Does the Tiger Woods Master Collection Live Up to the Hype?

We all knew it would happen, and here in 2013, its happened twice.

A box of cards costing multiple thousands of dollars, designed for the people who have a bit more pocket change to toss around. The Michael Jordan Master Collection was first done over a decade ago, and was updated with a new look and new content for this year. Although some of the boxes definitely delivered on the box price, many of the collectors seemed to believe it came in a bit light on what they were expecting.

2013 Michael Jordan Master Collection Manu Patch Auto Set

2013 Michael Jordan Master Collection Auto Letter

2013 Michael Jordan Master Collection Shadow Box SSP

Not saying that the set didnt have its shining moments here and there, but the oversaturation of Michael Jordan UNC autos might be collapsing the number of collectors who want cards of him outside of his NBA image. Although I think many of the cards are pretty cool, I am not sure if the investment a collector would make in the hefty price tag really accomplished the things that it needed to.

Yesterday, the Tiger Woods version was released, and Upper Deck seemed to have a bit more leeway on the way they could do it, based on the fact that licensing is different for Golf. As a result, this set is producing some of the most beautiful cards I have seen in a long time. Too add some fuel to the fire is that the box price is significantly lower, and the addition of full sized memorabilia has made this a very cool piece of history.

2013 Tiger Woods Master Collection Auto Booklet Golf Bag Nameplate

2013 Tiger Woods Master Collection Slambalaya Insert

2013 Tiger Woods Master Collection Dual Cut Booklet with Gene Sarazen

The crown jewel of this release is the retro rookie patch autos from 2003-2004 Exquisite Basketball, including some crazy Limited Logo cards that feature a tournament worn swatch from his days at Stanford. I think if you are a Tiger Woods collector, you HAVE to chase one of these Exquisite cards. They are really the main hit to have, and some of the swatches should be pretty nuts.

My favorite are the golf gear relic auto booklet cards, as I feel as though the design is one of the best we have ever seen from Upper Deck. Tiger is in his usual form, and the golf course laden full bleed background really makes everything pop. I also like some of the dual auto booklets, but they are extremely rare and some of the subjects kind of detract from the value that Tiger gets all by himself.

To be honest, this set could not have come at a better time, as Tiger seems to be well on his way back to the top of the golf circuit, if he isnt already there. Although he will not likely break Nicklaus’ record, he will forever be the most popular and iconic golfer of all time. That is saying something considering the guys who have ruled the links before him.

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