Detailing the Few Bright Spots in 2014 Prestige Football

Now that Prestige has been out for a weekend plus, we are starting to get a better look at the subsets that comprise the product. Although it has its small moments, I have yet to change my attitude about this crapfest that has further soured Panini's opening to the 2014 season. With a dud like Hot Rookies and Prestige leading off, Elite is going to need that much more oomph to get Panini off the schneid.

Road to the NFL Autos

I actually like these cards a lot, and the on card stuff always tends to make up for some of the design’s shortcomings. Although there is a small space to sign for many of these, the card still looks great.

2014 Prestige Johnny Manziel Road to the NFL Auto

2014 Prestige Jadeveon Clowney Road to the NFL Auto

2014 Prestige Tre Mason Road to the NFL Auto

Big Board Autos

Another set that uses the airbrushed NFL shots from the Hot Rookies Score Subset, but at this point we cant fault them considering the late draft. At least its not the abysmal sideline shit we got at other points of this set.

2014 Prestige Johnny Manziel Big Board Auto RC

2014 Prestige Teddy Bridgewater Big Board Auto RC

2014 Prestige Bishop Sankey Big Board Auto RC

Draft Pick Rights Autos

This would be my favorite subset if they were on card, but we couldnt do the RPS photos with on card at this point in the year. Another reason to wait to release NFL stuff? You betcha.

2014 Prestige Sammy Watkins Draft Pick Rights Auto

2014 Prestige Derek Carr Draft Pick Rights Auto

First Impressions Autos

Simple design with more RPS shots and stickers. I like these cards, but overall they are going to be just another sticker auto come four weeks from now.

2014 Prestige Blake Bortles First Impressions Auto

Again, Prestige is one of the worst this product has seen in a while, and that is saying something when going against 2011 and 2013 train wrecks. I would stay far away, but if you have to buy, these are the ones to chase.

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