Early Injuries Spell Trouble for the 2013 Rookie Class

The first of the injury bug has started to hit pre-season, and though its not major (thank god), both of the two biggest QBs in the class have started to see some reduced prep time prior to the season starting. With the class already weaker than it has ever been, the lack of playing time to build up residual value is a big let down. Although its just pre-season, casual collectors, who dont follow much of the trends, still use it to buy cards.

EJ Manuel

I was never high on Manuel, mainly because of the people who surround him. Although Buffalo has an okay running game, they definitely do not have a solid group of receivers that will make Manuel look good. Even though the Bills drafted Robert Woods early in the draft, his stock is not all that high.

Too add on a knee injury that required surgery, its obvious that things are not on the upswing for a guy that was seen as an ENORMOUS reach in the first round. Not good. Manuel’s cards were selling well after two solid performances in the first two games, and that was something that made a lot of people a little bit more excited for the prospects of his card values.

Now that the knee injury has occurred, prices have already dropped back to where they were.

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Geno Smith

I cant remember a team that has had more problems with their on field organziation than the Jets in recent memory. There seems to be nothing but chaos in New York, and the quarterback situation seems to be at the center of it all. Its clear to everyone but the Jets’ leadership that Mark Sanchez should not even be close to consideration for the starting job, and yet, he is in line to be the starter. Geno Smith hasnt done himself any favors, struggling to perform at all in either of his chances on the field. An ankle injury has possibly limited his effectiveness, but he has yet to make a favorable impression with collectors.

For someone that was once thought of as the number one pick in the draft, his stock reached an all time low when he was passed over by every team in the first round. Now that he is having a difficult time unseating one of the worst quarterbacks in the league, its not looking all that promising.

His cards have been slowly dropping, especially after news of his difficulties have become public.

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Eddie Lacy

In a class that is dominated by non-skill players, Lacy has the prime directive of taking the Packers’ running game and turning it around. He has been sidelined with minor injuries through the first week of the pre-season, and is finally making his way onto the field. This comes after a lot of speculation of him coming into camp severely overweight, which led to a slight drop in his value.

For me, my collection of running backs is usually pretty strong over the course of the year, but I have yet to buy a Lacy card. Although he is the top guy in the class, I know that playing in Green Bay will limit his touches in a system dominated by one of the best QBs in the game. Injury concerns off the bat also had some reasons why I dont like his chances of being a star, especially with a guy like Jonathan Franklin waiting in the wings.

Lacy doesnt look like he will end up being a workhorse back like we saw in Trent Richardson last year. Yet, the Packers are a WIDELY collected team with rabid fans, thus giving extra value.

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Guys, we are in this for the long haul, and though there may be some breakout players, this could go down as one of the most faceless and star-less classes in the history of modern sports cards. There is going to be quite the class of guys next year, but this one could put a damper on things until the season finally gets into a full sprint.

2 thoughts on “Early Injuries Spell Trouble for the 2013 Rookie Class

  1. I think Lacy will be alright. He won’t be a workhorse back in that offense, but you can bet he’ll get tons of goal line touches. He is one of the ‘safer’ rookies in this class.

    I think Geno’s a bust… He can’t even beat out Butt Fumbler Sanchez? That’s saying something.

  2. Fortunately my store, Mike’s Stadium Sportscards in CO has sold through every 2013 NFL release with the exception of Finest and that is only because it is so new. Collectors are telling me that many of their online single card sales have exceeded their expectations but at some point, the new rookies.will have to step up or mid to late season sales will be impacted.

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