Celebrating My Favorite Religious Holiday

Each time a new NFL season rolls around, I get pumped up like I am the one who is going to be on the field rumblin’ with the big dogs. The excitement is palpable in every sense of the word. First glance at the crop of rookies, renewed hope for my team’s chances, redemption for last year’s mistakes, and a fresh start at 2010 greatness. I love it.

Tonight, the season starts anew, and luckily for me the Vikings are playing in the first game. Granted, it is against a team which gave them one of the most heartbreaking losses in the team’s history, but that doesn’t matter right now. Grandpa Gray Beard is back at QB, Peterson is primed for a terrific season, and there is a lot of hope that the Vikings could remain a team worthy of going deep into the playoffs. The injury bug has hit early, which is better than it hitting in week 12, so that will definitely cause some problems. However, I don’t think the biggest problem is whether or not Sidney Rice makes it back to the field, it is more about whether or not the Green and Gold from Wisconsin run wild all over the NFL.

Many experts have dubbed the Packers as 2010’s team to beat, and I will say that for once in my life, I agree. Unlike previous incarnations of the Packers team, I have a lot of respect for what they bring to the field. Aaron Rodgers has turned into one of the best QBs in the league, and he has a lot of great targets to throw to in Jennings, Driver and Finley. Although Ryan Grant has disappointed (much like I said he would) after a stellar season a few years ago, he is no slouch compared to others in the league. So, are the Packers as good as everyone says they are? Yes, no doubt.

In the AFC, once again, the Chargers and the Ravens have shown that they are primed for a run of their own, and I would expect that one or both of them end up in the championship game. With the addition of Anquan Boldin and TJ Houshmazoo, the Ravens have gotten better on offense, and that only complements their tremendous defense that much more. However, the Ravens D isnt what it used to be, and they are definitely getting older. We will see if their young, high powered offense can make up for it. My fantasy team is counting on it. As for the Chargers, its all going to fall on the shoulders of Ryan Mathews now that Vincent Jackson has decided that he is going to be a little bitch about his contract. Mathews looks great and should fill the large shoes left behind by Tomlinson quite nicely. Rivers is a good QB that doesn’t turn the ball over much, and that means that their defense can play with their ears pinned back that much more.

Man, just writing this post gets the blood pumping for the season to really get going on Sunday. Im curious to see how everything turns out, especially with the guys I have invested in. SCU Fantasy Football is back for a third year this year, and it looks like things are going to be pretty awesome. Hopefully, the Vikings start out the season with a bang, and turn Who Dat Nation in to Who? What? Nation, even though I fully expect them to get destroyed violently. Either way, its great that football is back, and it will surely be a wild ride this year all around.

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  1. I agree all the way except for the Chargers part without Vincent Jackson and Marcus McNeil the Charger offense will take, how much of hit will depend solely on Dombronski and Michael Floyd.

  2. Here is my NFL Rookie Kick off Report part 1- Running Backs-Quarterback

    I see good things from Ryan Mathews, (he is a good route runner for a back that’s huge) I like already how he can pickup the blitz. Jahvid Best I think is going to be a stud in the NFL he is already showing signs of it, that will be huge for the lions, and for Calvin Johnson for those who have Calvin Johnson on their FF Team, and for CJ Spiller do not sleep on this guy Chan Gailey will get him involved early in the season, I see alot of Brian Westbrook in Spiller.

    Quarterback – Sam Bradford, you know everyone 3 months thought I was crazy for buying up alot of Bradford Cards now I think people are starting to see what I see in him, even without a O-Line Bradford showed great decision making, excellent footwork and accruacy during the preseason great signs of a future franchise QB. I still like Jimmy Clausen even though he looked skittish at times during the preseason. While his decision making still needs more experinence, I believe with some clean up time that will change. Finally Tim Tebow, I said it before and I will say it again Tim tebow is not ready for the NFL, yes he threw for 2 tds and 1 int but that int was a coverage int which is bad, that means you didnt read the coverage, that sum up Tim Tebow right there.

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