Examining One Panini Element I Think Is a Good Idea

When the previews for 2010 Contenders was released, it was the first time in a long time that I was optimistic for a Panini product. The simple and clean white design was impressive, and it was going to look awesome with the on card rookie signatures. Even though the foil cheapened the look of these wonderfully designed cards, they made for a great product staple. After release, we found out that the rookie tickets werent even going to be the chase this year, as Panini had another trick up their sleeve.

The Golden Ticket redemptions have been a great addition to a product that really didnt need additions, and as the prices of the sold tickets have shown, im not the only one that feels like that. Even though I think the look of the actual cards are terrible, the idea was a great one. Personally, if I were in Panini, and I was putting out cards like the Golden Tickets were created to be, I would want to put the best foot forward. After seeing the way they turned out, its pretty depressing.

Now, poor design work and an ugly BGS slab havent taken away from the value these have gotten on eBay, and its actually surprising that even the junk rookies are fetching huge money. I mean, these cards have turned out to be some of the craziest high dollar cards of the year, and they arent even autographed. Granted, the solid gold has to be the driving factor behind these cards, but I have to salute a good idea when it happens.

Check out some of these prices:

Brett Favre Golden Ticket – Why do people constantly put this price tag on Bradford big pulls? The Superfractor 1/1 auction wasnt really sold for that price. Ugh.

Brett Favre Golden Ticket

John Elway Golden Ticket – The roman numerals on this one look ridiculous. What. a. fail.

Dexter McCluster Golden Ticket – McCluster is going for this much? Holy crap.

Dez Bryant Golden Ticket – Wow, huge price.

Emmitt Smith Golden Ticket – Ha, awesome, the best Cowboy ever cant outsell the newest.

In the end, one has to question why this type of innovation wasnt implemented into a lame duck product like 2010 NT, as if any product needs a boost, its that one. You have people paying almost quadruple the price per box, and yet instead of getting the highest quality of the year, they get nothing but crap. Its unfortunate. Hopefully, we will have more great ideas instead of the same old song and dance next year.

One thought on “Examining One Panini Element I Think Is a Good Idea

  1. I think you have the first link mislabeled.

    I don’t get the prices either. I agree they don’t look great but would still love to pull one! Makes me what to go buy a couple more boxes in all honesty!

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