Diving Deeper Into 2013 Spectra Football

I think 2013 Spectra FB is an interesting products for a lot of reasons, some good, some bad. When you charge 270+ dollars per box, there is a certain expectations of content, and for some of the subsets, they deliver. Others are coming up very short.

Rookie and Veteran On Card Auto Patches – WIN

As I have said before, I like the fact that Panini is getting on card content from non-rookies into their sets. THAT IS A HUGE WIN. The fact that most of them are redemptions scare me more than it should, but it still works. The thing that distracts from the content is the background on these cards, as it is busier than it needs to be. With a chrome stock, the technology will speak for itself. No need to go nuts like they did.

2013 Spectra Peyton Manning Auto Relic /25

2013 Spectra Russell Wilson Logo Patch On Card Auto /10

2013 Spectra Eddie Lacy Auto Patch Red Refractor /25

HOF On Card Autos – WIN

This is a set that should end up being one of the better ones of the year. Simple design, chrome presentation, and print runs up to 50 are a great start to this type of program. The cards arent selling for exorbitant numbers, and that only serves to make them more attractive to the general public. It also helps with only a few people outside of group breakers that are opening.

2013 Spectra Shannon Sharpe HOF On Card Auto /50

2013 Spectra Earl Campbell HOF Auto On Card /50

Sticker Relic Autos – LOSE

Some of the checklist for this product is horrifyingly bad. Defensive players, lower tier non-RPS guys, all do not need cards in a product like this. There is no reason to water down the checklist when there are 40 rookies at the premiere that will do that for you.

2013 Spectra Kiko Alonso Auto Patch RC

2013 Spectra Matt Elam Emerald Logo Patch Auto /5

Inserts – LOSE

I really dont understand the need for base cards in a product like this, let alone inserts. Most of them are gaudy and remind me of the late 1990s in basketball, which I cant stand. The names are just as horrible, and I cannot put my stamp of approval when cards combine poor design work with poor names for the sets. Yuck. Add in goofy pictures of the rookies, and you draw my hatred.

2013 Spectra Drew Brees City Limits Refractor

2013 Spectra Mike Glennon Rookie Revolution /25

Jumbo GU Patches – WIN

Some of these cards feature some filthy ass swatches, which continue to be attractive. I like the look of these cards a bit better than the normal relic auto cards, which adds a bit of intrigue.

2013 Spectra Russell Wilson Jumbo Patch

2013 Spectra Andre Johnson Logo Jumbo Patch

Spectra will be overlooked in the grand scheme of things, and for all intents and purposes, it should be. Its overpriced, over designed, and really doesnt offer anything special what so ever. If you are going to build out a category already occupied by a similarly underwhelming product in Bowman Sterling, its essential to do something unique. This is everything but.

2 thoughts on “Diving Deeper Into 2013 Spectra Football

  1. Nothing unique? Veteran on card chrome auto content isn’t unique? I agree with you on the inserts, but this set is light years ahead of bowman sterling

  2. I will skip this product because of the price and hits per box. Thanks for the review.

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