Early Case Breaks Provide First Look at 2013 National Treasures Football

One of the ONLY positive things to come out of the 2014 Industry Summit is the amount of boxes that are going to be broken. Kind of interesting that an event made for networking becomes about breaking wax, but I digress. Last night, a few cases of the brand new 2013 National Treasures Football were broken, and as expected the cards look pretty damn good. I was beyond excited to see how it turned out, and I was not disappointed.

Here are some of the cards from the break last night:

2013 National Treasures Eddie Lacy Triple Relic Auto

2013 National Treasures Giovani Bernard Auto Patch Booklet

2013 National Treasures Tyler Eiffert Rookie Patch Auto /99

2013 National Treasures Knowshon Moreno Two Color Century Patch /10

The good things about last year’s treasures look to be back with a few extra goodies. The Century collection autograph cards that were some of my favorites from 2012 are back with a larger swatch. Although they are still sticker autos from what I saw during the break, they look awesome. The booklets are back as well, this time with veteran players, and those all look tremendous too.

Here is the main draw back, of which may not be that big of a deal. With the release date a month early, it looks like many of the on card autos minus the ones Panini has shown on their blog over the last few months, will be redemptions. That will piss a few people off, but I think I am MORE than happy to wait for the on card stuff. Its not an issue at all if you have patience.

I wish the NFL gear cards were not vertical, as they do not look properly proportioned with the autograph choking the player at the top of the relics. There are so many elements on this design that its the equivalent of a vertically oriented jumbo swatch auto. Not pretty.

We are sure to see more as the week moves on and I cannot wait.


2 thoughts on “Early Case Breaks Provide First Look at 2013 National Treasures Football

  1. Are we looking at the same set here? There are a few nice looking cards, but sticker autos on cards from MSRP boxes of $450? Is this the product where Panini loses their NFL license? Please say so!

  2. Some nice looking cards, will pick up some 49ers singles. Thanks

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