Confirmation That Ufjumper Is Back?

I got some interesting emails over the weekend regarding Corbinxz and his rampant fakery over the last few months. Two separate people wanted to me to let everyone know that they had “confirmed” that he was indeed the infamous “ufjumper7” who was NARU’ed from ebay a few months ago. I havent seen any blatant confirmation myself, but I do admit that the fakes he has up/has sold since I started following him has definitely pointed in Ufjumper’s douchey direction.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with 2009 Rookie Douche of the Year, Ufjumper7, he sold more fake patches than could fit on my site. Every week he had a new crop of SPA logo patches, 2009 Ultimate Baseball logo patches, even base Topps logo patches that were confirmed fake by photo evidence, among other things. Half of his stuff was so obvious that confirmation wasnt needed, and Corbinxz is walking a very similar line.

Here are some doozies from the last 90 days:

Tom Brady Triple Threads Triple Logos – This has been up a few times after being confirmed fake on blowout’s forums.

Adrian Peterson Exquisite Three Color – In 2007, Exquisite patches like this were VERY rare, but it would help to disguise the card if he didn’t use a Hong Kong-thentic jersey for the patch.

Tony Romo Pro Bowl NFL Logo Patch – Even though this is out of five, I know it isnt real. Body of work speaks for itself.

Kenny Britt SP Authentic 4 Color – This was Ufjumper’s MO. Buy a ton of the redemptions, redeem the cards, switch out the crappy patches. This card is that to a “T.”

Jerry Rice National Treasures Patch – On these cards, it would say “Jersey Prime” under the windows, and the Niners’ patches on those jerseys were solid, not mesh. Guess he didn’t study up.

Chris Johnson SPA Logo – A page straight from the SPA faker manual, now with a forward by Ufjumper7.

Ray Rice SPA 4 Color – Not even close.

Ray Rice Exquisite Logo – The most faked patch on the planet.

Ray Rice SPA Logo – See above, same situation.

Matt Stafford SPA Three Color – More Hong Kong-thentic jersey patches. Colors are ALL off.

Desean Jackson Exquisite Logo – More fake logos from 2008 Exquisite. Either he is Ufjumper, or he bought out the entire inventory to sell.

Like I said, we don’t have hard confirmation that they are one and the same, but if someone wants to buy one of the cheap legit cards they sell and get me an address, I will compare to what I have.

Evidence here looks pretty damning, but we will have to continue measuring the body of work.

3 thoughts on “Confirmation That Ufjumper Is Back?

  1. EVERYTHING is fake accept the kenny britt. that patch is real/i blew it up and the stitching is the same as mine, unless he bought a real jersey and cut it up, but i doubt he would do that, not only that, but the patch he used in the CJ is fake.

    FUCK this guy. for real.. i hope we get him kicked off again. im the one who finally got him kicked last time, they deleted his account while i was on the phone with ebay

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