Ezekiel Elliott is Doing What Odell Beckham Did and More

When the 2014 season started, there were a number of reasons why the class was exciting. Not only were there 4 rookie QBs who all had the goods to be an impactful contributor to their team, but there was such a deep skill position class that breaking boxes was a lot of fun. What no one expected was for Odell Beckham Jr to set the world on fire, and achieve value that no rookie WR had done in years.

Now that we have moved on, a new rookie has already done what OBJ has done and then some. Ezekiel Elliott might end up as the offensive rookie of the year, but he might also be the NFL MVP when all is said and done. Considering that no rookie has won the MVP in years, that could present hobby value that hasnt been seen since 2012.

Check out these prices:

2016 Impeccable Ezekiel Elliott Dual Relic Auto /75

2016 Certified Ezekiel Elliott Jumbo Patch Auto Mirror Red /75

2016 Prizm Ezekiel Elliot Cracked Ice Auto /75

2016 Origins Ezekiel Elliott Auto Booklet Jumbo Patch /10

I have often said that value in this hobby is dictated by position more than anything, but Elliott is running roughshod over the NFL, and could set records behind an offensive line that might be the best of the decade. Although Prescott has also seen some incredible numbers as well, its beyond rare these days for a running back to get the kind of attention that Elliott is getting from collectors.

Sadly, if you arent a QB, it takes this type of production to get value worth chasing, something I have commented on for the last few years. Players like Wentz and Prescott will have a much easier path to hobby supremacy a la Andrew Luck, and thats not even taking the team’s record into consideration.

If you look back to 2014, Beckham needed national coverage on one of the greatest catches of all time to even start to climb the value ladder the way Elliott is doing on a regular basis. The crazy thing is, because Dallas is such a popular team, the stakes are on display on national television almost weekly. That cant be undervalued, as it stems the casual collectors and sports fans to start trolling ebay for memorabilia. That’s how this hobby grows, even though the products Panini has on the market at the moment are absolutely fucking terrible. Even the visual equivalent of dog barf is getting crazy money, and that isnt a bad thing.

My only concern is injury, which is always a huge factor for a contact position. Running backs just dont have the career life that a QB does, because unlike the prized sons of the NFL, backs take it every time they get the ball.

In the end, even if Elliott doesnt reach the Super Bowl with the rookie record, he is showing stuff we need to see more often in the hobby. We need buzz, we need hype, because Panini’s garbage products sure dont do much to help grow the pie.

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