Scary Territory for the First Cards of 2013

We all know that Score is probably not the best representation of the rookie cards that every collector is out to chase. Although there are a few really cool sets in the product, including some nice throwbacks that should have been the prime rookie content, the majority of the set is a complete disaster. For the first time, this may actually showcase how important the design of a card is to the overall value it presents. Either way they are selling VERY much below where you would expect the first autographs of the new class in their NFL “jerseys.”

Here is the top five:

1. Geno Smith – Hot rookie auto /99
2. Tavon Austin – Hot rookie auto /99
3. Matt Barkley – 1989 throwback auto /49
4. Manti Te’o – 1989 throwback auto /49
5. Eddie Lacy – 1989 throwback auto base

Notice, none of these cards will cover the cost of a jumbo box. Secondarily, as the product is enveloped by Bowman on 6/5, its obvious that these prices will drop about as far as you can imagine. Even the guys you would expect to be more expensive due to lack of other options, are not. For a pre-season product, its likely that the best auto you can pull in base form wont even cover HALF the box cost. Its also likely that a parallel of these cards wont cover a FULL box cost. I cant remember the last time this happened. Again, Score is a brand that should NEVER have been resurrected in this capacity, which plays a factor.

Not only will this discourage collectors from buying wax, but it will majorly affect the stores that have to stock the products. My local shop has already said that he has gone from ordering 8-10 cases of a new release down to 2, and that is still leaving him with significant stock on the shelf. He has also decided to stock up on a lot of 2012 Topps products in anticipation of the people wanting to go back to busting product where there are much better rookies to pull.

Funny enough, Panini seems to have realized how much significance will be placed on the veteran content in products driven by rookie cards, as Score has more veteran autos than ever before. Many of them are sticker dumps from less desirable players, but the designs are better than they have been in half a decade.

Here are some of the best:

2013 Score Adrian Peterson Franchise Fabrics Laundry Tag Auto 1/1

2013 Score Inscriptions Matthew Stafford SSP Auto

2013 Score Future Franchise Fabrics Lamichael James Tag Logo Auto /10

2013 Score Inscriptions Drew Brees Auto SSP

To be completely honest, until the season starts, things are going to be very rough for people. More rough than maybe some are prepared for. That is not a good thing for anyone – including the player collectors that buy up the singles from mass breakers. If the breakers dont break, we cant buy. A test of patience is definitely in the works.

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