Crowning Aaron Rodgers As THE New Collector Target

Aaron Rodgers is widely believed to be on the verge of a hugely ridiculous season, and the prices of his cards are definitely some of the highest of any player. In fact, his autographs are frequently outselling top QBs because of his signature being more rare. Because he was a casualty of the original Favre soap opera, card companies avoided putting Rodgers’ cards in products because number 4 was still around and kicking ass. Once Favre left, and Rodgers became more of what he was last year, collectors wanted autographs, but there were few to be had. This drove up his price SO high, that even now in 2010, they are almost un-buyable. I was in the market for a Rodgers auto for investment purposes as of late, but I couldnt find one at a reasonable price.

Rodgers has become such a popular pick for the upcoming season, that his 1/1 Gold Refractor auto recently sold higher than any card from that set has ever sold. I dont think I have even seen a recent superfractor sell even close to what the Rodgers sold for, even the Ryan or the Sanchez at the top of their run in 2008 and 2009. Personally, I like the look of the card, mainly because it is one of the only Rodgers rookie autos with him in the actual Packers uniform instead of the red practice jersey.

Despite the rarity of his autograph, Rodgers hasnt really reached a point in his career that would normally deem his cards worthy of a value like they get. That is what is so shocking in this case, as it seems like autograph rarity may indeed be inflating card values much like they did when Brady hit it big. When you look at it, his SP authentic patch auto is already reaching the levels of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, and it seems to be very much based on the recent seasons’ production as well as the available purchase options. Although Rodgers may be on the verge of a championship season, its not ever written in stone in the NFL that anything is going to end up that way. This fact alone  is where collectors may stand to hold off a little before driving up prices higher than they already are.

Ill be interested to see what happens to his cards as the season moves on, as it looks like the Packers are going to have quite a bit of an easy road to a division championship after the way the Vikings played on Thursday night.

2 thoughts on “Crowning Aaron Rodgers As THE New Collector Target

  1. i just got 1212.12 for an exquisite. maybe i should have waited, not sure, i have 8 more so lets just see


    I wouldn’t touch Rodgers’s cards with a 10 foot poll right now. Way over-priced and will cool off once everyone realizes he is not the next incarnation of Favre.

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