is known for altering cards, spreading word of a black box program, or telling how to differentiate numerous parallels of a card, there’s always something that someone you talk to could use help with.
    Oh, and I got to be the guy to explain on air to a national sports radio show host that his prized Babe Ruth autograph was an Operation Bullpen fake.

  78. Congrats on 5 years. I have enjoyed reading your blog the last few months. Hope you keep it up!!

  79. Adam, you have been a big help in the hobby helping to identify “scam cards”. You’ve always speak your mind and have given an honest answer no matter if we liked it or hated it. Thanks for the site and info!

    I’ve been collecting cards for over 30 years. I have a web blog at ENOUGH ALREADY that is dedicated to not just life’s everyday screwball pitches but the sports cards and the crazy things they do to us.

  80. My contribution to the hobby is being the East Coast Representative for the charity cards2kids.org. I spend 5 hours a week sorting donations, creating packs, and bringing these packs to kids in need who wouldn’t be able to afford cards in the first place.

  81. I have contributed to the hobby by buying all my supplies locally, to support the Local Card Shop. I have also helped catch scammers online, and once busted a guy stealing at a local card show.

  82. My contribution has been pretty minute, posting on twitter, reading and posting on blogs, but mostly just enjoying collecting cards and the thrill of opening packs with younger collectors.

    Congrats on 5 years have always enjoyed reading your posts

  83. I contribute to the hobby by sharing thoughts about new products with friends and purchasing new cards for collectors. I love this blog and before any football purchase I thoroughly review and take into consideration your input. You have a great eye for design and do a great job of informing collectors about the products they spend their money on. I’d love to win any of the prizes you are giving away. Here’s to another 5 years of SCU!!!

  84. I had a sports blog until I no longer had the internet. I still read and try to comment at times. And I still buy boxes and packs of course.

  85. Hi,
    This is PhillyzPhan on twitter. First off thank you for doing this contest. As I value your opinion in sports card collecting(though sometimes disagree) you are informative and have helped give alot of collectors a different perspective. Through twitter I also enjoy taking part in case breaks, showing off cards, and discussing the hobby with other fellow collectors. That’s my contribution, thanks again for the contest an sharing your views over the past 5yrs. And good luck everyone!

  86. my contribution comes in the form of sharing my opinion on new products at card shows and commenting on group breaks.

  87. Man i think this is an awesome idea. Way to go. So far 2012 panini playbook is my favorite product. I’ ve had better luck with it than any other football product out there in group breaks even better than national treasures.

  88. Also i contributed by collecting since i was. 8. And today i have my son(13) and daughter(5) really into collecting .my wife doesnt enjoy it so much but oh well. They really get into watching the group breaks with me also especially my lil girl.

  89. I contributed by posting remarks at Beckett webpages. I’m still wondering when will the hobby companies cater to the kids. I still remember buying cards at a local 7-11 store and finding a hot pack of JAM-CITY cards. The hobby companies nowadays are focused at the higher-end of the hobby rather than the kids. No average kid can afford a $200 – $600 hobby pack with recession and an average allowance. Why would hobby companies cater to kids? The answer is written in history, the HOBBY is supposedly for kids.

  90. Congratulations on 5 years and here’s to many more! I check in on your site often and follow you on Twitter.

    My main contributions to the hobby are interacting with other collectors, bloggers, tweeters, forum members, breakers and the companies themselves any way I can. I’ve had my rants and complaints when there are parts of the hobby I don’t agree with as well as giving people and companies the props they deserve when they get it right. If one person reads a tweet of mine, makes a trade with me or responds to a forum post, I feel that’s a positive for the hobby.

    Again, congrats on 5 years, that’s a huge accomplishment in this hobby!

  91. First off, congrats on five years of having the balls to say what others won’t and for giving an unbiased opinion on design and content as well as other industry-related news. Please continue to do so and I still remember the South Park image of yourself on the old site – that’s how long I’ve been reading your blogs! As for my hobby contribution, I still support the same network of card shops that I have for over 20 years. Plus, I’m getting my two sons involved to keep the tradition going. Anyways, thanks for the great contest and to the card companies that have supplied the freebies!

  92. I have been collecting sports cards and reading this blog daily for the last three years or so. I have a channel on youtube with box breaks and my HOF/PC cards I pick up. Thanks for the work you do on this site, its been a great help. I comment on your articles often. So cool of UD and Topps to provide some cool gifts. I look forward to meeting you one day at Sports Cards Plus!! Gemmint77 – Youtube

  93. My contribution to the hobby has been taking advantage of living in LA by trying to attend autograph signings and donating autographs to friends who are fans of said players. Just like I got you Christian Ponder’s autograph, I have gotten numerous autographs for friends, and I ask for nothing in return. I’m happy to help others collect.

  94. First off, I would like to thank the good people at SCU for doing this. All of us collectors wish you a happy anniversary and want to say that we are lucky and fortunate to have yal.
    One contribution I have been a part in is the growth of a brand that America had never heard of 5 years ago, Panini. I have been entering contests, purchasing products, GIVING AWAY, and sharing the brand with all of my friends. We have seen them go from making a small basketball product to having licencing for every major sport.
    One other way I have contributed to the hobby was just boosting others to join and be a member in the sports memorabilia/card community. I have friends that since they go to games with me and get autograph, or since I gave them their first hobby box, have decent sized collections now. I stride for others first, and it has payed off. I get PURE joy of seeing my friends face when they pull a hit in a pack, or meet a player for the first time.

