Excitement for the New Class Builds with 2014 Topps Chrome Football

Here we go – now things are getting going for 2014 and I am even more excited than ever to find out what is in store. I have two products each year that I cross off days on my calendar, and we just got a preview for the first of those products in Topps Chrome. Not only is the Topps design for 2014 growing on me, the content they are going with seems to be looking better than ever.

Even though Chrome is not the most costly box of the year, it produces the top chase card that comes out all season long in the autographed Superfractors. To think that Chrome holds more value in its chase cards than products that cost five times the amount is impressive. These Superfractors sell for THOUSANDS each year, regardless if the class is strong or weak. Even the lower numbered refractors and non-autographed cards have value, which continues to be a testament to the loyalty collectors have to this brand.

We are on the verge of a strong rookie class that trumps anything we saw in 2013, and that means that this product has potential to be that much more awesome. The 1985 autographs are easily my favorite addition, and though we aren’t seeing the pictures they will use, they will be awesome. They tried them last year as redemptions in Archives, and the results were quite impressive. If the 2014 Chrome ones turn out half as cool as the ones from 2013 in non-chrome, these could be some of the better on card autos of the year. I cant wait to see the rookies in their NFL uniforms on these cards, including the first on card auto relics of the year with Rookie Premiere pictures on them.

If you buy one product all year, it should be Chrome, and I am not kidding about that at all. You cant beat the thrill of ripping through the packs in a chrome box, and you can do it for less than 80 bucks at release. Cheap thrills don’t even begin to describe what this represents, especially when you see the high quality cards that come out of this product each year.

In 2013, they added in non rookie signatures to the checklist, and I am beyond happy they are back. More players need to have chrome autos, even if they are stickers. I would support raising the cost of the box to include more of them, although I don’t see that happening. Die cuts and minis are back, and I think they chose a good bunch of inserts that far exceed the disasters from 2013. I don’t see a terrible card in the preview, even though we aren’t getting the completed designs without NFL uniforms.

Again – these are just mockups, all cards will be NFL once it comes out.

4 thoughts on “Excitement for the New Class Builds with 2014 Topps Chrome Football

  1. I agree…these cards are going to be SWEEET!! I think it’s a given by now, but this class is going to blow-away last year’s!


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  3. These look great! You are right, I wish I had a box of it right now to open and it’s not even out yet! Will it really start out under $80?

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