NFL Cut Day 2013 – Former Collector Darlings Get the Axe

As of yesterday, all NFL teams needed to be down to 53 players on their roster, and we all know that each year there will be casualties of the system that can dictate the future for many guys we have been collecting for years. Now that we see the final picture for 2013, we are seeing that former collector darlings of previous years may be on the outside looking in from this point forward.

Tim Tebow

Never, in the history of the league, has such a terrible player gotten so much attention. I was happy to see him cut, not just because I think he cant play, but because of the coverage surrounding his career. Its likely he will never see the field again, and yet, we will continually get updates on his workout status until he finally figures it out that he will never be a quarterback in the NFL. There are teams with open spots on their roster, but I doubt any of them want this distraction in their locker room. I would be surprised if he doesnt catch on somewhere like the CFL or something like that, but its likely his pro career is in it’s twilight.

So far, Tebow had a few cards depicting his time with the Patriots, but this chapter is done. His 2013 Topps card is a ridiculous SP, making the odds close to 1 in about 50 cases, obviously leading to some staggering prices. Panini has had their share as well, though his card is not as rare or valuable. Im sure we will get some residual cards as the season moves on, making this even more comical to commemorate a tenure that didnt make it to the season.

Tebow will always carry value in the hobby because of his national titles and his Heisman award. College circumstances can continue to derive value in his cards, even if the pro side didnt work out. College collectors have carved out quite the niche around the hobby. Tebow’s personal life also creates a polarizing situation for many people, but there are reasons why that contributes to value as well. As long as you are famous, your cards will cost money. Tebow will forever be famous, much to my chagrin.

Maybe that is why his Gators cards are always more expensive.

2012 SP Authentic Tim Tebow Auto SP /3

2010 Contenders Tim Tebow Ticket Auto BGS 9.5

2012 Exquisite Tim Tebow Endorsements Auto

Vince Young

Its crazy how much of a train wreck the top rookies of 2006 have become. Although Reggie Bush may be well on his way to a productive career, he isnt the superstar we all thought he would be. Vince Young had enormous potential as well, but attitude and motivation combined with issues with the coaches in Tennessee led to his overall disappointment. This was a guy that many collectors were happy to drop thousands of dollars to buy his cards, and like Tebow, that money might as well have been burned.

Vince Young actually had a preseason worthy of a backup job in Green Bay, but the Packers decided to go a different direction. Young has had stints with 3 teams in as many years, and its likely this might be the last straw to grasp at. I cant see another team wanting to dedicate a roster spot to a guy like him, especially considering that he is well past the prime of his career.

Its crazy to see where his cards are selling right now, because I remember back when people were clawing through boxes of 2006 Exquisite and screaming with delight when his autograph was present. All these big pulls are now worth pennies on the dollar.

2006 Exquisite Vince Young Auto Jersey RC

2006 National Treasures Vince Young Auto Patch

Matt Leinart

I was never high on Matt Leinart, as USC has RARELY been able to showcase their signal callers can make it in the NFL (the jury is still out on Matt Barkley). Obviously, I was in the minority in 2006, as the trio of Bush, Leinart and Young drove collectors to their card shops in droves. He was one of the first of the main guys to fall off the wagon, as his time in Arizona was a dud from the start. Once he started to struggle on the field, collectors started to move on, focusing their attention on the other parts of the draft class early on.

Since being cut this past week in Buffalo, Leinart is all but done in the NFL. Buffalo literally has no one at QB for the first few weeks of the season, and yet they still put him out on the street without much thought. Instead, undrafted rookie QB Jeff Tuel will be taking the snaps until EJ Manuel returns, rather than putting any confidence in a guy who demanded a ton of attention back during the middle of the 2000s.

I guess some cards are iconic regardless of the player’s career.

2006 Exquisite Matt Leinart Auto Patch /99

2006 Bowman Chrome Matt Leinart Orange Refractor Auto /25

Jimmy Clausen

Back in 2010, I honestly believed Clausen was primed for a great opportunity in Carolina. He played in a pro-style offense in school, and Carolina had players around him that should have meant a great nucleus to build around. Instead, the Panthers put up the worst record in the league, drafted Cam Newton number one the next year, and its easy to see how that wouldnt work out for the guy who got them into that position in the first place.

Clausen’s cards have slumped pretty dramatically over the last two years, for good reason, but this was someone I felt as though could have been so much more. As a second round guy, his value was always there, but we see now that he really never had the stuff to be a top guy.

With each draft class, people like Clausen are everywhere. The card companies invite 35-40 guys who all want to be the next Peyton Manning or Adrian Peterson. Some may eventually make it to that level, others wont. In most cases, only 2 or 3 per year will ever be impact players, and the rest will just be contributors. Within 5 years, 75% of these guys will be out of the league, and only a very small percentatge will be starters. Based on the factors in Clausen’s rookie campaign, he SHOULD have been better.

That’s the way the NFL works, though.

5 thoughts on “NFL Cut Day 2013 – Former Collector Darlings Get the Axe

  1. I still struggle with why NFL collectors even bother with spending so much on rookies. I mean, yeah, I get it if it’s your team and you just have to have RC autos of your guy. Outside of that, it just seems like throwing money away. Actually, it pretty much makes it so you have to get the things slabbed a 9.5 to even make a bit of profit back in most instances.

    I remember when I pulled a Vince Young Topps Draft Picks and Prospects auto back in ’06. It was the only product out at that point and I am pretty sure I got like $175 for it or something crazy. Thankfully, even back then, I knew to dump rookie autos asap and throw the funds at HOFer autos instead.

  2. There will still be people who hold out hope for the tebows and the rest of the never weres..

    Tebow is valuable from the standpoint of winning the Heisman only… but his value shouldnt be any more than any other Heisman winner that didnt make it in the NFL, like Weinke, Crouch or Torretta

    I still need a Tebow and Colt McCoy finest to complete the set but wont pay more than $15 for each of them based on their talent level and fact that they wont see the field and if they do its only because the 1st and/or 2nd string has gone down hard..

  3. While the Heisman factors in, Tebow is legend in the South. That drives it more than anything else. While the NFL stuff will fall off, there will always be a market for his UF stuff.

  4. Really the hate on tebow is pathetic….. It’s just entertainment, he obviously can’t play but it’s not his fault that the media made him a carnival.

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