    I want to thank yal again for this opportunity to win some great prizes!

    Your Friend,

    Trevor Colbert (@TrevBC9)

  95. First off, I would like to thank the good people at SCU for doing this. All of us collectors wish you a happy anniversary and want to say that we are lucky and fortunate to have yal.
    One contribution I have been a part in is the growth of a brand that America had never heard of 5 years ago, Panini. I have been entering contests, purchasing products, GIVING AWAY, and sharing the brand with all of my friends. We have seen them go from making a small basketball product to having licencing for every major sport.
    One other way I have contributed to the hobby was just boosting others to join and be a member in the sports memorabilia/card community. I have friends that since they go to games with me and get autograph, or since I gave them their first hobby box, have decent sized collections now. I stride for others first, and it has payed off. I get PURE joy of seeing my friends face when they pull a hit in a pack, or meet a player for the first time.

    I want to thank yal again for this opportunity to win some great prizes!

    Your Friend,

    Trevor Colbert (@TrevBC9)

  96. I have been in the hobby since the mid 80s. I rarely buy high end cards, boxes or packs these days instead focusing on finding the cards from my youth that I missed. My contributions for the hobby may be small, but I’ve tried to find ways for kids to enjoy the hobby as much as I did…..especially the times I spent with my Dad.

    Each Christmas for the last few years, I gather thousands of commons and singles from the 80s, 90s, an 2000s (usually in 50-100 lots), put them in sandwich bags labeled “Merry Christmas” and leave them at my local Goodwill. I ask the manager to give them to kids when they visit the store. I must’ve given away 90% of my collection from the last 30 years whittling it down to the key cards I want to keep. Hopefully I’ve inspired a child to enter the hobby.

  97. I am just now getting into using Twitter to voice my opinions on the hobby, but I have been very vocal on SportsCardForum about where I feel the hobby is and where it is going. I have used your articles as basis for purchases and box breaks before and I value your opinion on a lot of these products. Congrats on the first 5 years and here’s to many more!

  98. I was pulled back into the hobby last year, after about a 15 year absence. I stopped collecting years ago after a home burglary, where my entire collection was stolen. Box breaks is what got me back in. Even tho I still have yet to.pull a big hit, its a fun and affordable way to.collect, and it really brings more people together as a collecting community.

  99. I hope that you still remember me as we have exchanged e-mails in the past when I decided to get active in the hobby voice and started my blog 3 years ago. Through my blog, I have posted product reviews, box breaks, industry news, and commentary. I’ve also been participating on the Blowout Cards forum.

  100. I have bought many boxes of cards, traded, and have been an avid supporter of cardboard radio an important informational radio show about all things in the hobby

  101. Congrats on 5 years! Just think about what was going on in 2008 when this blog was born. I always liked this blog and used to read it when I was in Egypt. I really got back into the hobby at that time. Anyway, thanks for the read and hope the contest goes well!

  102. Fantastic contest Adam!! I enjoy your voice within the hobby community and appreciate your reviews and coverage of the hobby.

    Since I got back into the hobby 7 years ago, I have participated in group box breaks, posted my own box breaks, and actively traded with other hobbyists on both the Sports Card Forum and Blowout Cards online communities. Most folks that I’ve dealt with have been great and it makes me feel good that the hobby continues to thrive. Thanks!

  103. There are a few ways I have been participating in this hobby:

    1. I have been a life-long sports card collector except for the time I took 10-year hiatus when I went to college and had a first full-time job. I got my sister hooked to card collecting when we were growing up. Right now, she solely collects Dan Marino cards. Her life-long football hero. I typically buy 3-4 football card hobby boxes to break every year.

    2. My neighbor’s 11 year old son had his card collection burned up last year when their house was caught on fire due to faulty electric wiring. I donated a whole bunch of football cards to the kid so he could restart his collection.

    3. I typically post my opinions on SCU and Panini’s blog (apparently it had no effect as they keep producing subpar quality cards full of stickers).

    4. Since I grew up hanging out at my hometown LCS on the weekends, I try to support my local LCS much as I can by buying singles and boxes at LCS if available.

  104. I have followed the evolution of sketchcards since 1998, & love to comment and follow what it has become. Thanks & congrats on your milestone!

  105. I hope to pass the joy of collecting on to my son.

    Thank you for this blog and the giveaway.

  106. I got back into collecting last year because of WinMyCards.com I met a great guy named Dale who ran the site and gave cards away each day. Before long I was helping him make improvements to his scoring system and doing it all in excel for him. It was a great time, and was a way I could contribute to the hobby.

    Unfortunately Dale has had to give it up due to other things going on in his life, but I’m still going in the collecting world. I am an active twitter trader and enjoy reading about and discussing cards.

    Congratulations on 5 years!!

  107. I think that my major contribution to the hobby, is to get others to start collecting. I started collecting in 89 and at that time, most was giving up on the hobby. Congratulations, and keep on collecting!

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