Chase Pick Ups for 2012 NFL MVP Candidates

Now that the NFL season is over, its only a matter of time before the post season awards are announced. A few posts below this one, I commented on the hobby awards, but the winners in the hobby this year may not be winners overall. Right now the NFL MVP is a hotly contested bunch of guys who had incredible seasons, and as you can see below, being a running back is not a good thing these days. So, how does this shake out in terms of what cards to chase from each of these guys?

Front Runner: Adrian Peterson – RB MINNESOTA

There would be nothing that makes me happier than Peterson getting this deserved award for his historic season. Not just because he carried Minnesota from a 3 win team to a 10 win team on his back, but also because he did it less than a year removed from surgery. Peterson has an Exquisite patch auto that is his best card, but I like his SPA much better. Its one of the best SPA designs ever. I wouldnt buy more than a two color for each, as there are fakes everywhere. So many that its tough to tell the real ones now.

2007 Adrian Peterson Exquisite Auto Patch /99

2007 Adrian Peterson SP Authentic Auto Patch /399

Front Runner: Peyton Manning – QB DENVER

Manning has already been MVP a few times and this would not be a stretch for him. I think there might actually be a chance for CO-MVPs with Peterson, but that isnt necessarily a good thing to celebrate what he has done coming back from neck surgery. His best autograph is his rare Contenders auto, but his Bowman auto is also a big one to chase.

1998 Contenders Peyton Manning Rookie Ticket Auto

1998 Bowman Peyton Manning RC Auto

1998 SP Authentic Peyton Manning RC

Possible: Tom Brady – QB NEW ENGLAND

Brady is the victim of expectedsuccess and therefore isnt likely to produce a win this year. The Pats had a great season, but not as great as Denver, and Brady is going to feel that one in the voting. His best rookie, like Manning is the Contenders, but his non-auto SP Authentic isnt too shabby either.

2000 Contenders Tom Brady Auto Rookie Ticket

2000 SP Authentic Tom Brady RC

Possible: Aaron Rodgers – QB GREEN BAY

When it comes to a historic run over the last few years, Rodgers is on track. He had another year atop the stat lines, but failed to lock up a top seed with a week 17 loss to Peterson’s Vikings. He is worthy of consideration, but wont get there this year like he did in 2011. Exquisite and SPA are both extremely limited and ridiculously expensive. Packer fans are some of the most rabid collectors ever, so its tough to find these cards cheap.

2005 Exquisite Aaron Rodgers Rookie Dual Patch Auto

Unlikely: Calvin Johnson – WR Detroit

Unlike baseball, you cant have an MVP on a team that didnt win anything. Calvin Johnson had one of the best years a receiver has ever had, but barely scored any TDs, and the Lions only won 4 games in a tough division. He probably wont even crack the top five. His best card, which is one I have been wanting to pick up is the Exquisite, but there are a TON of fakes. Makes me weary of laying down the cash. His SPA, like Peterson, is definitely worth picking up too.

2007 Exquisite Calvin Johnson Rookie Patch Auto

My homer pick is definitely Adrian Peterson, but it is hard to bet against the short sighted voters picking a QB for the millionth year in a row. If Adrian Peterson doesnt win this year, no running back will likely ever win it, unless he replicates and breaks the record next year on the way to the playoffs. Its going to be him or Manning.

2 thoughts on “Chase Pick Ups for 2012 NFL MVP Candidates

  1. My biggest regret of 2011: picking Steven Jackson one spot ahead of Adrian Peterson in the 2nd round of my fantasy football draft. That choice will haunt me to the grave. Oh, what could have been, sigh.

    I swear AP is an X-Men. I give AP the MVP nod based on the advantage Manning has in a passing league. Rules changes have made QB success more attainable. Last year Tim Tebow took the Broncos to the playoffs. AP has looked like a player off of N64 NFL Blitz this year.

  2. Peterson should win the MVP by a landslide. Give Manning ‘Comeback player of the year’ and a pat on the back. Rename the Vikings the Minnesota Adrian Petersons just as the Lions might as well have been called the Detriot Barry Sanders. … each situation there’s really only one player on the team carrying the whole show. Sad, but he has become that rare talent that you will see once every 20 to 30 years. Props to him, indeed.

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