Dual To The Death: Auto Cards That Never Were

Dual autographs are always a touchy subject with me, mostly because there are so many times where you have a crappy player that RUINS a card that would normally be ridiculously valuable. Like having Emmitt Smith sign with Antonio Pittman or something similar. On the other hand, I think that although many cards exist like the one I just described, there are also a few that don’t exist that would have a place in the hearts of collectors everywhere. Here are some I would like to see:

Adrian Peterson/Brett Favre

Its rare that you have a combo of two of the most valuable signatures on one card. Peterson tops the ranks and Favre isnt much behind when it comes to value. It most likely hasn’t been made because the cost to make it would outweigh the value it brings to the product, but it still should be made some time. Vikings fans chase Favre cards like they are in limited supply, but they chase Peterson cards like he is the key to their personal happiness. I mean, look at me. I fall into that category, and Im not even the worst. If this card would be on card, I would sell my child to get it. If it were stickers, I would still chase it hard core. I think a lot of people would like to see it done.

Joe Theismann/Lawrence Taylor

If you havent seen the beginning of the Blind Side movie, consider yourself among the lucky. This was one of the most infamous situations in NFL history, and I get nauseious just thinking about Theismann’s leg. It would be a very cool dual signature to have, and I think it needs a place in a product focused on reliving the different famous moments in the NFL’s storied game.

Don Beebe/Leon Lett

As famous as the Theismann play is, this one is more famous. Even though the Cowboys eventually went on to win, the embarassment Lett suffered at the hands of a streaking Don Beebe was only supplanted by Lett’s other play against the Dolphins in the snow. If a card company could get this done, it would be a complete win of a card. Just a funny jab that I think a lot of Bills fans would want to have.

Randall Cunningham/Randy Moss

The 1998 Vikings team possessed one of the highest scoring offenses ever. Moss caught 18 TD passes that year, and its too bad his accomplishments were overshadowed by the Vikings’ collapse in the NFC championship game. Cunningham signs prolifically, and though Moss doesn’t, it would be great to get this card. I get that there are two Vikings cards on this list, but I think this card may carry the boundaries of fandom further than just fans of the purple.

Eli Manning/David Tyree

If there is a play that get more babbling than this one, let me know because I don’t think it exists. This play was iconic and it won a super bowl against the greatest team of all time, and that says something. Tyree did absolutely nothing other than this play and may be out of the league currently, but he will forever have a place in league lore because of the helmet trap catch. Get him to sign with Eli, it will sell in ridiculous fashion.

Joe Montana/Dwight Clark

To my knowledge, no card exists that features both players signed on the same card. Stickers or otherwise. That is a shame, because it would be a great card to have. Starting lineup made a figure set of these two, why no card? Continuing on my theme of great plays, this one is up there. Think of all the highlight reels that have played this catch. Hell, it was even in a commercial once. That’s the level of how big it was.

Terrell Owens/Jeff Garcia


Chad Johnson/Chad Ochocinco

Ocho’s signature is laughably simple, but if you could get him to sign it one way and then the other, I think it would be a pretty funny card.

Rudy Ruettiger/Vince Papale

Rudy may be five foot nothing, a hundred and nothing, but he is iconic thanks to Sean Astin and the movie. Same with Vince Papale. They are two people that have movie immortality and I know I would even value a card like that. Throw Michael Oher on there, and you may have even more of a winner.

Tom Brady/Charles Woodson

If anyone ever refers to the “tuck rule,” its because of this game en route to one of the Patriots super bowls. I think it would be interesting to see how this card would sell because of what it portrays. Not many people outside of New England were happy with this ridiculous call, and it immediately became one of the most controversial plays ever.

Kurt Warner/Marshall Faulk

There may be one of these cards already in existence, but I couldn’t find it. Im putting it on this list because it is definitely a card that needs to be made again. If the card companies can make a quad with Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce, even better. We need more famous team cards. Greatest Show On Turf indeed.

Ed Hochuli/Jay Cutler

Somewhere down the line, someone needs to put fast Eddie on a card. The guy is an NFL icon. This was one of his most famous plays.

Ray Lewis/Ed Reed

Defensive players carry no value in our hobby, but Ray Lewis does. Ed Reed rarely ever signs, and this card would be the benchmark for any Ravens collector who lived the Super Bowl they played in. Lewis and Reed are big names for their play, but even more so because of their status.

This is just a sampling of the possibilities out there, and I am actually excited to see what others could come up with. In all honesty, there probably should just be a famous plays set where you get dual autographs of all of the guys like in the Music City Miracle or the Immaculate Reception. Put on your thinking caps and let me know.

14 thoughts on “Dual To The Death: Auto Cards That Never Were

  1. Check the 2009 Topps National Chicle Dual Auto checklist, I think you will find something that will more than interest you. Specifically card #FP

  2. That’s right, I forgot they made that card, however, it was so terrible looking that I dont really care to even consider it a check on my list.

  3. I have a crazy idea for one, since it was due to the one player that the other was never drafted on the Cowboys. Michael Irvin/Randy Moss. Now that would be one hell of a dual WR auto right there. Also as a Patriots fan, what I would like would be a Tom Brady/Mike Vrabel dual auto with a picture of the TD Brady threw to Vrabel in super bowl 38 on the back or on the front of the card somewhere.

  4. Maybe this one already exists, but I would love a Marino/Clayton/Duper signed card. Being a Fins fan, that 85 season was amazing to me as a kid…..

  5. Donovan McNabbTerrel Owens, Payton Manning/Ryan Leaf, or how about Michael Vick/Kevin Kolb, alright enough of me joking, I love Dual Auto’s not only do you get 2 players but sometimes the card becomes less because of the 2nd player, and I can own a Petterson without going over $100.00

  6. As a Skins fan, I would love to see the posse together on one card. Art Monk, Ricky Sanders and Gary Clark.

    The above mentioned Lawrence Taylor/Theismann would also be of interest to me.

  7. How bout a George Brett/Tim McClelland? While we’re at it, how bout a GU pine tar Brett card?!?

  8. Montana and Clark had duals in 2004 Greats of the Game serial numbered to 10 and 2005 UD Legends Touchdown Tandems serial numbered to 20 according to the online checklist. Would LOVE to get my hands on one of them.

  9. Here are a couple more for you. How about a Warren Sapp & Chad Clifton card anyone remember that. Also an Akili Smith & Joey Harrington dual haha.

  10. Im not sure if it has been done, but of course The Bash Brothers.. Im sure it would break an all time Ebay bid record. Or a remake of The Pacific Sock Exchange with Bonds, and Clark.
    On a side note you don’t see enough autographed cards with kickers on it, or any cards for that matter. I always thought an insert set called ” Its good” highlighting a historical game winning field goal from a star kicker would be awesome.

  11. Oops I forgot the other half of the side note.. A game winning field goal with a star kicker, and the holder ( preferably the Q.B) .. It wouldn’t be a dual with one auto..

  12. Im a complete moron. Here you write this incredible piece, and I cant even follow the guidelines.

    P.Simms/ P. McConkey

    Just because when it comes to memorable Super Bowl performances these two put on quite a show for XXI. McConkeys six-yard touchdown reception after the pass bounced off the fingertips of tight end Mark Bavaro will be forever etched in good feely storybooks, and highlight films for eternity.

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  14. Big Randy Moss collector here and a Cunningham/Moss dual auto would be awesome!!! I love the dual autos that Moss already has especially the 1999 Donruss Elite Passing the Torch with Cris Carter!!! Wish card companies would just pay the price to get collectors what we want!

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